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Pairings (past): From Allen/Cloud Nine to Allen/Rhode, with hints of Lulubell near the end. Also, there was a temporary Lavi/Lenalee that broke up.

Pairings (present and future): Allen/Rhode/Lulubell. Crowley/Eliade. Lavi/Chomesuke. I am unsure about Kanda, Lenalee, and Miranda, though I favor the Bak/Lenalee shipping.

Background: Well, I loved Rhode since the Miranda miniarc. I guess sadistic little girls are my thing. Anyways, Lulubell had me since the waking up nude and showering scene (and I prefer her Noah form to human form). I guess it's the same for Cloud Nine, but I don't know how far I can push my luck here. And of course I'm pushing all my likes onto Allen, cause the boy with white hair is the protagonist. Kanda can get bent. Additionally, there are others I like (Chomesuke and Eliade included), but I can't give Allen everyone, can I? Wait, I can?! Oh well, some peeps are just made for each other. This story is written with the intent of semi-serious, so don't expect perfect cannon nor Allen suddenly attracting woman like flies to honey. Only Marshal Cross has that right.

Requiem of Time: Prologue

Allen awoke with a jolt, the memories of the latest fight with the Akuma crashing into him. He groaned at the pain that swirled about in his head - an interesting sensation. However, Lulubell had done far worse in more pleasurable situations and being the husband of Rhode had its perks. Pain suppressed, he attempted to open his eyes.

The pain tripled, and Allen hissed at how bright everything was. His eyes were shut again, and he irately rubbed them in an effort to sooth the pain. It took him a moment to realize that things actually hadn't been bright. That stopped him, and he frowned. It had stung agonizingly, but in truth the room had actually looked a bit… dark. Interesting.

Taking a cautious peek between squinted eyes, Allen got a better view of his surroundings. Pleased that the swirling pain was dying and the stinging in his eyes had yet to happen, he opened them all the way.

The room was in fact dark, and it had a run-down look to it with the wallpaper peeling off to reveal cracked wood and the lack of anything else; the only piece of furnishing was a three-legged chair sprawled on the ground, its last leg next to it and half-gnawed. No windows to reveal sunlight, and a place for a candle at the side was not surprisingly absent of light.

Allen could only guess at what had happened as he sat up and put his human hand on his forehand. The feel of cloth instead of hair had him pause again. Pulling the article off his head, the Exorcist was more than a little surprised to find himself holding a bandana. He had owned one like that a long time ago, before he had actually become an Exorcist.

Now that he thought about it, Allen noticed that he was wearing the trench coat he had worn back then as well. Interesting indeed, he thought to himself absently. Whoever had dragged him here didn't appear to be around, so he stood to try and find them.

This place must be made for a giant, Allen thought dryly as he noticed exactly how tall the ceiling was and that the door-less doorway was tall enough for someone almost double his height - and that was saying something after he had hit his stunning growth spurt a few years back.

A flash of gold in the dark light had him smile. At least Timcampy had managed to stick by him. The modified golem had been a faithful companion for years, from before Cross had abandoned him and the long years after the Marshal had mysteriously disappeared. Just as fast as he had seen his old friend, a white blur suddenly snatched Tim from the air.

Allen gaped as a cat happily pranced away with its mouth full. He rolled his eyes as he chased after the little devil. How many times has this happened, Tim?

What he wouldn't do for his old Innocence right then as Allen chased the cat around the strange mansion (apparent from the sheer size of the place). The elongating arm definitely had its uses, but truth be told he would always be glad for Crowned Clown. As if responding to his wishes, Allen was more than surprised to see the old, white arm appear in a burst of green and reach out for the cat. Allen skidded to a stop, ignoring the bats whirling around him as he stared dumbly at the cat in his oversized hand.

A brown haired woman with glasses and a policewoman's cap on her head was staring at him, as well as a fat man also uniformed as a policeman. Allen recognized her: one officer Moore.

A single pat to get the cat to spit out Timcampy was done unconsciously, off of years of experience, as Allen stared in mute shock at the kindly officer he had once saved. If she was here, and he was in these clothes, and things were that much bigger, and his old Innocence was back… Didn't that mean… Didn't that mean…?

"You have got to be shitting me," he mumbled as he collapsed to the floor gracelessly. He stared at his Innocence in shock. "A Level Two really…?" A mad laugh bubbled past his lips, the sound strange coming from his younger body.

"I'm in the past…"


It was a nice dream. Aliester Crowley had them often. Eliade, not dead, alive and serving him again at the Crowley Castle. It always brought a smile to his face (and he had heard from the others that he would mutter her name aloud when he slept). Currently, the beautiful, blond woman was in his arms as they stared out one of the large windows.

He could smell the Akuma in her now, and that was unfortunate, but to know that it was her's only made it strangely intoxicating. He wanted to taste her blood - not drain it - and he wanted to have her. It was his dream, he should be allowed to do what he wanted when he dreamed.

With a deep breath through his nose, taking in as much of her scent as he could, he began kissing her exposed neck. He loved it, to feel her sweet blood running just beneath that thin layer of skin and so agonizingly resisting it. He loved the way she brought a hand around and ran it through his thick hair. She didn't hate him; even knowing what he was she still chose to stay near him and he loved her more for that.

The familiar shiver of fear, that he had always thought was pleasure (in fact it could be both), ran through her. Eliade had her eyes closed as she finally whispered to him, "Let's live together forever, Master Aliester."

She had said it before, back when she had been alive, and he had never known what she meant until it was too late. "I would have, Eliade. If I had known, I would have," he muttered back to her between kisses.

The hand moved and lifted his chin so that he was looking at her. He could see confusion in her brown eyes, and that was unusual for his dreams. "What do you mean? If you had known what?"

This had the potential to turning into a nightmare fast. A wrong word would result in her suddenly turning into her true Akuma form and him unwillingly killing her again. He tried to avert that the only way he knew he could. He kissed her on the lips before saying, "I love you, Eliade, and I will no matter what."

She stared at him for a moment longer before giving him that smile he missed so much and kissed him. His heart soared.

However, in their secret moment of passion, something itched at the back of Crowley's mind - memories of the present, of the world outside this wonderful dream. He and the others had been fighting the Earl, perhaps even winning from what he saw, when one of the countless Level Ones that were there had leveled up…

Crowley barely caught sight of the transformation as he wildly fought off the Level Three and Four simultaneously. Those damn death beams already rotted three holes into him, and he had no time to worry about something as minuscule as a Level Two.

"I must get rid of the Exorcists…"

A white light building off to the side was the least of Crowley's worries, preoccupied as he was. As it grew larger and larger, however, it became harder and harder to ignore. He hoped one of the others finished it off soon.

The sound of the Millennium Earl chuckling unnerved him.

"The Exorcists must be gone…"

By the time he bought himself enough time to look, however, it was too late. Even his opponents, along with the countless others in the endless span of this separate dimension, stopped to look curiously at this Level Two of all things. Crowley's black and gold eyes widened.


Five Exorcists, five orbs. Allen's power couldn't stop it. Four Exorcists, four orbs. Lenalee's speed couldn't escape it. Three Exorcists, three orbs. Lavi's hammer couldn't touch it. Two Exorcists, two orbs. Not even Miranda - Exorcist of Time - could alter it. One Exorcist, one orb. Crowley was helpless to the innocent, white light.

And from there, Crowley had awoken back at his castle. However, he was sure he was actually asleep currently. Surely the Akuma hadn't actually…

With a sinking suspicion, the vampire Exorcist subtly dug his fingernail into his wrist. The pain shocked him through the kiss, and he went ridged. Eliade noticed.

"Is something wrong, Master Aliester?" She truly did look concerned. She truly did look alive. She truly did look… wonderful.

He knew now. For all the wonderful things in the world, he knew now, and the love of his life really was in his arms once again. He knew, but he wouldn't tell her now. For now, he would enjoy this. He swept her into a breathtaking kiss that left even the Akuma with a dreamy expression. She melted in his arms.

He knew, but it would be a time before he tried to explain to her that he did. He didn't want… He didn't want to waste this second chance.


Lavi had connected the dots the moment he woke up, the most obvious of which was the fact that Bookman was currently alive and sitting in the boat across from him. He didn't have his Innocence currently - or yet, he reminded himself - but he knew he would soon. He would tell Bookman soon as well, but for now that would be his own secret. The decision to give up the bookman lifestyle had been a long, drawn-out argument between the two of them, and it had only just been resolved when Bookman was finally slain. He didn't want to go through that again anytime soon, but he would for the sake of his friends.

For now, the green haired Exorcist inside the castle occupied his thoughts. The Bookman could only guess what that smile on his face meant. However, one other woman slipped her way in, and she wasn't even human. A modified Akuma, one of the only ones he met, he had been unable to save, yet she had given her life up for him.

Maybe… Maybe this time, he could- It was wistful thinking, but already he was reviewing the situation in Japan carefully and ways to keep Chomesuke safe this time around.


Lenalee waited anxiously for the supposed 'new Exorcists' that were on the way. For all her excitement and joy at seeing so many of her family back alive, the biggest of course being Komui's always smiling face, the one she wanted to see the most was the one who hadn't died.

Through her earlier tears of joy, she had choke backed her story on what happened in fear of it just being some nice dream. With the daily passing of life, she had given into her hope and allowed the joy of actually being back in the past. Several had come asking why she was crying as she went from hall to hall and visited everyone she could, but she only shook her head and beamed her most brilliant smile. None were willing to pressure her beyond that.

Now, hours later, she had been asked by Komui - for the second time, she giggled - to meet two new arriving Exorcists. She remembered her first meeting with Lavi and Bookman clearly and judged this to be the day.

Knowing what had happened with the Level Two, she could only hope that he had been sent back as well. Lavi was an old flame of sorts, and the two had held close bonds even afterwards. It would be a relief to meet someone who was more than a familiar face, as she had done all day.

She smiled as she heard the first sounds of a boat rowing its way towards the entrance.


Miranda cried as she beat her grandfather clock with her fists. She was stuck back in the rewinding town with her uncontrollable Innocence and not at all pleased. She had no idea how to extract the Innocence from the clock and turn it back into her anti-Akuma weapon. All she could do was wait and hope that Allen and Lenalee or someone else came to help her out again.

As she finally slid to the floor and leaned against the clock with an irritated sigh, Miranda briefly wondered if Allen's wife would help her out. Rhode, while still frighteningly sadistic and almost killing her more than once, turned out to be an adorable little child once Allen straightened her out… If it could be called that. The closer Rhode and Miranda become, the more Rhode wanted to 'play' with her.

Suddenly, Miranda's eyes flew open and she jumped to her feet, hands on her cheeks in horror. The Level Two had said 'Exorcists." That meant Rhode, a Noah, was back to her original self and was coming here. Without her Innocence properly chained as an equip-type, Miranda would be as helpless as a babe.

She began crying again.

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