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I waited with the family for his airplane to arrive, Jasper was coming home.


I had missed him more than I could've ever imagined. Their plane had landed and now we were all waiting, me standing with all the other families that were waiting for the troops. I could feel the bubble of anticipation envelope me and I was having a hard time not jumping up and down in excitement.

The door opened and we all strained to see who the first ones out would be. I saw a few guys get off the plane and, after looking around briefly, make their way to their respective families. Then, there was a woman who literally had three young children run over to her the minute she stepped onto the tarmac. The sight of that made me smile.

I looked back over to the door of the plane and my eyes met bright aviator covered glasses and it made the corner of my lips twitch a little upwards. Same ol' Jay, we just need 3oh!3 blaring in the background. Without taking his eyes off me he stepped down the stairs and walked quickly over to me. The way he carried himself was completely different, his hair, once shaved had grown back into gentle waves that was tucked behind his ears and kept nicely trimmed.

I barely had a chance to smile at him when he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately. Someone took Hunter out of my arms and I was grateful because it made it a little less awkward to be kissed in such a manner. After a few minutes we parted and he rested his forehead against mine, taking off the sunglasses so he could look deep into my eyes.

"Hi," he said softly.

"Hi," I smiled stupidly at him.

"Daddy!!!" Hunter was using his demanding voice. I looked out the corner of my eye to see our son flailing wildly at his father in his grandfather's arms.

Jasper laughed and took Hunter from his dad's arms holding him at eye level. "You been good?" he asked him in a serious voice.

"Yes daddy," Hunter nodded seriously. I had to stiffle the snicker, I had spent the whole morning cleaning the crayon drawings off the wall.

The corner of Jasper's lip curled up slightly as he looked over at me before looking back at our son. "Anything to report soldier?" he asked.

"Peanut ate a mouse, Mommy screamed when she saw it." I was having to bite my lip in effort not to laugh at my little three year old talking about the mouse from two weeks ago.

Jasper gasped before kissing Hunter's forehead. "Did you protect mommy from the evil mouse?"

"Yes, but then mommy picked me up an' put me in my room coz she said it give me debezees." Hunter told his father sadly.

"Well, mommy knows best. That's why you stay with her buddy," Jasper said as he put Hunter down on his feet. He looked down at him. "Good Lord, you're tall!"

"I get taller everyday!" Hunter said excitedly, "Imma be taller than you daddy!"

I laughed, "He is your son."

"That he is," Jasper said with a smile. "I don't know about y'all but I kinda want to get out of here..."

"I know I do, we have to go to dinner with everyone," I smiled knowing that my family and the rest of the gang were waiting at Applebees.

"Chicken fingers, yum..." Jasper teased, looking down at Hunter who was bouncing around happily.

"Welcome home, son," the Admiral finally said.

Jasper looked up at his father and smiled. "Glad to be off the boat," he laughed.

"I bet," I winked at him and picked up Hunter, swinging him up onto my hip and I sashayed towards our car.

I could hear The Admiral laughing after a few moments as they walked behind me. "What's the matter Junior? Been on that boat too long?" he teased.

"Too fucking long..." I could hear him agree.

I buckled our son into his carseat and after I shut the door I grabbed my husband by the shirt, "Your parents are taking Hunter for the night," I informed him with a wry smile.

His hands slid around my waist as he pulled me closer. "Just the night? Damn was hoping for at least forty-eight hours alone."

"Take that up with the Admiral, but then Hunter might come back expecting a brother or sister."

"You think a puppy would hold him over?" he teased before kissing my neck.

I missed this, I sighed and leaned a little bit to the side, letting him kiss my neck some more. "Sure."

"I missed you Mar," he said softly pulling away to look at me. He tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. "I missed so much while I was gone..."

"At least you're back for good this time," I murmured.

He nodded. "Home at last," he said with a smile.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, "Want me to take you home so you can change into civilian clothes?"

He sighed and shook his head. "Nah, the family is waiting for us. Besides I might be tempted to take you once we got home," he smirked before kissing me.

"Okay then," I said shrugging before walking over to the passenger seat. Since it had been a year and a half, I might as well let him drive. He gave me a funny look, "Might as well, since you've been so good." I smirked at him and climbed into the unfamiliar seat, listening to the Admiral climb in chuckling behind me.

"Sweet," Jasper laughed before getting and making a show to push the seat back.

"I am not that short!" I huffed, crossing my legs in the way that I knew he liked. I don't know why, but he really likes it when my skirts push up a bit on my thighs and I have my legs crossed. Weird kink? Maybe.

His eyes traveled along my legs as he nodded. "Yep," was his only response. I could see a hand come out from the backseat and smack Jasper upside the head.

"Be respectful!" The Admiral scolded.

"Yes sir," Jasper said glaring playfully at me.

"Glad to see your Dad can still keep you in line," I stuck my tongue out at him and glanced back to smile at my father-in-law. I had definitely grown a lot closer to him in the past few years and would be forever grateful to him and April for all the help they gave me.

"Uh huh, only cause he's my superior," he teased dodging another smack from his father. "Hey now! I'm driving!" Jasper laughed.

"You haven't even started the car yet Junior," the Admiral laughed.

"Okay gentlemen, lets go before Hunter gets grouchy." I looked back to see my little carbon copy of Jasper with a bright smile on his face, the dimples in his cheeks reminded me a lot of his uncle Emmett.

"Ma'am, yes, Ma'am." Jasper said with a salute before starting the car. He leaned over closer to me. "I love you," he said softly.

"I love you," I told him with a smile, grabbing his hand over the console.



It was good to be home, finally free to live my life. I already felt like I had missed so much. Mar's hair was longer... Hunter was speaking and hell, apparently the rest of the family had been having a grand old time while I was gone.

It was great to see the old gang together again. Even though we all had our own families to take care of, we still had each other. Although being around all these kids... I just wanted to run away and go home with Mar.

Home with my wife. God, I missed this woman. Even now at dinner, it was taking a lot of self control not to tease her. I, of course, settled with just brushing my fingers along the smooth silk of her thighs under the table.

Wonder if she'd let me cop a feel.

Right now Emmett was in the middle of boasting. Apparently he and Rose would be expecting their second child in the winter. Jasmine, their four year old, was excited to have a new baby brother or sister. At least they seemed to wait four years before having another, unlike Eddie and Bells.

"Haven't y'all ever heard of a condom?" I slipped out when Edward announced that he and Bella would be expecting in the winter as well. Don't get me wrong, I love their kids. It's just... damn man. They already have four!

Edward shrugged, "I don't like the way it feels." Eddie boy smirked at me.


"You could have waited before Ally was older man," I laughed shaking my head. Ally was their youngest, six months old and still attached to her momma's tit.

"What about you?" Rose asked looking at Mar and me. "When you two gonna add to the family?"

Mar shrugged, "I'm sure Hunt would be overjoyed. I dunno if I could take birthing another nine pounder."

That made most of the women flinch. "You got off lucky," Ma said with a smile. "He," she pointed at me. "Almost eleven."

"Jesus, no wonder you never had another!" Mar said from my side. Ma laughed and nodded.

I just shook my head and gave Hunter more ranch for his chicken tenders. "I think y'all over exaggerate. I bet, I was a small baby."

Dad shook his head. "Oh no, you were the biggest the doctor had seen. Hunter got that from you. I don't blame Alice one bit for not wanting another."

I looked back at my wife to gauge her reaction to that. We'd never really talked about having kids, so when she found out she was having Hunter, we just went with it. She smiled a little at me and at Hunter, like she'd be okay with another.

"We'll see," I offered.

Mar winked and gave Hunter a fry off her plate. "So, when are we gonna have a shin dig like we used to?" Emmett asked me from across the table.

"Aren't you in charge of my party plannin'?" I teased.

"Yes I am," Emmett agreed, rubbing his hands like he was up to something, "Hey April, can I count on you for Hors d' oeuvres?" Emmett asked my mom with a flirtatious wink.

And of course, she fucking giggled and nodded. "Of course, just let me know when you need them dear."

"Why am I suddenly afraid for my life," I asked Mar softly.

"Cause it's Emmett?" she offered.

Good point. "Yeah, yeah..." I nodded before looking back at Em. "So what did you have in mind there Big E?"

"A masquerade," Emmett said with enthusiasm as Edward and Bella groaned.

Rose shook her head as Jasmine got into her lap. "You're such a nostalgic dumb-ass sometimes, you know that?"

"You love my nostalgic dumbassness," Emmett countered, kissing her cheek.

She smiled wide and nodded. I just shook my head, he was definitely the lion tamer in that relationship.

"Why a masquerade, Em?" Bella asked trying to control one of the twins - Aidan I think - as he pulled at his mom's hair.

"Cause the first party Jay ever ever went to with us was all masked."

"Right, but I still don't get it... that was his first party period. He had just moved to town." She responded before telling Aidan to go sit in time out with Grandpa Carlisle.

"Never mind, Bella," Emmett said exasperated. Edward laughed as he shoved another fry in Aaron's mouth.

We laughed at Emmett. "I think it's a great idea Big E." I told him as I pulled Hunter out of his high chair. "After all, that's how I found Alice again," I said looking at my wife.

Mar smiled sweetly at me before Emmett cut in, "And I would like to think that we helped."

That made the parents laugh. "Oh yeah, helping by not telling me who she was so I was arrogant to her. Thanks buddy," I said the last part sarcastically before laughing.

"Dude, I didn't know you weren't that way naturally." Emmett said with a shrug.

"Damn, I knew I should have knocked on Ali's door before I left," Rose said with a smirk, making Mar and Esme gasp.

"Rosalie! Emmett! You don't mean?" Esme looked flabbergasted.

I laughed and shook my head at Emmett as Rose tried to weasel her way out of this.

"Well... I... uh..." she looked at Emmett for help.

"Um, well I used to have Rosalie spend the night, since you know..." Emmett shrugged trying to think of a good, non sexual reason for her to be there. Carlsile just sat there with his jaw open shaking his head.

"You were afraid of the dark?" I offered, trying to sound serious.

"Uh, yeah," Emmett gave his father a dopey smile.

"I don't believe you kids, next you're gonna tell me that Bella spent the night too." Carlisle looked down the table accusingly at Edward, who was shaking his head rapidly.

Bella laughed. "As if. You know the story behind Ashley's conception? The one with the closet? Yeah, that wasn't a lie."

"Ew dude, you knocked her up in my closet?!" I asked Ed. "Wait, you had sex in my closet?!"

"No, not quite," Edward's face was a strange red color and he was talking through his teeth.

"Nope, Eddie was a virgin till after Ashley was born!" Emmett slapped the table and gave a boisterous laugh.

I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. Poor Ed.

"Better then finding out the basement isn't sound proof," dad added in making me stare wide eyed at him.

"No, I think immaculate conception wins," Rose chimed in.

"Oh no, Will, do tell us about the soundproofed basement, I think this is the first I have heard of this, I already knew Bella got pregnant from my son and her..." Carlisle looked over at Edward, who just stared at the table, and shook his head with a smile on his face. "Dry humping without clothes on."

"Well, there's that time April found them," dad laughed. "You remember that honey, don't you?"

"Oh yes! What a way to find your son and your long lost daughter," Ma said with a wink to Esme and Carlisle.

"But then, there were a few times, I don't know what my boy was thinking," dad said shaking his head. "I already knew Alice had snuck over because I would hear the Porsche's engine but there'd be no lights." Oh fuck I forgot dad was a light sleeper. "Well, these two, would go at it like rabbits I tell ya. You know Junior... you're far more vocal then Alice is."

I felt my neck and ears warm up as I looked down at my plate, Jesus, what a way to say welcome home. I could hear Esme and Carlisle laughing right along with my parents. "Oh god, I think I'm gonna die of embarrassment now," Mar whispered in my ear.

"At least we'll die together," I whispered back as a buried my face in her hair.

"I think we're embarrassing them," Esme said, taking pity on us.

I scoffed quietly.

"Yes, I think we need to lay off, Will," I heard my mother agree.

I sat up and looked at our family, before kissing Hunter on the top of his head. "Or you can take Hunter and we can go home?" I offered.

Dad chuckled. "I don't think the house is sound proof either, Junior," he teased.

"You did warn their neighbors he was coming home right?" Emmett finally joined it. Traitor.

This time all the guys at the table snickered, except me. "C'mon! I've been at sea for over a year. The bunks are hard and small and I just want my bed, lay off." Wow watch a grown man pout.

Emmett snickered, "Sure man, I know you're just itching to touch what you've been lookin at in pictures." He then gave me what he thought was a sly wink. Mar gaped at the two of us.

"I swear to God, if you weren't her actual brother... I'd have to kill you," I said shaking my head. A few years ago Mar and Em had DNA tests done, and it turned out our suspicions were correct. They shared at least half the same DNA. I'll never forget how happy they were to finally know the truth.

Emmett grinned at me, "You wouldn't kill me."

"So says you," I countered.

"Please, I know which pictures you liked the best, too," he stuck his tongue out childishly at me.

"Damn it Emmett!" I glanced at Mar who was looking at me with a raised eyebrow. "I don't know what he's talking about babe..."

"Sure," she looked over at Emmett, "How about you tell me later?"

Emmett nodded, "Sure thing, sis."

I just gaped at the two of them. Now I'm in trouble?! "You know... y'all know how to treat a sailor that comes home well," I said sarcasticlly, making the table laugh.

"Oh no," Edward said looking over his own sleeping son's head. "We all know you're gonna get your welcome tonight."

"That's if Emmett didn't screw me over..." I shifted Hunter in my arms to keep from dropping him as he slept.

"Jasper, language please, Jasmine is very keen on words she isn't supposed to use," Carlisle repremanded me.

"Sorry, Dr. Cullen," I apologized and looked over at my niece who was grinning from ear to ear as she chewed on a pickle spear. Interesting how she's the only one still awake.

"I figured you just weren't used to it." He gave me a small smile, then jumped back into whatever conversation the parents were having.

I sighed and leaned my head back, closing my eyes as listened to the sounds of everyone around me. The girls were laughing and planning a shopping trip since Jasmine and Ashley would be starting school soon. While Ed and Em talked about sports. It was good to be back. God knows I've missed them all in their own way, I just wanted to go home already. But I'm not that husband that whines about being at family events.

So I'll sit here peacefully with my son and enjoy this moment and enjoy my family.

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