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The Serendipity of my Existence

16. Shadow.

~I wont run when the sky turns to flame

And I sure won't budge when the earth does shake~ Anya Marina

Alice POV

"Please tell me you're joking…" my lips pulled back in irritation as several specks of images fluttered inside that persistent little mind of hers. Ugh! She was thinking of skipping school and driving down to the reservation again!

I knew oh so well that once she entered their turf, I would be blind as a bat! I wouldn't be able to keep tabs on her!

Huh. 'blind as a bat'. Maybe if I wasn't in such a crappy mood I would've actually laughed at the joke.

Don't feel like laughing now, though. Not a single bit.

'Oh, I'm so taking a vacation when this is over' –hmp, THERAPHY, more likely! -Now I felt like weeping- I was a complete ball of stress… Couldn't she see what she was doing to me?

But my disturbance was quickly overpowered by anger when her choices shifted once again. I simply couldn't believe it! She was actually considering on driving across the Olympic Peninsula, searching for them on her own!

"Don't you give a damn about my state of mind at all?"

'I'm telling you Evans: my temper is brittle, don't you even dare try it, cause I wont take any cr-…'

My infuriated scold wasn't meant to reach her ears but my wound up growl certainly made the windows of the nearest car to quiver hard -hard enough for a couple of bystanders to notice it, that is-.

'Calm down Mary Alice' the inner voice warned sternly as the two students continued to stare at the trembling windows of the burgundy Passat with a curious expression on their face.

"Can't. She's exasperatingly relentless" I grinded my teeth harshly to avoid yelling at the top of my lungs and causing anymore unnecessary attention; but Kristen's desperate options had me way past the line of anxiety and it wasn't pleasant to get a vampire all worked up about something.

'Hell no! We can easily lose our focus when we get this upset!'


The firm sound -bursting from my left side- made me look down for a microsecond, finding my perfectly pink-polished fingernails half way through the thick bark of the moss covered spruce.

Red filled my vision…

'Damn it! I've just ruined my freaking manicure!'

Another hostile growl was built up in the back of my throat, I could feel it begging to burst free.

'The humans are close, Alice. Calm down' the voice kept warning.

With a herculean effort, I managed to swallow it, surprised at my self control; I knew nobody would actually see me between the thickness of the forest, but even so, another slip like that and I would have to change my position to avoid being caught –or looked over- or whatever.

I made an internal note to fix my nails as soon as I made it home and that seemed to cheer me up a tinsy bit. Besides, there was this new 'glow in the dark purple nail polish' I've been dying to try and… –

Oh. Wait. I shouldn't get distracted by these minor details. I had other things to worry about…

Kristen Evans and her suicidal attempts.


There was a hint of doubt in her last alternative, though; she vacillated a little, allowing me to breathe for a few seconds and try to clear the turmoil inside my head. My fingertips reached for my temples, massaging them tensely –ignoring my already ruined nails in order to keep my mental sanity-.

'I swear that one of these days, that girl is going to give me a heart attack –and that's not an easy thing to do- especially when you are someone who's heart isn't actually beating at all' Hey, another lame joke.

'I'm on a roll here!' Lips twitched once.

'And to think that Emmet's pigheadness drove me mad …' Well, guess she proved me wrong.

Several long breaths later, ease began to spread slowly across my chest; it's been a while since I've gotten this edgy. But no one could really blame me for that, could they?… I mean, the creature I was monitoring was more than 'sneaky' most of the time finding a way past my surveillance with out her being aware of it.

'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… well, lets just say things would get ugly' my lips pursed in a tight line as my sight squinted directly at my not-so-innocent target at sake.

'Its gonna be a looooong day!'

My eyes kept glued at Kristen's Jeep –which remained at its usual spot in the school's parking lot-; she had pulled in bit earlier today but no one seemed to have noticed the indistinct detail.

I certainly did, though…. It was quite clear that staying inside her small room and wait for the 'situation' to change was becoming unbearable for the girl; she just had to keep her mind off things or else she would just end up losing it –just like two nights ago-.

Relief came in waves as soon the premonition showed how the jagged pieces of glass – the ones that burst violently from the rectangular mirror on her wall- would miss her entirely once her tremors got out of control.

No cuts.

No blood.

No drama.

But even so, I held my breath seconds before it even happened. My self control went beyond strong but fiddling with my limits like that... hmp, that was something even I didn't dare to try. As much as I hated to admit it, the smell of fresh blood had a minute effect on me –on all of us, really- and it was something we had to deal with whenever it became an issue.

Well, that turned out to be one exhausting night; but the hardest part about the whole incident was keeping my thoughts away from Edward. He'd called yesterday morning just to check on her and beyond my strongest efforts, he saw right through me like an open book.

'Curse him and his mind reading!'

Still, I managed to convince him on not returning to Forks when I saw him decide it.

"You have a more crucial task to deal with, bro. You know that!" but regardless to anything he disputed, Edward decided to stick to the original plan. He wasn't happy about it and somehow I had a feeling that he was going to have a talk with me later.


'Oh! A have a little sympathy, why don't you? Is that too much to ask?'Kristen's mind games lured me back to the present time -she continued taunting me with the same images over and over again-: Going into Quileute territory or driving across the Olympic Peninsula.

Once more, I closed my eyes and continued working on my 'breathing' –not that it was doing much for me, I didn't really need to breathe- but I was desperate to try anything to keep me sane.

'Sane? Hmp!'

"Hey, Alice?" Emmet's voice echoed dangerously inside my head as I took in another gulp of air through my set jaw "If the chick keeps giving ya a hard time… shoot her with a tranquilizing dart" I remember how his evil smile flashed all the way across the living room as he continued playing with the remote.

"That will slow her down". His eyes sparkled mischievously. Even I felt a bit scared of his ways sometimes.

Of course Esme's disapproving growl came a second later, causing Emmet to keep his mouth shut and not push the topic any further unless he wanted to get into trouble –like that would've stopped him-. Before I reached the door this morning –to continue with my babysitting duties of the day- Emmet flashed me another of his wicked grins and winked.

'You know what to do' he mouthed.


That's right!


I was pretty sure her authoritative scold was heard all the way to Alaska.

"Shit" He cussed under his breath but I was already halfway trough the woods before he tried pinning anything on me.

Even so, at this point of the game, Emmet's idea was rather tempting…

I know, I know. Edward wouldn't approve –frown- but really, done properly it could be quite painless. Besides, she would feel nothing stronger than a little p-… 'Oh, who was I kidding? Edward would chop me into pieces and flick a match over my remains and watch me burn'

Hey, as much as I loved that girl, she wasn't giving me much of a choice here.

"Seriously Kristen, couldn't you just-…-"

But the surly sentence lingered in my lips, my gaze resting on the dark shades encircling her eyes. Between the insomnia, the anxiety outbreaks and the nightmares, this was the second week in a row she hadn't been able to sleep and even though she was beyond exhaustion, the mulish teen would simply not give up.

And it was my job to keep her out of any circumstance that will put her in jeopardy *rolls eyes*

'Piece of cake, right?'



I saw the girl shakily shift her weight so that the knees were at the level of her chest, slowly hugging herself to them. Through the shadows of the trees where I kept immobile, I felt the muscles of my face tightened as I drank the pain and misery behind her amber eyes.

My selfishness seemed to have retained my full attention causing me to forget about the hell she was going through.

There was a slow, longing sigh that caused my insides to churn uneasily. She was thinking of him again.

"Where are you?" her whisper broke at the very end; pale fingertips traced the outline of the handmade bracelet she wore around her feeble wrist. She didn't even tried to wipe away the fat tears that were trailing down her cheeks since there would be more to follow.

"Please…" she placed her lips against the dark circular stone of her bracelet, a soft sob shaking her thin body.

"… I need you"

She continued to cry in silence, mumbling the same words over and over under her breath. My chest throbbed painfully at the agony of the scene, my thoughts flying immediately towards Jacob Black.

It was ironic how this specific boy, the one that had eased her worries and comforted her in the most gentlest of ways –drying up her tears and softly kissing all of her fears away; putting her back together every time she crumbled to pieces and whispered against her hair much he loved her while she slept - had suddenly become the reason of all her aching and distress.

His absence was affecting her even deeper than anyone would have ever dreamt of. She needed him because she loved him.

She was in love with him.

And as far as I knew he loved her as much as she did him.

But even I couldn't see what would come out all of this chaos, I just hope that in some way, it would work for them.

'Wait a minute. Did I just say that?'

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing even close to a soft spot for the mutt, but… -sigh- he certainly knew how to make her laugh, she literally glowed whenever he was near her. Every time she spoke the boy's name, I could hear her heart flutter excitedly and a stunning smile would spread across her face.

He made her feel alive.

And now, without him, she was losing herself.

I didn't really get why she concerned me that much –it wasn't common for our kind to be so fond of a human- but I guess the stubborn girl sort of won me over, like she did with her friends and even with my brother.

"Damn it!" Kristen's loud curse seized my attention once again as she banged her fists angrily against the steering wheel.

"UGH! WHY WON'T THEY JUST COME CLEAN WITH ME! WHY BOTHER ON GIVING ME ALL THESE SHITTY LIES!" she banged them again –harder this time- and began to shake.

It was obvious for me that her mind had settled on the repetitive replies given to her by the Quileute's… she was so fed up with their little façade –not buying anything they told her- and I couldn't blame her, she was a little too insightful for her own good.

At first the story Billy Black told her over the phone about how Sam Uley unexpectedly took the boy on trip across the Olympic Peninsula -under "tribal matters" as they would call it- seemed genuine to her but something in between didn't quite click for Kristen.

'Like I said, way too perceptive' Sigh.

She called the boy's mobile several times during the first day but received no answer; she even texted him, trying to look nonchalant but, again, nothing "Not like him" She told herself.

Then she called the Black's house again –on the third night of the boy's departure- his father picked up after the 20th ring and flatly told her that Jacob had forgotten his cell phone under his bed but before Kristen had a chance of asking him anything else, the line went dead.

She tried calling a few more times but, no one in the Black's residence seemed interest in answering; so she gave up. I remember her placing the small phone under the pillow –near her ear- and clutching the other pillow for dear life. The boy's name often slip her lips as her eyes remained focused on a spot on the wall…

She didn't sleep that night –nor the following nights for that matter- anxiety and suspicion started to hitch up within each passing day, increasing the depths of her nightmares when exhaustion finally caught up with her.

Since Edward was away, I was the one who spent the entire night on guard outside her window. It was awful watching the girl trash back and forth in her sleep –objects flying violently across the room-; whenever the nightmares made presence in her subconscious, I would stand next to the edge of the bed and tried calming her down but my efforts became useless. Whatever she was dreaming about, had a really strong hold on her.

Now I understood my brother's mood once he returned to the mansion the next morning… I regretted being a pest and picking on him like that.

When Kristen came back about a week ago, she went straight to her room and picked up the phone –she decided to call Emily instead-; she was so distracted to notice that Lily was already using the line. It took her a few seconds to realize that, and when she did, she made the motion of hanging up but something stopped her… Jacob's name left the woman's lips and the girl held her breath.

"… give him time, Billy. It's has happened before; he's in good hands" even though Lily tried to sound comforting, there was a small edge at her tone.

"I know. I trust him" Billy's voice was impassive. "But you know what this means… once it starts…" he made a small pause.

"I am aware of that…" the bitterness in Lily's voice was evident for Kristen.

"You know it isn't safe Lils; make sure she doesn't…"

"She wont..." she sighed heavily "Hách awí".

Billy replied back and she slowly hung up.

Confusion and hurt was branded on the girl's face for the longest time. She remained frozen one the spot, the phone on her ear and bitter tears surfacing on the corners of her eyes. I could tell that she felt betrayed… betrayed by one of her own. But she didn't understand the reason why Lily would keep something as important as Jacob from her.

I saw her struggle between walking downstairs and demanding her aunt for some answers or acting oblivious about the whole incident and try to figure things out on her own.

"Guess I'm alone on this, then" determination on her tone.

The next day, instead of driving to school –like predicted- she sped down to La Push, dodging my visions as I headed back home to change into my school clothes. 'Damn her precarious glitch'. It's needless to say that Edward nearly ripped my head off when he found about it…

I remained still as a stone, all senses alert and ready until her return to our side of the Treaty line; the frustration in her eyes told me that the trip to the Black's house didn't go well at all.

"Billy's lying! Who the hell does he think he's dealing with?" she dug her nails into the steering wheel as she continued to drive away –I was running right next to the road, on a small trail that was covered by gigantic pine trees and bushes-.

From that day on, phone calls had become futile since everybody seemed devoted on not picking up or calling back. They had their motives on keeping their distance and I, for once, agreed with them.

Odd, I know! Never in my 75 years as a vampire have I even vaguely dreamt of siding with the dogs but it really wasn't safe for her to be hanging around their land -or anywhere near the woods- when these treacherous circumstances were closing in quite fast.

'And with that rotten luck of hers…' there was no need for me to finish the thought.

Still, she kept trying.

Now I understood why Edward had always been within her reach; Kristen was somehow impulsive once she set her mind on something. But still, I found quite amusing how much her character irritated him.

"Edward, she's a human girl… what did you expect?" I would tease him. "You need to be patient with her, she's young"

"And stubborn" he would add immediately through clenched teeth while pinching the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb.

But now that I've become fully responsible for her during his absence, I've reached to the conclusion that "Humanity" and "Young age" have definitively nothing to do with her unfathomable stubbornness.

"It's a good thing I'm psychic, Kristen. You are giving a hell of a time here chasing after ya" I threw the girl a weak smile as I saw her pull out of the Jeep and slowly walk up to the school's building.

Inside her head, she decided to stay in school for a little longer – only to try and work out a plan on contacting Emily without being avoided- but at least, she was being polite enough to spare my sanity for a couple of hours.

Out of the blue, I had a vision and reached for my cell –answering it- before it even rang.


"I'm with her"

"How is she?" he tried to sound smooth.

"A mess"

He let out a frustrated sigh, probably stealing some of the images of Kristen out of my head.

"She's growing even more suspicious now that everyone is avoiding her"

"Stay with her, no matter what" his voice was urgent.

"I will" my eyes on the girl as she reached for the door "How's it going over there?"

"Hard to keep track" anger colored his words "Every movement is careful… probably knows I'm close" the grinding of his teeth made me flinch.

There was a small pause and I felt his mood change lightly.


"Like her own shadow, Edward. Nothing will go through me…"

"Thank you" the fervency of those words made me squirm in place; I felt even heavier now. "I will call you again soon. Tell the others to be ready…" and he hung up.

With a soft thud, I landed on the balls of my feet and swiftly made way inside the bricked building before anyone noticed.

Ok, Miss Evans.

Bring it on!

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