Chapter One:

All of the once beautiful trees were bare, where there was once bright green grass, snow now covered it. Where the heat was so hot you couldn't even go outside for an hour without getting heat stroke the damp, wet snow was taking its place. Now you couldn't even go outside for an hour without getting frost bite or freezing to death.

I looked up at the darkening sky looking at all the snow falling. Snow is so peaceful; all it has to do is fall from the sky and land on something. I wish life was always that easy. Instead it was hard and you have to do things a certain way unlike a snowflake. All they have to do is fall, fall to the cold earth.

I lifted my hand up catching a few snowflakes and watching them melt into my hand. Every snowflake is different and so are humans, but we all look the same. Every snowflake is white, cold, beautiful, and does the same thing. Humans all have skin, eyes, hair, hands and so on. So, in all reality we all look the same, but what if some of us has something extra? Would we be considered special and everyone look up to us? No, they look at you like a freak, like you don't matter.

I'm Uchiha Sasuke and I have extra features. I have black, fuzzy, weird cat ears and tail. I use to think it was a pretty cool feature to have until I matured and found out that it made me a freak. Everyone judged me because of the 'extra' features. I didn't know anyone else who was like me, but I always wondered if there was someone out there who looked similar.

I started walking through the woods towards my cabin because if I stayed out here much longer I would get sick. The snow munched and became flat every time I stepped on it until I stepped on something else and heard a cry of pain. I looked down to see that I had stepped on a fox's tail that was coming out of an evergreen bush. I started looking through the bush looking for the fox to see if it was injured until I saw that it wasn't a fox, but a human boy.

He didn't look much over nine years old and had shockingly bright, blue eyes. He looked half frozen and could possibly die at any moment. I didn't know what it was, but before I could tell what was happening I had scooped the little boy into my arms and was running to my cabin. Was it because he was like me and had a tail and ears? No, I wasn't even thinking about the tail and ears as I picked him up.

I could see the chimney of my cabin not to far away and I looked down at my little kitsune. Wait, MY kitsune? No, I don't even know him. He is not mine; I'm just helping him. Why do I want to call him mine already though? I never get too close to anyone too fast, but yet, I was already calling him mine.

I walked into my cabin and laid him on the couch hurrying over the bathroom to get a hot bath prepared. I went back into the living room and started stripping him of all his clothes. I checked his pulse to make sure he was okay; his pulse was slowing. I need to hurry and do something or he's going to die.

I picked him up and walked, no ran, to the bathroom and sat him in the bathtub. He still had his boxers on just in case he wouldn't want me to look at his privacy. I poured the steaming water on the kitsune and started feeling a bit better when he shuddered. I poured another cup of water on him and checked his pulse again; it had stopped completely.

~To be continued~