Cowboy Bebop flew at warp speed, barely holding together. Its crew hated being on it, since it could blow up at any time because they were too poor to fix it.

Faye was sad. And mad.

"No! It's not fair!" she said. "I owe a trillion dollars each to a trillion creditors! What am I going to do?"

"You could wake up and this all turn out to be a dream," said Jet Black.

"No, this is too lame and boring to be one of my dreams."

"Yo, Cowboy Bebop!"

Cowboy Bebop was at his computer. "What it is?" he said, as he crapped his pants.

"Are we our own genre yet?" said Jet.

Cowboy Bebop checked Google. "Not yet," he said.

Just then, Spike entered the room. He pointed at nothing in particular.

"Bang," he said, then he fell over.

"Not again!" said Jet.

"Yeah," said Faye, "that was cool about the first dozen times he did it. Now it's lame."

"Get your ass up, Spike!"

Spike got up. "I was just practicing for Cowboy Bebop's surpirse birthday party."

"A birthday party!?" said Cowboy Bebop.

"Thanks for blowing the surprise, dumbass!" yelled Jet.

Just then, Cowboy Bebop dropped out of warp speed. The ship, not the character.

"AOOOOOOOOOOGA!" sounded the alarm. "AOOOOOOOOOOGA!"

"Oh snap!" said Faye. "That's the Aooga Machine!"

"That only turns on when something bad is happening!" said Cowboy Bebop. The character, this time.

"Crap!" said Jet. "Did anyone remember to replace the engine's coolant?"

"The engine needs coolant?" said Spike.

"SHIT!" Jet rushed over to one of the engines. It was glowing red, and getting ready to blow up like a blowing-up thing. He managed to power down the engine, but it was heavily damaged, and it would be a while before they reached the next planet.

"Bang," said Spike, before falling over again.

"Seriously, stop that!" said Jet.

"Jet," said Cowboy Bebop, "why are we still hearing the Aooga Machine?"

"Oh, damn!"

Indeed, he'd forgotten about the other engine, and Cowboy Bebop (the ship) blew up.