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Summary : When Private Investigator Danny Phantom started his career he had never intended for things to spiral so far out of control. Who knew having an investor could be this difficult? An AU Vlad/Danny fic by Neross

"I didn't ask for all this y'know. I wanted to be an astronaut. But NO! I had to get ghost powers. In what sick world does THAT make sense?" Danny ground out, gritting his teeth as he held out against the onslaught of power being tossed his way by one particularly upset spirit. Dressed for his job in a stylish white vest and black dress-shirt with matching white pants and shoes. His black fedora, something his secretary Tucker insisted he wear had long been tossed to the side as it impeded his vision and, to be quite frank, at this moment he REALLY needed to see.

What with meat flying at him from all directions. His stylish loafers, something he'd actually splurged on, scuffed as he dodged around the side of the table he was hiding behind to shoot a blast of ecto-energy at what could only be described as a mass of meat. Although, true, it had been a kindly looking little old lady a minute ago Danny was no longer considering taking it easy on her. Not with her screaming at him about somebody changing the menu or something along those lines. And certainly not with shish-kabob lodging itself in the wall just inches from his nice brand new $250 dollar shoes. Damnit he was NOT losing another pair of shoes due to haphazard flying meat.

Doing a roll Danny burst from the side of the table, his ghostly white hair whipping around his face as he used the surprise of the moment to take aim and fire away at the lunch lady gone monster mystery meat surprise. One, two, three hits, and there went the arms, legs, and torso of the beast. And, without waiting for her to recover Danny quickly pulled out his ace. A soup thermos that he knew captured ghosts within it's confines and held them there until he could figure out just what was to be done about them.

Quick as lighting the possessed meat disappeared within the vacuum of the thermos and with a snap the private investigator sealed the lid shut tight. With a sigh of relief Danny let himself slide down the wall of the old abandoned high-school. a tiny cloud of dust rising as his butt collided with the floor. Running a hand through his hair which changed from white to black in the blink of an eye the 23 year old man stared up at the ceiling blankly, feeling exhausted.

And to think. This was his first real job. Ha! The words of his sister ran through his head and nearly made him let out a laugh. ' The first case is always the hardest. It'll get better.'.

"Somehow I get the feeling that's not the case in this line of work..." he muttered, staring at the thermos in his hand, feeling with a certain kind of dread that he knew this would probably be one of his easier commissions.

Danny, his outfit returned to it's normal scheme, black vest, white shirt, black shoes....white hat, stumbled back into his office his tan over-coat slung over his shoulder. His feet feeling like lead, his new-found weight of responsibility feeling even heavier. And it was at that moment when his best friend and secretary bounded into view. Bright red suspenders flashing, dark pin-stripe pants hitched up high, a bright red beret nearly flying off his head Tucker Foley looked excited and eager. The exact opposite of how Danny was feeling at that exact moment.

"So how was it?!" Tucker asked readjusting his hat and tapping his foot impatiently, his shoes a twin pair of Danny's own.

Danny couldn't help himself he smirked and took an extra amount of time hanging up his hat and coat in the closet conveniently located next to the front door of his office. "How was what?" he asked, feigning stupidity. He knew Tucker wasn't going to fall for it. And he knew it was stupid and sort of cliche' but somewhere in the back of his head he really just wanted to put off talking about it. Still he wasn't surprised to find Tucker glaring at him when he turned around, his arms crossed over his chest actually making his nerdy frame look slightly more buff, mostly due to his rolled up sleeves than anything else.

Danny rolled his eyes and shoved his hands into his pockets assuming a rather irritated sort of posture. "It went like hell that's how it went. That 'sweet little ghost who just sort of floats here and there? ' She goes ballistic and tries to kill me with meat. Meat! Like I'm a vegetarian or something. Took me thirty minutes to take her out. THIRTY MINUTES. And you know what I had to put up with during that stretch of time?" And at this Danny hitched up his voice and made himself look as much like a bloated pile of meat as possible.

" 'SOMEbody changed the MENU. It's SUPPOSED to be MEATLOAF DAY. The MENU'S been the same for FIFTY YEARS. The MENU this...the MENU that.' " And with that Danny handed Tucker the occupied Thermos and shuffled off toward the stairs toward his meeting room and nice comfy arm-chair in his dad's old off-center. As he did he called back instructions over his shoulder. "Make sure you put that somewhere safe. Preferably somewhere where I won't have to see it. And not anywhere near the fridge." he added a bit more nasty than he meant.

Tucker followed him, a wry grin on his lips despite his friend and employer's attitude. "Hey cheer up dude, the first job's always the hardest. And you did manage to catch her I'm sure that'll be good news for my paycheck. And if that's not enough to burst your oh-so-surly mood..." and this last part he added with a wicked sort of snicker. "Your GIRLfriend's waiting for you upstairs. The RICH one with the pigtails and the awesome as-"

"Sam is NOT my girlfriend Tucker. She's my lawyer. And I'm pretty sure that if you finish that sentence she'll slap you with a sexual harassment lawsuit fast enough to make your head spin. " Danny interrupted, blushing slightly despite himself. It was true that he had been attracted to Sam once upon a time. When he was young and still so hopeful of achieving his dreams. But that had all ended after he'd gotten his powers.

Thank God he'd had his parents there for support. He still didn't know what he would have done if they hadn't been there to help him gain control of his abilities and make them work FOR him instead of against him. They'd even let him take over they're old lab and home and turn it into his home/office after they'd gotten that grant from Harvard and had moved out East. Any other support he'd gotten from Tucker and Sam, and of course his ever insightful sister but it didn't make things easier.

He'd had to give up his dream on being an astronaut, since other priorities had risen after his powers had developed. So he'd gotten his license as a private investigator instead. And Tucker and Sam, forever loyal, had done they're part to help him. Tucker, with his uncompromised computer and tech skills and Sam with her legal know-how. However, Danny couldn't help but feel as if he'd been robbed of his dream and thus had somehow robbed his friends of theirs.

He abandoned the thought however and turned back to Tucker with curiosity. "So what'd Sam come down for? Wasn't she supposed to be working on that case in Oregon with her firm?"

Tucker merely grinned and shrugged. "Brought somebody back with her. Figured it must've been another job. Looks like something good too. Guy was dressed like money."

Danny gave Tucker a sort of reproachful glance before shaking his head and bounding up the rest of the stairs. Leaving Tucker behind to take care of the newly acquired ghost. To his surprise Tucker had been telling the truth it wasn't just Sam's voice coming through the door but the soft baritone of a man as well. Curiosity getting the better of him Danny stood before the door as silent as a specter and merely listened in to what the two were saying.

"It is quite a generous offer."

"Of course it is. You will be accepting it won't you? I'd be deeply surprised...and disappointed if you didn't."

"Well, as generous as it is I still have to ask for Danny's permission first."

Danny blinked, he wasn't quite sure what they were talking about, but it sounded deeply suspicious. Of course that was probably his paranoia talking.

"Yes, yes. I wouldn't dream of proceeding without Mr. Fenton's full consent. You still haven't told me when I will be meeting the young detective by the way Ms. Manson."

"I'm sure he'll be back soon. I've spoken to his assistant Tucker and it seems that Danny was away on a job at the moment. He should be returning soon though."

"Well I hope so. I do hate to be kept waiting. And I am VERY intent on seeing this ...venture of mine...come to fruition."

For some reason that very intent behind the man's voice sent a shiver down Danny's spine. Shaking it off and composing himself as casually as he could he rolled his shoulders and took a knock at the door. The conversation stopped and Sam's clear voice rang out cheerily from behind the tinted glass. "Come in!"

Danny opened the door to his office space and found himself staring almost blankly. The man whom Sam had been talking to was gorgeous. He didn't know why that was what struck him first about the man but several other words quickly spiked into his head to describe him. Rich, powerful, mysterious, and dangerous. He didn't know why the last one popped into his head either but he was sure it was true. The man was dressed from head to foot in a stylish black suit that greatly accentuated his tall lean frame. Clean-cut white hair was pulled back into a long ponytail over his shoulder and Danny found himself staring into a set of commanding steel-blue eyes.

Shaking off the frozen moment took only one second longer to register that said man was leaning against his desk with all the authority in the world and held a elegant black cane in his hands, despite the fact that he couldn't have been older than his least by his looks.

Thankfully Sam saved him any embarrassing questions or introductions by introducing the man leaning on his desk. HIS by the way, though the man was acting as if it and everything in the room really belonged to HIM.

"Danny. This is Vlad Masters. "

THAT snapped Danny out of it, he whipped around to stare at Sam, his expression a sort of shocked serious. "The billionaire? You're joking." Danny couldn't help the slight smirk that wormed it's way up to his lips. THE Vlad Masters here? In his small pathetic office? Yeah right. What a laugh.

"Most fortunately for you Daniel your lovely friend is, in fact, telling the truth. I am THE Vlad Masters. Billionaire extraordinaire and entrepreneur, come here to your...quaint....little office to offer you a deal." The man spoke, a wry grin of his own spreading quickly across his features. Though, when he did it, it gave Danny the chills.

Danny stared blankly at him for a moment before at last taking a couple steps toward the other man. Regarding him for a moment before at last resigning to this one lone, sad, fact and tucked his hands into his pockets as he posed his next question calmly and rather in a voice he reserved when working with clients. "What sort of deal may I ask Mr. Masters."

Vlad grinned, pointed canines flashing as he stood from his leaning position upon Danny's desk, showing that he was actually a bit taller that Danny and, much to Danny's chagrin, a bit broader of chest. "Oh please Daniel. We're both grown men may call me Vlad. "

Danny bristled, he couldn't help it, it felt very much like he was being challenged. "Alright...Vlad. What sort of deal are you offering me?" Danny asked again, his tone a bit more brisk as his gut began to tell him something was a bit off about this billionaire.

Vlad ignored the tone in Danny's voice and merely walked over to him and placed a hand upon his shoulder steering Danny toward one of the many windows which surrounded the odd off-center turned office. Sam, not one to be left out followed, although surely only to listen in Danny knew that if asked later Sam would say she did to make sure Danny didn't say something stupid that could have ruined the whole thing.

"My dear boy...I have always loved the town of Amity Park. And over the years of living here and there I have come to deeply miss my old home town. But more importantly I have come to miss the history that surrounds our dear home. And by that of course...I mean it's more sordid history. " At this the older man turned toward Danny with an odd sort of gleam in his eye and Danny found himself feeling uncomfortably close to this mysterious man who so suddenly dropped into his life.

"Forgive me for asking...but what does all this have to do with me and my business?" Danny asked, trying to steer the conversation back to a place that felt comfortable.

Vlad merely seemed amused, "Why everything my dear boy. Your whole industry is based on Amity Park's own dark history. A detective like you Daniel is unique. Specializing in the super natural and most importantly...GHOSTS. The lost souls of Amity Park citizens long since gone from the world. Just think of all the history you could learn. All the stories of murder, love, betrayal, and inquiry. I find myself romanced by the idea of it my dear boy. So much so..." he added this last so quietly that Danny had no option but to lean in to hear it and the odd sort of energy that Vlad had worked up in his little speech was really sending shock-waves of suspicion down the half-ghost's spine.

It sounded like Vlad was a little TOO interested in ghosts. And not the way his parents were obsessed. No...they way he talked about them it was almost as if he were talking about his family, loving and hateful at the same time and filled with a burning sort of desire that had Danny's hair standing on end. And then at last Vlad leaned in and whispered the last of his sentence into Danny's ear, tearing him from his thoughts.

"So much so Daniel...that I'd be more than willing to fund this little enterprise of yours for long as you grant me full access to any and ALL spirits that you keep here within your building."

Danny gingerly pulled himself away, unable to shake the feeling that he was being played with, like a bird lured in by the eyes of a snake. A cold chill had worked it's way into his body and now all he wanted was to find the quickest way to boot this man from his office. Unfortunately, in Daniel's panic-addled brain, he could only think of agreeing to Vlad's request to get him out of there.

So, probably despite himself, Danny, looking a bit out of sorts...feeling even more so, nodded at first and then cleared his throat and said to the room at large. "Your deal is very generous Mr. Masters."

"Vlad." the flaxen-haired man reminded him, looking like a cat who'd just drunk a whole tub of cream. "And I should say it is. So why hesitate my dear Daniel. Ms. Manson and I have already drawn up all the paperwork...all we need is your signature." Vlad gestured to Sam but his eyes remained fixed upon Danny's, something which unnerved the private investigator even further.

"I...I uh..." Danny stuttered his brain faltering, fighting the idea of agreeing to this deal,(which sounded just a bit sinister when Vlad said it),despite the deep feeling that he had no choice but to agree. "I'm just not sure-"

"But of course you are my boy!" Vlad interrupted, a little TOO cheerfully, quickly handing him a clipboard with a neat little form attached to it where a neat little 'x' at the bottom urged him to sign even though his heart and gut told him it was wrong. "Just sign at the bottom and both our problems will be solved!" Vlad urged, his voice sounding just a bit breathless and all too eager.

As if compelled Danny's free hand hung open as if waiting for a pen, and suddenly one was there, though he had no idea how it had gotten there. And even though he lowered it to the paper his hand shook in indecision. "Sign it." Someone whispered furiously. And then, as if possessed, Danny's hand swept across the paper and there it was. His name for all to see in curvy and slightly thin cursive writing.

And just as quickly the paper was gone and Vlad was exclaiming. "Excellent! Well my dear boy it seems that we shall be seeing quite a good deal of one another from now on. I do hope you treat me kindly." And Vlad held out a hand for Danny to shake.

Danny stared at him for a moment. First his cold steel-blue eyes, and then at that hand before nervously he took it in his own and found the grip to be strong and possessive. "I hope to be calling upon you soon I expect. But for now I think I shall leave you to celebrate your good fortune as I will mine. Come along Ms. Manson." And with that Vlad swept out of Danny's office, pulling a reluctant Sam along with him as he went. Leaving Danny feeling flustered and rather as if he'd suddenly and violently been hit.

Danny stood there for a long while until at last he went to his window and crushed his forehead against the glass and muttered out in a shaky voice which contained a slight hint of fear and more than a bit of frustration. "Why do I feel as if I just sold my soul to the devil?"

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