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The next few months quickly passed in a flurry of rehearsals. Much to Mr. Raulaim's excitement, Rinoa's happiness, and Zack's chagrin - Riku and Xion bounced back to the top. They continued as if they had never argued. Their chemistry on stage was still as perfect as it was in the beginning.

And yet, Axel and Selphie were both getting frustrated. They were the only ones who saw that Xion and Riku danced around each other - not just on stage. They avoided talking about their feelings, yet they were hanging all over each other. The other two Seniors were tired of watching their friends stop what they're saying so as not to upset the other in their newly-tested-made-up-sorta-kinda-not-really relationship.

"I'm sick of it," Axel muttered as he slammed his head against the locker next to Selphie's. The brunette girl nodded.

"I know what you mean," she replied. "How can we either get them stop dancing around or passionately make-out." Axel looked at her with a raised eyebrow as she stared into an unseeable distance - her eyes sparkling with passion.

Selphie was weird, but that's why he loved her.

"Who do you mean?" Both jumped, Selphie made a squeaky noise, and turned around to see Roxas and Sora standing there. The two theatre kids looked at each other and Axel shrugged before telling.

"Xion and Riku," he said. Roxas nodded while Sora laughed hysterically.

"That's not possible!" he wheezed out between laughs. "Riku only likes Xion as a sister, trust me! I've noticed it." Selphie rolled her eyes and grabbed his shoulder. He cried out in pain as she turned him around and pointed at a couple at the far end of the hallway. Sora's ocean eyes bugged out of his head.


Xion and Riku were walking very close together. Xion was laughing, her mouth open wide and her eyes were smiling as well. Riku had his usual smirk on his face, and his eyes were staring at her as if she were the whole world.

Sora gulped. Roxas patted his shoulder.

"We knew one of our friends would fall in love with her," the fair-haired Strife answered. "Just think, at least it's not Terra." Both Strife brothers shivered at the prospect of their baby sister falling in love with Ven's best friend.

Selphie stomped her foot when she noticed that all the guys around her were absorbed in the Riku and Xion show. Axel was the only one who turned to her.

"Yes sweetiepie, honeydew, lambchop?" She punched him in the shoulder. While he whined, he answered.

"What are we going to do about them?!" Roxas and Sora turned to her. "We need to get them together - I'm sick and tired of watching them dance around each other. They should be together. They're perfect for each other!"

"Who's perfect for each other?"

All four froze, their heads slowly turning. Selphie and Sora squeaked at seeing Xion and Riku standing right behind them.

"Ermm...uh..." Sora started. His eyes were darting around, trying to think of something. His upper lip also looked a little moist. He was sweating.

"Olette and Tidus, don't you agree?" Axel answered the two. Xion shivered at Tidus' name and Riku put his arm around her.

"Why would you say that?" Riku asked, his eyes slightly narrowed.

"They just are when you think about it," Roxas added. "They seem so alike, yet different. And plus, both of them are jerks. It all works out." He added that last part with a small shrug.

Xion shook her head. "I think I'm gonna go on to class now." She smiled at her friends and gave Riku a loving look while debating whether she should hug him or not. The silver haired male answered that for her as he quickly wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Once they broke apart, the four friends noticed that both of their faces were tinted red.

Xion turned and walked away. Axel and Selphie quickly departed, Roxas just wandered off. Riku slung his arms around a still stuttering Sora.

"So....who is really perfect for each other?"

Sora gulped.

- -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -

Xion tried to get her hand to stop shaking as she stared into a mirror at the back of the girl's dressing room. Selphie, Rinoa, Jesse, and Larxene were all running around - trying to get ready for the closing performance.

All their hard work had finally paid off when three days ago, they put on their opening performance of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It went off without a hitch, as did the other shows afterwards. Now here they were, on the eve of the Senior's last day.

When she thought about it, Xion started to tear up. All of her friends would be leaving - she would be left with no one. The female Strife had even started to think about taking G.E.D classes during the summer to be able to go to college with her friends. It was a great possibility that she would - if anything to help Sora not fail (surprisingly, he was accepted to a college.)

"Hey Xion, I have something to show you," Selphie said. Xion jerked herself out of her own thoughts and quickly followed the girl who started to tiptoe behind the curtain.

"What is it?" Xion asked once they stopped in front of an unused janitor's closet. Selphie smirked. "Oh nothing now, how about you look inside?" Xion rose an eyebrow at the girl, but thinking that she had completely innocent thoughts in mind, Xion opened the door.

"I don't see anything," she stated in a whisper. She heard Mr. Raulaim start to talk, their final performance was about to start.

"You have to step a little farther in," Selphie whisper shouted. They heard the audience clap as Axel and Riku went on to do their first number. Selphie seemed to get a little agitated.

Despite the voice in the back of her mind screaming 'NOOOOOO', Xion stepped farther into the janitor's closet. Before she could even blink the door shut with a click and the lock snapped into place.

"No no no no no no!" Xion whispered frantically. She rushed over to the door and tried to open it, knowing that it was locked. "Crap crap crap!"

To keep from making noise, Xion stepped away from the door and sat down. Her eyes noticed a note that was laying on the ground. She picked it up and noticed that it was to her and Riku.

Hi! This is Selphie in case you're wondering. Axel, Roxas, Sora, and I have all gotten fed up of your dancing around each other. So we have come up with the plan of locking you in this closet until you passionately make-out.

Better do it before you go on!


Your friends

"Friends my butt," Xion muttered. An idea popped into her head and a smile devious enough to be one of Kairi's at a shopping mall emerged on her face.

Xion stood up and waited by the door. Just as she thought, the lock clicked out of place and the door clicked open. Before Axel could even throw Riku into the room, she rushed out.

"No, crap!-" Axel started. Before he could finish his sentence, Xion grabbed Riku's shoulders and pulled him down to her height, crashing her lips against his. Axel's jaw slowly dropped open.

Riku smiled into the kiss and put his arms around Xion's thin waist, she smirked and wrapped her own arms around his neck. He pushed her against a wall and the furiously made out. Axel rose an eyebrow at the display before turning around and going back out on stage to do one of his scenes.

"Wow," Riku panted out once Axel left. "I wasn't expecting that."

"You know, neither was I," Xion finished. The two grinned at each other and Riku pecked her on the lips again. They heard applause from the stage and quickly hurried to their cue spots - ready to go on.

- -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -


The black haired girl squeaked as her two best friends in the whole world by passed their brother completely and ran to ambush her in a hug.

"Kairi! Namine!" The three girls hugged and started jumping up and down. Xion noticed Selphie looking on, she smiled and opened her arms for the brunette girl. Seeing what her friend was doing, Namine opened her arms as well. The Senior girl smiling and joined their circle of giggling and hugging and jumping.

"Girls are weird," they heard. Xion turned and started to introduce her best friends to her brothers.

"Hi name, my Kairi is Sora," Sora stuttered once Xion finished introducing her friends. The red head laughed.

"Please to meet you Sora," the second oldest Strife blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

Riku went over to Xion and wrapped an arm around her waist. She leaned into his hold and raised her head, kissing his chin. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her temple.

"How are you?" Riku asked. Xion smiled.

J u s t P e r f e c t

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