I woke up from a nightmare and I was sweating. I shouldn't have watched the horror movie. I groaned and I went back to my sleepy slumber when I smelled the scent of vampires. It was fresh. And it was the same scent that I caught when I was hunting after my first day of school. The scent that I have been curious, the scent that's always going around my nose for the past months.

It's here.

I didn't know if I should stay in my room and locked the door and hide. But I was so curious about this scent for months. My curiosity got the best of me and I went down to the stairs, with my pajama's on. Then I remembered my mother.

"Mom?" I called, well, hissed. I heard someone took a deep breath and goosebumps rising on my arms again. Then I saw the vampires, the golden eyed vampires.

Also known as my classmates.

What the hell?

Then I heard a gasp. Shit, shit, shit, shit. Please don't let it be Mom.

"Bella?" Alice asked.

WTF? They lost me there.