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CHAPTER 1: Return of the Beast

Pyrus and Zera were positively bored. They sat silently on board the Aurora, absolutely nothing for them to amuse themselves with. There hadn't been any sign of the beast in weeks since Sternum had teleported it away, this was a completely unexpected turn around for the Alliance and it left them with nothing to do but rebuild everything they had lost. They had watched disappointedly as Cryos, Graveheart boarded a Bladewing and set off toward planet rock to visit Jade, leaving them behind to watch over planet Ice from the Aurora. Femur and Sternum were on planet Bone doing god only knows what while Tekla, Voxx and Zuma remained on planet Ice to relax and get away from politics for a while Zera sighed heavily, they had already done everything they could think of for fun, even insulting each other to death as they usually did. The only thing left to do was exactly what they were doing now, staring into space. The only time either of them said something was when they were calling one of the servants for a drink refill.

There was a loud slurping sound from next to her and she sighed again. "Honestly Pyrus, you know that annoys the hell out of me. Why do you insist on doing it?"

Pyrus turned his head slightly toward Zera and slurped again. Zera's antennae flattened against her head and Pyrus laughed, "I do it for exactly that reason!"

"That is extremely out of character for you Pyrus." Zera shook her head slowly.

"Hey, someone has to find something for us to do around here. Annoying you is the best I've come up with so far." Pyrus ducked as Zera threw a punch at him, "awe, c'mon, I'm so bored and I've even run out of things to argue with you about, we have to find something to do soon."

Zera sat back in her seat and rested her chin in her hand, "For once, Lava head, I must agree with you." She shook her head in disbelief at the words that had just escaped her mouth, "should we go for a walk then? See if we can find something to do?" she stood up in front of Pyrus with one hand on her hip.

Pyrus shook his head, "I've been sitting still for so long now I don't think I'll ever regain the energy to stand let alone walk." Zera merely looked down at the lethargic Prince and shook her head again.

As Zera sat back down in her seat, an alarm sounded from behind her. "What's going on?" she asked in a hopeful sort of way. Maybe they were being attacked again or maybe they were on a collision course. Normally these thoughts would have been terrifying to the young Prince and Princess but today, even these events would be exciting.

"Our scanners appear to have picked up on the presence of a planet or asteroid ahead of us," a technician replied, "It is in a position that is potentially dangerous to the cluster. What would you have us do?"

Zera stood dumbfounded; she had never been asked to make a decision like this before. She knew avoiding a collision was vital but she just couldn't find the confidence to answer as her father would. Pyrus saw that her brain had sort of frozen and took charge in stead, "open a communications line with Queen Jade on planet Rock, we have to warn the rest of the alliance about the obstacle so that they can prevent a collision." The technician nodded and obliged. Soon Jade's palace swarmed into view upon the communications screen with Jade herself in the center. On either side of her, Graveheart and Cryos could be seen sitting comfortably with their hands folded on the table.

"Yes?" Jade answered the call with a tone of great annoyance in her voice. Pyrus and Zera immediately knew they had caught them in the middle of something Jade considered important but they could not figure out what it was.

"Forgive us for the interruption Jade but we have a matter of great importance which we need to discuss immediately." Zera announced.

Cryos looked panicked and immediately spoke up, "Zera, Did something happen? Are you and Pyrus alright?" Jade put a hand on the Ice King's back to calm him and he regained his composure.

"We're fine father, really. We have however picked up scans of an obstacle ahead of us that looks to be an asteroid or possibly a planet." Zera reported.

"We thought the rest of the alliance should know right away so that we can change course and ensure there are no collisions." Pyrus finished.

Jade nodded her head, "I will send word to planets Bone and Ice immediately to change course. Thank you for your warning." She was about to end the call when there was a sudden jolt aboard the Aurora and everyone on board was flung forward. Zera and Pyrus smacked their heads together, earning a shriek from Zera from both the impact and contact with the being of fire.

"Is everyone alright?" Graveheart spoke up.

"Well, I'm okay. Princess Zera looks a little beaten though." Pyrus chuckled, staring at the place on the floor where Zera had fallen. Zera merely glared up at him with her arms crossed as though it was his fault that this had happened. "We seem to have taken a bit of a hit as well," he continued, looking down at a screen to read damage reports, "the Aurora's shields are only working at fifty percent. What could have hit us hard enough to cause such damage?"

As if on queue, a swarm of ships passed by the Aurora. Everyone immediately recognized them. "Beast Drones!" both Pyrus and Zera yelled.

"What?" Graveheart practically jumped out of his seat, "You can't be serious!" Jade and Cryos looked too stunned to move.

The fire from the beast ships once again began to rain down upon them. "How in the blazes did they find us?" Pyrus wondered aloud.

"Who cares? Let's just get rid of them before they destroy us!" Zera panicked. The ships weapons were immediately brought online and Pyrus took a position at one of the controls. "Finally, some action!" Pyrus cried out. Zera shook her head at him and set to work on the scanners, looking for any sign of the rest of the Beast Armada.

The Aurora's weapons locked in on the Beast drones nearby and one by one, they were destroyed. "By the Glacier!" Cryos muttered from his place beside Jade, "Does this mean the Beast planet has caught up to us again?"

"Perhaps that mystery object ahead of us is the Beast planet?" Jade suggested.

"No, it's not." Zera reported, "I have found it on the sensors coming up from behind us again."

"All the same, we should still check out the obstacle in front of us to see if it does support life. If so, we have to warn them about the coming of the Beast." Graveheart stated.

"Agreed." Replied Jade and Cryos, Pyrus and Zera nodded in agreement.

"Well," began Zera, "I guess I'd better contact Tekla to ask her if she can confirm if it is in fact a planet and if it does have life on it. I'll tell her to change course of planet Ice while I'm at it." Her father nodded his head in approval and Zera ended the call and began a connection with planet Ice.

"I'm going to go for a walk around the ship now." Pyrus stated.

"Oh, now you want to walk!" Zera snapped at him inn a playful way, "too good to walk with me?"

"Yes." Pyrus replied, a huge grin plastered to his face. He ran out of the room before Zera had the chance to throw something at him.

Zera turn back to the communication screen and Tekla answered the call a few moments later, Voxx floating just behind her and Zuma meditating in the background. "Zera, hello, how are you?" Tekla greeted her.

"Not so great I'm afraid. I have some bad news," Zera sighed, "it seems that once again the Beast planet is on our tails." Tekla looked sick as soon as she heard the word 'Beast' and shut her eyes tightly. Zuma stopped meditating and slowly walked over to join Tekla at the screen.

"How is that possible? We teleported it along with the prison planet only weeks ago. How is it that is has found us and caught up again?" Tekla sounded sickly and looked as though she was about to cry.

"Obviously it was not teleported far enough away. There isn't much we can do but try to outrun it again." Zera replied, "There is also something blocking the path of our planets up ahead that we need to steer clear of. It looks as though it's another planet. We were wondering if you could scan it for life and to see if it has world engines like ours."

Tekla sat down in the seat closest to her and began to press buttons, bringing up images on a screen. "The planet is supporting life, I have also found world engines but it is surrounded by magma. The only way to access it safely is via telepod."

"We'd better call a meeting for all of the planet leaders then. I'll call father back and see if he can arrange for Femur and Sternum to meet us on planet Rock. Thank you Tekla." And with that, Zera ended the call and set out to find Pyrus and tell him the news.


"AGAIN?" Femur had just learned of the Beast planet's return, "How did this happen? I thought the big Beasty was transported to another part of the universe!"

"So did us Toad, just sit down and shut up." Jade grumbled. She had been in the same room as Femur for only a few minutes now and already she was irritated. Zera was so sick of this that she had completely spaced off and was in her own little world.

"The planet was teleported away Femur but somehow they've found us again. We have to find a way to ensure our safety and attempt to save the people on the planet we've recently found." Graveheart stated.

"Why should we care what happens to that mud ball?" Femur complained, leaning back inn his chair.

"Well how would you like it if we left you and your people to face the Beast alone? We don't even know how advanced the technology on this planet is, they may have something we can use to defend ourselves against the Beast." Cryos replied, clearly annoyed with Femur already. Sternum rolled his eyes at how careless his brother could be at times before speaking.

"I suggest we try to open a communications line with the leaders of this planet to see exactly what sort of beings we are dealing with here. We don't want to try to land on the planet and get shot out of the skies." The other monarchs nodded in agreement.

Tekla moved to the communications screen over on the other side of the room, closely followed by Graveheart and Cryos. "I looked earlier for some form of communications device that we would be able to contact the people of this planet on. There is only one frequency the same as one of ours but I do not know if it will contact the leaders."

"It's worth a shot" Graveheart said quietly from behind her. Tekla pressed a final button to begin the call and after a few moments a tall man appeared on the screen. He had a similar sort of appearance to the people of planet rock although made of something softer looking and his hair was more like fur. He was wearing a black suit and dark glasses.

"Who is this?" he asked in a deep, menacing voice, "what do you want?"

Cryos stepped forward "I am King Cryos, ruler of planet Ice. I wish to speak to your planet leader; it is a matter of great importance."

The man on the screen chuckled a little, "Oh man, that's the best one I've heard since I took this crummy job. Look sir, we don't take kindly to prank calls here alright? Heh, planet Ice…" he cut the call.

Tekla, Graveheart and Cryos all walk back to where they had been sitting earlier. Once everyone was seated again, Pyrus spoke up, "So, does this mean we get to go on a scouting mission?" Zera sprang back to life at that moment with a look of hope and excitement on her face. Graveheart nodded, "We'll have to find someone who will believe us and let us save their planet." Pyrus and Zera grinned at each other for a moment. The boredom was finally over.


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