Chapter Five: Inviting Silence

Previously: Margret only squared her shoulders at the teen's confession, her face set in the usual serene mask as she nodded her head towards the blond with false appreciation, "Thank you Mr. Strife, now that we all know each other it's time to start our breathing exercises."

Roxas sighed, 'This is going to be a long~ therapy session, isn't it?"


"So what did ya think of Margret? A real peach, ain't she?" Sora asked brightly as both him and Roxas walked down the hallway.

Roxas rolled his eyes, "Do you always have to make a joke out of everything?" The blond had already been subjected to three full hours of endless torture and having to listen to Sora's overly enthused voice did not help to maintain his sanity at all.

"Well," Sora grinned obliviously, "What else is there to do?"

Roxas let out a strangled breath and started to pick up his pace. Sora, however, remained persistent and refused to let his blond companion escape.

"Aww, c'mon you gotta admit that it makes things here at least a little more interesting."

Roxas arched an eyebrow but still decided not to say anything in response. After all, what could he say? 'Hey, would you mind shutting the hell up for five seconds?'

'Tch, that would go well' Roxas thought with a note of annoyance. The blond figured if he just remained quiet, Sora would…eventually catch on. I mean, honestly, the brunette wasn't that dense, was he?

"Geez, way to be a grouch, Roxas, "Sora mock pouted, "I mean I get you're all depressed and everything but really, lighten up."

Apparently, he was wrong.

Roxas' fists clenched at his sides, his lower lip twitching as he attempted not to dignify the brunette's remark with a response of his own. Despite the fact, however, that he really wanted to.

Yet, even Roxas knew the consequences such actions would bring. He knew that anything hurtful that slipped out of his mouth would only give him another thing to internally atone for.

The blond sighed dejectedly as his mind began to wander to forlorn caverns of his mind—the ones he kept in chains. It was an unhealthy habit and, of course, Roxas knew that. He knew that Margret would tell him, in her overly false tone of concern, that what he was doing was wrong. That it would only cause him to retrogress in his treatment—cause himself more pain.

Roxas smiled at the thought with dry amusement. He didn't care if he was only putting himself in more pain because, in the blonds' distorted mind, he deserved every last bit of pain he received while he was stuck in this nightmare.

He had already made so many mistakes in his life…lost so many people…

"What do I even have left to live for?" The blond mused quietly to himself.

"What are you mumblin' about, anyway?" Sora asked, his voice, suddenly beside Roxas.

Roxas gasped started as he nearly fell into the nearest white wall, "N-Nothing!"

"Oh really? Not having thoughts of suicide again, are we?" Sora sang in a sing-song voice.

Roxas growled, unable to suppress his anger this time, "God, why don't you mind your own damn business and go chug some beers or something?"

Sora chuckled, "My, my, my defensive are we? Well, in any case, I guess I can spare you a few minutes alone."

Sora grinned and began to slip into another white hallway, coolly. Roxas' eyes, however, widened as he realized what he had just said to the brunette.

"H-Hey Sora! I-I didn't mean what I said a-about the beer."

Sora turned around, "Don't worry yourself about it, it's FINE. I gave you crap so you can give me some right back. No big deal." Sora held both thumbs up and grinned wider, as he finally slipped around the corner.

Roxas sighed, "Why can't I ever just keep my mouth shut?"

It was a wonder to him, at times like this, how he still even had friends. Roxas knew that despite his normally placid and shy nature that he could still say some pretty hurtful things to people.

Inwardly, the boy cringed as he thought back to the car ride with Cloud.

"Roxas…you know that I'm only doing this because I care about you, right?"

Roxas only rolled his eyes, and angled his body towards the window. Cloud let out a shaky breath as one hand weaved itself through his golden hair.

"C'mon…Roxas, I'm just trying to do what's best for you."

The sky that hung over head darkened, and the greenery that flashed past the two blonds suddenly became dull and saturated.

"If you had been doing what's best for me, then you would have let me die," Roxas replied a bitter note in his voice as his eyes remained fixed on the blurred scenery.

Cloud tightened his hand on the steering wheel, as though to release some tension, "I'm not losing you, Roxas."

"Then take me home."

"I can't do that."

Roxas removed his eyes from the passing scenery briefly with a scornful expression, "Then don't bother coming back for me at all."

Cloud's eyes widened, "Roxas!—"

He had been so horrible to Cloud, and the shame that filled the blond almost overcame his anger towards his brother. Yet, at the same time, he still couldn't let it go. Roxas felt as though the chains of resentment still held him firmly in place and there was nothing he could do about it.

Roxas shook his head, he needed to keep moving. If he stood here any longer, God only knows what thoughts could enter the blond's head.


"I'm lost…again."

Roxas let out an exasperated sigh as he stood leaning into another blank wall. Where was Sora when you needed him?

Surely, someone would come looking for him? I mean don't patients in rehab normally have like a warden or something? Again, Roxas could only sigh. He would be stuck in this hallway forever, imprisoned by the white stares of the walls until he finally just up and died.

"Maybe I should try going further down…I mean there has to be an end at some point." Roxas thought to himself as he began moving again. His gait slow and lazy as though he had all the time in the world. Though honestly, it wasn't like he had anything better to do with his time anyway.

Roxas went through another hallway. "Guess no one likes their doors open, huh?" Roxas noted as he passed by another closed ivory door. Nothing was different.

Then, as though to just to contradict the blond's thoughts, he noticed at the far end of the hallway was a door and it was…open.

Curious, Roxas edged towards the slightly ajar door slowly—cautiously. The possibilities of what or who could be in there swam relentlessly in his mind. Each thought more gruesome then the last.

However, when Roxas peered through the small open shaft, his eyes didn't find mad scientists or horrifying looking needles, but instead he found a girl, petite in stature, hunched over in a chair with her hands moving rapidly across the paper in front of her.

Roxas wasn't sure if he should enter the room, but again curiosity got the better of him and started guiding him into the small expanse that was her room. Roxas took notice, as he crept forward, of all of the artwork scattered about, tapped to the walls, and doors. He also took note that besides the drawings decorating the room, there was nothing else that had an ounce of color in the room. Not that this was new, but still, Roxas had been hoping for at least some change of color scheme.

Roxas shook his head at the thought, 'Like that's gonna happen.' However, what Roxas hadn't noticed because of his lack of attention was the small azure colored pencil lying on the floor a few feet ahead of him. The very pencil that was his demise.

Roxas took a few more steps, his foot abruptly making contact with the small object and his whole frame suddenly on the ground.

The boy let out a small moan as he rubbed his now sore head, "Ow."

The quick movements across the page abruptly halted and Roxas froze as the small frame in the chair turned around just as rapidly as her hands had been moving across the page.

Her light blonde hair was slightly tousled and her innocent blue eyes had widened in terror.

Roxas' own eyes widened but unlike hers it was out of realization, "Naminé?"

The girl kept quiet, her unopened lips trembling as she continued to stare the boy down. Roxas squared his shoulders with increasing discomfort, "H-hey look, I didn't mean to ah…scare you the last time we erm…met. I was just a little frustrated…that's all."

Roxas mentally slapped himself, 'Now is not the time to be apologizing for that! You just came into her room like some…like some creep! You're probably freaking her out even more!'

Naminé, however, remained silent, but it seemed as though at least a part of what he had said sunk in. He eyes closed for a moment before she cautiously rose from her chair. She clasped her small hands behind her back, coming forward until they were only a few feet away.

Roxas pulled at his collar nervously, "Well…I'm Roxas," Roxas almost held out a hand but quickly stopped himself, instead putting it in his pocket, "and you're Naminé, right?"

Naminé didn't say anything but she gave him a small dissipating smile as she nodded her head.

Roxas nodded his own head in response, "Ahh…cool. I guess I'll be…going now."

He started towards the door, feeling as awkward as humanly possible, but then felt a small hand grip onto his sleeve.

He looked back, "Huh? What is it?"

Again, wordlessly she took his sleeve and led him over to her little table. He looked at the drawing she had been working on slightly confused, "It's…he looks just like me."


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