The first chapter of my Kingdom Hearts story. Upon hearing about her, I fell in love with the idea of Xion. She's just so awesome!! She quickly became my favorite member of the Organization (followed immediately by Zexion and Xigbar). I also like Riku, so hence this story came into creation. Also, I was bored. Bwahahaha

Disclaimer: Anything Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy related belongs to Squeenix. I own the idea and that's about it.

"Dad, are you sure that I can't go and live with Uncle Terra?"

A man sighed and groaned, slamming his head down on the car wheel. He jerked his head up when he accidentally honked the horn. His daughter giggled at him.

"Yes, Xion, I don't know how many times I have told you! Besides, you're going to love it in Twilight Town. And you'll also love your brothers," Xion made a face and then went back to pouting and looking out the window.

Since last March, Xion had lived with her mother and father in Traverse Town. She had a life, a slight reputation, and the best of friends anybody could have had in high school. She lived a good life. But then her mom, Aerith, died of cancer. Xion lost most of her friends during the aftermath of that, only two stuck around - her truest ones that had been with her since Kindergarten, Kairi and Namine. The two were twin sisters, yet Xion looked almost exactly like them they could be seen as triplets.

Twice a month every month, her dad would travel up to Twilight Town to spend time with his sons. Whenever he went, he asked Xion if she wanted to go. She preferred to stay home and hang out with her own friends.

"What're their names again?" Xion questioned. Her father, Cloud, smiled - finally glad that his daughter was interested in knowing her brothers.

"There are three, Ven is the oldest. He's twenty-two, in his fourth year of college. He wants to be a doctor. Then there's Sora, he's nineteen. A Senior in high school, your new school, he was held back a year," Xion snorted and Cloud smirked. "Finally there's Roxas. He's eighteen and also a Senior. He hasn't been held back. He's really smart, but he's friends with a few bad eggs."

Bad eggs? Was her dad serious? Ugh.

"Great! Now I'm gonna be caught up in a few gang fights. Just flippin perfect," she mumbled. Cloud apparently heard and reached over and smacked her head. She whined as he laughed.

Before Xion was even born, her dad had been married to a woman named Tifa. They had the three aforementioned kids, but during Roxas' pregnancy their relationship went a little stale. So once Roxas was popped out, they mutually divorced and both got remarried. While her father married a sweet woman named Aerith and had her, Tifa apparently married a jerk named Tseung. After they divorced (violently), Aerith died from cancer. The two started to talk again and realized that their love had been reconnected.

So they decided to get back together. That meant shoving a sixteen year old girl who was perfectly content with her life in a house with three boys who were apparently her brothers that she had never met. So wonderful, right?

Xion dozed the rest of the way to their new home in Twilight Town. Cloud had one of his mixed CDs in, the heavy metal one, but being used to it she slept on. All of her stuff had already been shipped ahead, her bed and clothes and things. What she had with her was her personal stuff, somethings she wouldn't dare her brothers to look at or touch.

"Xi, wake up," she yawned and opened her eyes, seeing that they came to a stop in a driveway of a rather large house. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers and Cloud laughed. "Yeah, Tifa got a lot of money in the divorce. You'll have your own room."

"I'm not putting anybody out, am I?" Xion questioned. Even though the house was huge, surely it didn't have enough room for everyone to have their own room.

"Not at all, Sora and Roxas were glad to share. I think they're excited about finally meeting their sister," Xion grimaced as he laughed and got out of the car. She clutched at the handle of her black backpack that had a yellow cartoon dragon on and got out as well.

Once they were halfway up the sidewalk, the door opened, hitting the outside wall and a brown blur jumped out. It threw itself onto Xion.

"SISTER!" Two more voices started to laugh from the door, quickly joined by Cloud. Xion cried out in pain as the blur, apparently her brother, squeezed her tighter.

"Can you...get offa me?" She wheezed out.

"Nope! I've never met you before, hence why I am hugging the life out of you so I know that I will never un-meet you again!"

That doesn't make sense, Xion thought.

"Alright Sora, get off the poor girl," Xion cheered in her head as the brunette boy, Sora, was pulled off. He was whining and a tan hand was held out in front of her.

"Hi, you must be Xion," Xion took the hand and looked up to be met with crystal blue eyes that were exactly like her own. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Alright kids, let's get inside," Cloud said. The one who helped her pulled her off while the another (who looked so freakishly like the one who helped her) handed her her bag. She blushed and thanked him before following her dad inside.

"You must be Xion," a woman's voice said. A door creaked open and a woman with long brown hair and brown eyes popped her head out. "It's nice to finally meet you." Xion winced out a smile and the woman grinned back and stepped out.

"I'm Tifa, but you must've already known that," Xion smiled again. "You look exactly like Aerith, ya know? We were best friends back in high school, but went to different colleges. That's probably why our friendship ended."

Xion felt her eyes burning and she blinked quickly, trying to rid her sockets of the tears she knew were going to come. Her mother's death was still fresh in her eyes, a cold hospital room with beeping monitors. Her mother's light brown hair, which had always been braided with a huge pink bow, sprawled out around her and her green eyes slowly losing life.

"I'm sorry," Tifa said, noticing Xion's discomfort. "I'll have the boys show you up to your room, okay?" Xion nodded. "I made them put up the bed and dresser, but I didn't let them touch any of the posters or other boxes. I'm afraid you'll have to make up the bed yourself."

"It's fine," Xion replied back. "Thank you." Tifa smiled at her.

"No prob," she turned to the door where Xion's brothers and father were eavesdropping. "OI! Stop being lazy and take this lovely girl up to her room!" All three groaned, yes, even the twenty-two year old. "Don't make me tell you again!"

Xion laughed inside her head as all three ran to pull at her. They took her up a staircase and into the third door on the right.

"This is your room," one of the identical ones said. "Like mom said, we didn't touch anything except your bed. Don't worry."

"Right. Thanks," all three shrugged.

"No need for thanks, you're our sister. It's our pleasure," Xion smiled at them and they cleared out. She shut her door and put her backpack beside it, turning around and looking at her room.

It was wide and spacious, enough room for all her stuff. Her bed, a queen sized with a black, wrought-iron frame, stood next to the window while a small table sat underneath the window. A dresser sat on the adjacent wall of the door. There were also two other doors in the room. Upon opening the first one, it showed to be a walk-in closet with all the boxes that she had marked 'CLOTHES' inside.

(There were only five boxes, and yet the closet seemed too big. She knew that this would be something Kairi would have enjoyed more.)

The other room had been to her own private bathroom. She smiled to herself as her facial cleansers and soap were already set out. There were also monogrammed towels with an elegant 'X' on them on the rack. They were orange while the 'X' was yellow.

Xion walked back into her main room and collapsed on her bed.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.