The Serendipity of my existence


The nightmare

Just in my mind, not real life
I must be dreaming –Evanescence-

I found myself running so fast that I thought my lungs would burst in any moment. Everything around me was pitch-black dark, making it impossible to see where I was going. The gushing cold wind had made my muscles sore and stiff, turning my run into a slow, weak intent to catch up with what ever I was chasing after.

You can't quit now. Go! A frantic voice yelled in the inside of my ears, forcing me to keep going, or at least to try. Fear rippled trough my insides, I didn't understand why I felt so afraid, but somehow knew that I would find out soon enough.

My heart rate was vicious, making every breath to pierce inside.

I won't make it in time. I won't make it! I have to stop them! I cringed

"No! Please, wait!" I pleaded at the top of my lungs to the emptiness ahead of me. Tears streaming down my cheeks, making my already useless view, even more vulnerable. And as if it wasn't bad enough, I tripped and slammed hard against the pavement.

Then, I heard it. An ear-splitting screech instantly followed by horrified screams. A white blinding light made my eyes close shut and I knew I was too late.

* * *

I woke my self up muffling my own terrified screams with my pillow. Something heavy and metallic smashed against the wall of my room, making me swallow a panicked gasp and jump violently in bed. Panting uncontrollably, I placed the palm of my hand on my chest and felt as if I'd ran a 10 k marathon. My night gown was completely soaked in sweat, sticking to me as if I'd sprayed myself with a hose or something.

Hope I didn't wake Cathy up I cringed remembering my frightened yell and the hurtle against the wall. It's a good thing Cath is a heavy sleeper.

I threw an apologizing look through the half opened door of my room and relaxed once I heard a low snore come from across the short hall. I hated closing my door when my parents weren't home. Call it childish if you like, but the fact of being able to see into my sister's room was rather soothing. It made me feel safe in a way.

Still fighting to regain the little control I had over my gasping breaths, I silently wondered what time it was, hopefully wishing that it was morning soon. My eyes darted to the small table next to my bed, looking for the alarm clock. But I narrowed my eyes a bit irritated once I didn't find it there.

Damn it! I cussed.

A dim green-florescent light on top of a pile of dirty laundry placed carelessly on the floor caught my attention. Stupid piece of junk! I shook my head and focused on reading the time.

"2:00 am" I frowned thinking that I had almost four hours of darkness until the break of light. I shuddered again at the deliberation of falling back to sleep, but the flashes of my nightmare kept poking bye, making me shiver in place.

God, it felt so real I tried to swallow but found it quite difficult. My throat was closed.

Then suddenly, the phone rang in the kitchen, abruptly breaking the deep silence that roamed the house and startling me even more. I heard it ring a couple of more times and deep inside my mind I knew that I should stand up and answer it but, for some reason, I didn't.

I heard Catherine stir in her bed a few times; then she mumbled something unintelligible and walked out of her room.

"Who could be calling at this time at night?" she sighed, annoyed, as she walked by my half opened door. I didn't know if she was aware that I was already awake or not.

For some strange reason, my heart began to race again. I had a really bad feeling as chills ran down my spine and sweat dewed on my forehead.

It wasn't over yet. Something's very wrong My chest began to ache as the idea began to sink in. I don't know how to explain it, but deep down inside I knew that something horrible had happened. Call it a hunch, a premonition, what ever… but it was definitively happening.

I heard Cathy's voice answering the phone, the kitchen was just next to the stairs. I fought against my self as I tried to get up from bed, but my knees wouldn't budge, they were shaky and mushy. I didn't want to hear what she was saying, but I had to know. And by her frantic tone, I understood that it was already done.

"KRIS!?!?" she screamed my name frantically as the phone smashed against the kitchen's floor. "KRISTEN!?!?" she called again. I could sense the agony in her beautiful voice.

A horrified gasp left my lips as I stood frozen half way towards the door, I didn't even remember getting there. My hands immediately flew to my mouth as my sight blurred with bitter tears. God, please, don't…!

I heard Cathy stumble numbly through the stairs, finally reaching up to my room and opening the door. She was pale as a ghost and her eyes were wide and terrified, shaking violently from head to toe. She stared at me for the longest time, not being able to say a word. The gaunt expression on her beautiful face must have mirrored my own.

Her lips parted slightly and I braced myself for the worst.

"They're… at the hospital" she managed to choke out.

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