The Couple That Shouldn't Be: Chapter Ten

Title: The Couple That Shouldn't Be

Author: Leo-chan

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Pairing: SasuNaru, HanaKyo

Genre: Romance

Status: 10 / 10

Rating: Mature 18+

Pages: 6

Warnings: Mpreg, yaoi

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Last Time:

I placed our small baby, which we needed to name, between the two of us and pulled both of them closer to me. Our baby made a few more gurgling noises before she finally quieted down completely. I leaned over and kissed Naruto's forehead before I rolled over and let my eyes droop shut. I continued thinking about Naruto, our baby, the past… everything really, until I finally fell completely asleep; my child and lover in my arms.

Chapter: Ten

I heard the bass of a song pounding upstairs and already knew that it was time for Hana to go to school. She always rebelled against Naruto's and mine authority and decided to turn her music even louder when we told her to turn it down. She always had to turn her music up as loud as it would go while she got ready for the day.

I had breakfast almost complete and Naruto was still in bed. I had decided to give him a little extra time asleep since we had stayed up late last night doing… activities. I heard a small gasp behind me and turned around to see Hana standing there with a smile. She had grown into a beautiful young woman and I was proud to call her my daughter.

Today she was wearing a pair of black, leather pants I had gotten her a few days ago. They fit her like a glove and ran all the way down into skinny pants. Naruto didn't approve of the pants, but after many hours of rough sex, he agreed. She was wearing a tight, black and white striped tank top that went down a little past her butt and a pair of boots that stopped above her ankle. Her long, black hair was laying flat against her back and her shockingly blue eyes were lined with thick eyeliner.

She walked over to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and took a seat at the kitchen table. It had been seventeen years since Hana was born and Naruto and I had loved every minute of it. It seemed like only yesterday that I was saving the blond from dieing of frostbite. A lot of things had changed since then and it was for the better. Naruto and I knew we would have to move since my cottage only had one room and we were sure Hana wouldn't want to share a room with us where she could watch us fucking each other like crazy.

So we decided to move into the city, where everyone hated us for what we were, and found a nice, two-story house with three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms, and a small hot spring in the backyard. After a few weeks of violent looks everyone started warming up to Hana's baby face and decided to give us a break. I thought Tsunade had a part in it, but she said she didn't.

I placed Hana's food on her plate and sat down in front of her to read my paper. We sat there in silence, just how we liked it, until my lover awoke and walked into the kitchen complaining about it being hot. It was mid-October and he was complaining about the heat? Really?

He placed his head on my shoulder while he sat in the chair next to me. He had one hand on his lower back and the other on his stomach. Yes, Naruto was pregnant… again. He was due in about a month and excited about having another child in the family. Naruto was hoping for a boy this time so he wouldn't have to go through having two daughters go through their PMS cycle. I wanted another girl because I personally don't mind the mood swings since I know how to handle them. I mean, I've had plenty of practice with the dobe.

I placed my hand on the back of his neck and kissed his head before whispering, "Would you like some breakfast Love?" He shook his head "no" and continued to moan in pain from his back hurting.

I leaned down and pulled his shirt up so I could see his baby bump. It was a pretty good size. Compared to an actual pregnant woman he looked like he could be about eight months along. I kissed above his belly button and moved up to kiss his jaw. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me up to kiss me on my lips.

After we heard Hana complaining about shoving our tongues down each other's through in front of her, we pulled back and looked at each other. He still had some sleep crusting the side of his eyes and the foul odor of morning breath; he couldn't have looked more beautiful. I rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and kissed the outer corner to say good morning.

He got to his feet and walked to the fridge and started looking around. After a few minutes of annoying scraping noises Naruto looked up and said, "Sasu, let go have some hot sex." Hana dropped the piece of toast she was eating and my newspaper fell into my eggs. I honestly had no protest, but Hana on the other hand nearly blew her top.

Hana got to her feet, letting her bangs cover half her face in a dark shadow before half screaming, "This is my time to leave! You don't have to talk about your sex life in front of me!" She slipped on her leather, high heel boots and walked out the door, grabbing her school books as she went. I heard her motorcycle engine come alive and then drive off. We would have to deal with her later, but for now… I had a horny, pregnant lover to take care of.

I got to my feet and walked over to lover that was now palming his crotch. The sight of him touching himself was driving me crazy and I could feel the tightening sensation in my pants. Naruto unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down revealing a lacy thong that you could clearly see his cock through; yeah, this mood swing… I could get used to.

Naruto looked up at me with lust in his eyes and a look that said 'fuck me now or you're not getting fucked ever again.' I complied with his wishes and walked over to him while taking my shirt off. I slammed him against the fridge and started rubbing my knee against his lace panties. I completely pulled his pants down, letting him kick them off his feet, and slapped his ass that I was so eager to be inside of.

Naruto started fumbling with my pants button until he finally got it undone. He pulled the zipper down and pushed my pants down around my ankles to reveal a huge bulge in my boxers that needed to be taken care of. I kicked my pants off while pulling my boxers off as well. Naruto threw his shirt off and I couldn't help but caress his swollen stomach. Most women didn't look so hot when they were pregnant, but Naruto looked like a God.

I slipped Naruto's thong off and turned him around so that my cock was pressing against his pink hole. I placed my head next to his ear and whispered, "Would you like to be prepared?" He shook his head no and I slammed into his entrance. He yelped in pain and tried to squeeze on the fridge with no prevail. I stayed still for a few moments waiting for him to get used to the intrusion.

After a few seconds I grew impatient and pulled myself out before slamming back inside of him. I felt his muscles contrasting against my hard cock and his heat radiating on my dick. I continued thrusting into his ass loving the whimpers and moans Naruto was giving me. I kept one hand on his stomach so it wouldn't hit the fridge when I slammed into him and with my other hand I grabbed onto his cock, rubbing him in time with my thrusts. The room was filled with gasps, moans, screams, and the sound of my balls hitting Naruto's ass.

I continued to thrust into Naruto hearing him say, "Sasu…Sasuke… Sasuke… Sasuke," every time I thrust into him. I heard Naruto scream, but I thought I had only hit his prostate. I continued thrusting into him while teasing his member with my fingers until I heard, "Sasu Baby… stop thrusting… I think… it's time!"

I pulled out of him and turned him around so I could see his face. His face was red and his eyes were half lidded. I looked at his stomach and it was exactly how it was the last time he was going through labor. His stomach had purple and blue blotches covering it and his skin looked like it was starting to break in areas.

I looked at his hardened cock and looked up at him. "You want me to take care of the real fast?" He nodded his head a quick yes and I skipped the teasing and just engulfed his entire shaft and started to suck. I swirled my tongue around his bulbous head every time I bobbed my head back and heard Naruto half moan half scream. I continued to suck him as fast as I could while I started jacking myself off so I could get rid of my problem.

I heard Naruto whimper before he said, "I don't know… ah! If I should… Sasu… scream in pain… ha… or moan in PLEASURE!" Just as he screamed 'pleasure' he came inside my awaiting mouth.

I pulled my mouth from his deflating cock and continued jacking myself off. I had Naruto's cum dripping from my chin and I spat some of his cum on my dick and continued playing with myself. Naruto pushed me to my back and moved his head down to my ball sac. He began to suck on my balls while I continued to jack myself off with Naruto's cum on my cock. I heard Naruto whimper a few times from going into labor, but he continued to suck my balls.

I felt that too familiar tightening sensation in my stomach and came on my hand on stomach. Naruto moved his head up and started licking all the cum from my stomach and cock. I got to my feet and ran to the bedroom to get some clothing articles. I grabbed two pairs of boxers, one t-shirt, one pregnant 'mans' shirt, and two pairs of sweats. I ran back into the kitchen and slipped the clothes on myself and then on Naruto.

I scooped Naruto into my arms and ran to the front door. As soon as my feet touched the outside world, I broke into sprint. I heard Naruto trying to keep time with his labor breathing exercise and I tried my hardest to run faster. Why was he going into labor so early anyways? Why? Because life hates me… that's why. I wasn't even sure Tsunade would be in her office! I continued to run anyways.

After a few more minutes of running we approached the hospital. I pushed through the doors and I was met with a nurse with a wheel chair. I placed Naruto in the chair and kissed his head. I already knew they wouldn't let me go in the OR him, so I just sat in a chair and worried. Worried about if my new baby would survive, if my first baby, Naruto, would survive, and about if Hana would approve of the new child. I guess I'd find out in time, for now though, I'm tired…

~3 hours later~

I felt a slight pull on my shirt and opened my eyes to see a small bundle of pink blankets. I wiped my eyes, not completely sure what was going on. I looked around and then everything seemed to make sense. I snapped my eyes fully open and looked at the blanket that held a new born baby girl. It wasn't Tsunade that was holding my new daughter though; it was a small, petite, pink haired girl. She had sea foam, green eyes and was wearing a doctor's tag that said 'Haruno Sakura, Doctor."

She handed the bundle of blankets to me and smiled. "She's a girl, as you can see, and Naruto is doing just fine. I'm sorry, but Doctor Tsunade wasn't here to deliver your child so I did it. We were prepared for something like this. So, Doctor Tsunade taught me how to deliver your child in case the child came early. She may be a small child as she grows because she was born early, but there were no problems. She's a very lucky girl to have a father as nice as Naruto."

I snapped my head up and looked in her eyes. "You know Naruto?"

She laughed and shook her head yes. "He's my cousin. I ran away from my parents just as he had. He seems to be doing well though. He told me that he has another daughter that's seventeen years old! I remember when he was seventeen! Anyways, I should get back to work. It was nice talking to you Mr. Uchiha."

She turned on her heel and walked away, leaving me holding my new born daughter in my arms. I pulled the blanket away a little and looked her beautiful face. She looked exactly like Naruto. She had bright, blond hair, electric blue eyes, two small whisker marks on each cheek, and her skin was nearly has tan as Naruto's skin. She was even small like him, small hands, a straight nose, but chubby cheeks. She didn't have ears and a tail though. Was this because Naruto was once human? I don't know, but I was fine with that.

After I looked at her for a few more seconds I heard footsteps behind me and saw Hana and her boyfriend Kyoto running towards us. I smiled towards her and held my daughter up to show the new member in the family. Once she got to me she smiled down at the bundle and looked up at me. "We should name her after Naruto, Daddy."

I chuckled at her idea and nodded before saying, "Naruto is a boy's name Hana." She smiled before retorting, "How about Naruko then?" I nodded in approval and kissed the top of Naruko's head. I motioned my hand for them to follow me towards Naruto's hospital room and they did. So, we walked to my lover's room, new child in hand, my first child and her boyfriend behind me, and happiness everywhere. I couldn't have been happier.

~The End~

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