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Gin stepped in hesitantly into the chamber. And before she knew, Starrk already closed the door behind her. The bastard of a lord of Hueco Mundo had something in his mind which needed to be loaded off to Gin. Aizen stared at her with that calm and unnerving gaze. But Gin was no one to be affected by that kind of gaze.

"It's been long time huh, Aizen-taicho." She said with mocking tone at the honorific she put after Aizen's name.

Aizen just smiled, that calmly mocking kind of smile. "Indeed, Gin." He replied.

"So, what is it?" She asked, subconsciously put her hands around her belly.

Aizen didn't miss the gesture. If he was an ordinary father would be, he would smile warmly to Gin's maternal instinct. But no, he was far from an ordinary father.

Aizen walked calmly to Gin while the woman put her stubborn smile on. Though inside she was screaming murder to run away. Aizen just then stood in front of Gin before reaching out to her.

Gin instinctively backed away from the touch. Aizen's smile widened at this. He looked amused in fact. And Gin hated that. But Aizen insisted reached out to her chin and leaned down swiftly to peck her lips. Gin was beyond surprised at this, but she managed to put a normal expression on her face.

"Few captains, and the subtitute shinigami are here, along with his friends." Aizen said.

Gin raised one of her eyebrows. She was washed with relief for a few seconds. "Isn't that good, Aizen-taicho?"

"Yes, of course. Just like what I've planned." he said with a triumph smile. Aizen then leaned down to her ear. "And you better do not go anywhere from this room. Trust me." He said before kissing her properly this time and then walked away to the door. Gin just stood there. She worked her brain to find any retort for his words but none came.

"Remember Gin," Aizen started as he reached the door knob. "Do not go out from this room." He said before giving Gin a brief warning by increasing his reiatsu pressure.

Gin hated her 'delicate' state which made her sweated by just the reiatsu pressure. She could stand against Aizen's reiatsu pressure without difficulties before. But now, she could feel the cold sweat dotted on her forehead.

"Are you okay?" Starrk asked as he looked to Gin's face. A bit paler.

"Oh, Starrk?" Gin startled, she thought that Aizen was still in the room. "Where is he?"

"He is somewhere." Starrk said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Oh, yeah." Gin mumbled before walking straight to her bed.

"Things will get dangerous from now on, so please stay here." Starrk said.

"Yes, I know. But at least let me have my Shinso back." Gin said as she stretched out her right hand to Starrk, waiting for Shinso. The woman was sitting by the edge of the bed.

Starrk raised his eyebrows at the hand. He stared up to Gin with critical eyes. "You know?"

Gin rolled her eyes before smirking. "Of course. How do you think I didn't freak out when I woke up for the first time in this place while missing my Shinso? That because I could feel his presence and he was and is right with you."

Starrk eyed him skeptically. He couldn't trust this tricky woman. What would happen if she gets her zanpakuto back? She would cause him so much trouble, with Aizen.

"Come on, it's not like I'm going to raise my sword to you." -Yeah. Starrk minded sarcastically.

"And it's not like I can stand a chance against you in a fight. I'm a delicate pregger and you are the powerful Primera Espada." Gin logically explained. She rubbed her stomach for effect. Starrk let out a defeated sigh before reaching inside his coat and taking out the sword.

Gin smiled sincerely as the sword back to her. The woman clutched it tightly. If things really got dangerous, at least she had her zanpakuto with her. Starrk minded.

"Don't give me any trouble, woman."

"Yeah, you can trust me." Gin teased with amused tone.

Oh, how Starrk regretted giving her the zanpakuto.


Gin could hear some booms here and there, now and then. But still she couldn't feel any reiatsu. Ichigo must be fighting outside. And his friends, must be Sado, and Ishida. And who would be the shinigami? Maybe Rukia-chan. But could she defeat these arrancars? They were strong.

Gin stared boredly to the walls. She wanted to go out and do something.

But she just waited there. Waited for something to happen. Because it seemed she got better surveillance than Orihime's. They wouldn't easily save her. But when needed, she would go all out to help them. Just wait.

(Another part of Hueco Mundo)

"Nii-sama, thank you for saving me." Rukia said as she bowed to Byakuya who was being healed by Hanatarou.

The adressed man just stayed silent. His mind was going somewhere. Where that damned woman? Why couldn't he sense her reiatsu? And what was Aizen's objective to capture her?


"Hai." Rukia answered immediately.

"Did you find Ichimaru?" He asked.

Rukia lowered her eyes. "No, I didn't. I'm sorry for my incompetence."

Byakuya looked away in deep thought. It was strange, something was off. When he entered Las Noches, he could easily pinpoint Rukia's whereabouts by tracking and sensing her reiatsu. But he couldn't feel any trace of Gin's reiatsu. She was a captain level shinigami. Her reiatsu should be more stood out than Rukia's in the first place.

"Ano, Nii-sama, May I go to the others? Maybe they need some assistance." Rukia asked.

"Sure." He nodded. He needed a lone time to think about this matter anyway.

(Back to Gin)

Gin was lying on her side in the bed. She rubbed her belly affectionately out of boredom. She stared at the wall with annoyance. Of only the damn walls were not reiatsu barriers, then she would definitely know who were there for her and Orihime. And maybe she could help too. The walls prevented her sensing and seeing the world around her. Her condition was making it worse, if only she didn't pregnant she would hesitate to go all out and break out from the room. But she was pregnant, she couldn't risk her life and the infant inside.

Gin raised her fingers to her lips. That kiss brought back so many sweet memories.


Gin's eyes snapped open. Did she hear right? Oh yeah, she heard that right because the dust and rubles were coming down around her. The last bang was right in her room. She coughed few times as the dust filled the room and made her sight blurred. She looked up and found a big hole in the wall.

"What the?" Gin minded as she waved her hand in front of her to make her view clear. Among the ruins was a shadow she knew very well. "Zaraki?"

The figure snapped at her voice before looked around. "Ichimaru?" His harsh voice reached her ears.

"What are you doing here?" Gin asked to the general direction of Zaraki's shadow.

"Saving your ass by order and having a good fight."

"Akh!" Gin yelped as she was scooped in all of sudden by none other than Zaraki Kenpachi. The man effortlessly threw her on his back and once again Gin yelped as she had to circle her arms around Zaraki's neck while the man jumped because of a powerful red cero fired to them.

"Dammit, don't you have any delicacy? I'm pregnant, retarded." Gin smiled mockingly while making sure she gave the other's neck a good choke.

"You should know that in the first place." Zaraki said as he stood on a big chunk of wall. Gin still clung to his back by his neck. She looked around. "So, this is Hueco Mundo? Nothing special than a dessert." She minded.

"Woah." Gin made an 'O' shaped mouth as she looked to the Zero arrancar. "Obnoxious." She commented out loud as the first word popped out in her mind. Zaraki snorted his agreement.

And then there was sakura petal like razors surround the arrancar. "Kuchiki?"

"Yeah, that damn snob always steals my fun." Zaraki growled as he dashed forward.

Gin screamed bloody curses in her mind for Zaraki. How could he expect her, with her belly, to cling to him all the time while he happily slaughtered whatever he saw fit? But fortunately she could manage.

"Put me down, now." Gin finally had enough as to really choke the battle crazed man. Gin could hear Zaraki mumbled some swears but she could careless. She then spotted Isane and Rukia together with unconscious Renji and Sado.

"Ichimaru-taicho!" They called.

"Yo." She greeted.

When Zaraki put her down Isane was already beside her and took her hand and measured her pulse with one hand and the other on her belly. Gin eyed the red head shinigami on the ground, who was firstly she assumed as unconscious, but in fact was sleeping.

"Yare yare, so you already found." Kurotsuchi said as he walked with them. Nemu was walking behind him obediently such a lost puppy.

Gin smiled playfully. "Just how much captains did Soutaicho send?"

"There were four, but Unohana-taicho has already come back to the real world for helping the other captains." Isane said.

"Real world?"

"Hai, where the real battle is happening now."

Gin cocked her head slightly. "Isane, can you elaborate me?"

Isane hesitantly put Gin's hand down. Her other hand still on Gin's belly. A bright green aura came out from her palm. "Aizen, Tousen, and three of powerful espada are there. The captains are there too, even Soutaicho presents."

"I see." Gin nodded her understanding.

Gin looked back to the battle scene in front of them. The two captains seemed more eager fighting each other than their real enemy. She was itching to join them, but no, thanks.

The obnoxious arrancar was faced down on the sand. And the two captains began their bickering again. Gin sneered, so typical for them both. Mayuri who was besides her was smiling wickedly such a mad man he was. But Zaraki and Byakuya was failed to notice that Yammy had raised his arm and fired a ball of bala to Gin and other's direction.

Gin, Mayuri, Nemu, Isane, and abruptly waken up Renji by a hard kick from Mayuri shunpo-ed away swiftly. Renji took Chad while Isane took Rukia since she still a bit exhausted.

Gin frowned, the last force she used for shunpo had shaken her body harshly. She felt something wrong with her. Her blood drained away fast leaving her much paler than usual. Gin panted as her head became dizzy and her vision blurred away. "What happen with me?" Gin asked herself as she lowered her head and closed her eyes. Her body felt weak and she could barely hold her stand. She gripped her belly as a pain went through her body originally form her stomach.

"Isane-fukutaicho." Gin heard Mayuri voice right beside her. A hand gripped her upper arm tightly. "She lost her baby. Take care of her."

End of Chapter 16

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