Hi all! This is my first attempt for AizenxGin. I know this story sounds lame, but I just can't take my mind from this. I have never seen a femaleGin fic around here so I decided to make one on my own. This chapter is just an experiment chapter, I may continue this story if people like it. This story basically based with so many 'what if's. The first 'what if' is what if Gin didn't betray Soul Society but instead was betrayed by Aizen as well?

Time setting: Soul Society Arc.

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Chapter 1

Gin's POV

Well, those ryoka really got into soutaicho's nerve I guess. Just see how he looked. He was sooo furious. This room felt so tense but I kept my smile on, though Izuru told me that smile kinda creepy to see especially for a lady like me.

I shot a glance to unohana-taicho who stared back at me. She stared at me with her warm yet serious gaze. Hell, this room was really tense; every one tensed even Kyouraku-taicho. I just want this captain meeting over as soon as possible so I and my lover, Sousuke could have nice dinner together. Is that too much to ask?

Besides, I have something important to tell him. The thought of the important thing made me blush slightly so I lowered my head. Even a sheer blush would be so visible on my pale skin. I don't want to take a risk of Soutaicho catching my blush. What do you think he would think? Blush in a tense and important meeting about the ruckus and Soul Society being in a threat?

"That is, all squads make a move over this disarray. Those ryoka preferably be caught before Kuchiki Rukia execution."

We all, the captains, just stood still and didn't make any noise which was translated as 'understood'. The order was echoing in this big and plain room. And not long after that, soutaicho dismissed us. Hmm, I don't think I can have a nice dinner tonight.

Normal POV

"Naa, soutaicho is really furious, isn't he?" Gin whined as she tucked her hands into the sleeve of her kimono. The moon light reflected beautifully from her short silver hair. "He's scary."

"It can't be helped, this is the first time some ryoka invading Soul Society and causing so much uproar. Even Zaraki-taicho has been defeated by one of them." Ukitake said.

"Those ryoka, they are thougher than what we've thought in the beginning." Hitsugaya said as he folded his arms. "Even Zaraki…" he trailed.

Kuchiki Byakuya was staring off into the distance as he heard the conversation of his fellow captains. The hilt of his zanpakutou touched his arm. He never thought that boy; Kurosaki Ichigo would follow them to Soul Society. He wondered how could he gain shinigami power? And what a crazy mind of him to penetrate Soul Society. Who did he think he deal with?

"Kuchiki-taicho!" Byakuya snapped out form his thought as one of his subordinates called him. "A-Abarai-fukutaicho, he escaped!"

Byakuya narrowed his eyes before turned to the other captains. "I have something to do, so if you don't mind." He said as he began walking by.

One by one, the captains left the squad one building. Gin was walking to her squad building when a hand took her hand gently. She turned back to the person who was holding her. "Aizen-taicho?" she tilted her head.

Aizen smiled warmly to her. But then he was serious. "Gin, please be careful."

"Nani?" she raised her eyebrows.

"Things just get dangerous." He said.

Gin chuckled. "Sousuke," she whispered. "Ima taicho, I can defend myself." She said softly.


"Are ya implyin' that I'm weak?" Gin pouted playfully before circling her hands to Aizen's neck.

Aizen sighed. "But please, stay in your squad building."

Gin opened her slit eyes a bit. She observed the expression over Aizen's face, pure worry. She smiled before saying "Hai!"

Aizen seemed pleased with the answer. He leaned down and captured Gin's lips softly before parting away. They then walked together to their respective squads.

The next day

08.18 am

Soul Society


Hinamori's voice rang all over Soul Society and caught mostly shinigami's attention. Especially the lieutenants who were ready for their meeting. They rushed out from the meeting room to where Hinamori's voice came. Matsumoto, Kira, Iba, and Hisagi spotted Hinamori who was on the floor with tears downpoured freely. Her eyes fixed to one spot. They gasped as they looked to where Hinamori's gaze fixed onto. Matsumoto put her hand over her mouth and her eyes wide open.

At the wall, there was Aizen's body. The zanpakutou stuck right into his chest. His eyes were dull, no life emitted from them. No more warm gaze from them.

"Aizen-taicho…" Matsumoto whispered. One thing came in her mind, her childhood friend. How would Gin react with this?

"Hinamori." Kira called her softly, tried to give her some sense back. But the innocent girl was so lost in her thought and despair. Her taicho, her so admired taicho was sticking up with a zanpakutou right in front of her eyes.

"What a commotion here?" Ichimaru walked slowly to where the lieutenants were. Hisagi and Iba were startled by her sudden presence, they didn't even notice her reiatsu, or maybe they were too drowning with the chaotic situation.

"I-Ichimaru-taicho." Hisagi stuttered. The relationship between Aizen and Gin was no longer a secret. All shinigami in Soul Society had known their affair.

"Izuru, wha' happen ta Hinamori?" She walked to Izuru. But then she stopped mid track. She lifted her head to the sight she never would want to see. The usual slit eyes were now wide open, revealed the gorgeous red orbs.

"Taicho." Kira called with concern in his voice. He couldn't predict what would happen.

"That…" she trailed hopelessly. Gin could fell all blood in her body drowned. She wanted to avert her gaze from the horrible sight of Aizen's dead body but she just couldn't. She felt dizzy, and the world began to spin.

Just in time Kira flash stepped behind her, she fainted.


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