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this is 5 years, into the future.
Alice never told Edward about the jump, and Edward never came back.

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Loves Enduring Promise.

"Bella?" Jacob's warm husky voice was almost ghastly to hear, right hear right now.

"Bella, I know it's a lot to take in." He reminded me, for the second time.

I just sat frozen clutching my pregnant stomach, everything had changed now.
I let go of my belly, and clenched the sides of the sofa, supporting myself as I got up.

"No, I erm-, just need to take a walk." I nodded, in agreement with myself.
But it still wouldn't get my mind off everything, about Jacob and I.
We'd finally just settled down, he'd proposed, we were about to start a family.

"Then, I'll come with you." Jacob rushed to my side, wrapping his warm arms around my waist, which certainly helped the stiffening pains from the twins.
I didn't hesitate, but eventually squirmed out from his grasp, turning around to face him.

"Jake." I tilted my head to the side. "Remember, Leah and Sam.." They were the perfect example as I carried on.

"W-will we end up like that, l-like them?" I stuttered.
Jake bit his lip, and I whimpered looking away from him. I covered my mouth, and rubbed my temple with my other head.

"Bella, I know that you don't want to hear this, I know that you love me, and you know I love you." He walked back over to me, cautiously.

"But, you know I can't control the feelings of an imprint." I shuddered at the sound of imprint it was unbearable, and dreadful to even have the thought of my fiancee loving another girl.

"Jacob, please don't tell me that-."

"Bells, I love you no matter what." His arms pulled me into a tight hug, and I crushed my face against him, loving the heat radiating from his chest.
I wanted to make the most of it, every second that he was still mine.
I walked back over to the sofa, and pulled Jacob beside me.
My hands fixed around his face, and I jerked his face closer to mine but he was reluctant to come further.
I let go off his face, and got off the couch, and broke into a rage.

"You can't just do this Jake!" I bellowed.

"You cannot just dispose of me, after all this time of loving me!" Jacob stiffened on the seat, as if he wasn't certain this wasn't going to happen.
My stomach tensed up, as I got a painful cramp. I grabbed the side of the counter, and took in a deep breath.

"You can't go and be with her!" I screamed, falling to the fall, before I heard a gush of water hit the floor.

"Bells!" Jacob grabbed my side, he pulled me up and placed me into his arms.

"We need to get you to the hospital." I breathed in and out of each contraction, and watched as everything went blurry.

"Congratulations, Ms. Swan you have two beautiful babies, one boy and one girl." The nurses smile was spread widely over her face.

I propped myself up to see my beautiful babies being carried by the nurses, I stretched out my arms, longing to have them in my arms.
The nurse waddled over to the bed, and placed them carefully in my arms. "There you are."

I grinned at their lovely features, they had the eyes of their mother and the gorgeous smile of their father.
A tear rolled down my cheek, as I admired them both. I turned to Leah who had been with me through-out the whole birth, then to Jacob who was beaming at me.
I beamed back at them both, and gestured Jake to come hold our baby boy.
He walked casually yet eagerly over to my side. "They're beautiful.." Jake's long arms reached towards our baby, and scooped him up, rocking him carefully back and forth.
"Do you have a name yet?" Leah didn't hesitate to ask, it reminded me a little of my old friend, Alice.
I grinned at Jake, who hadn't yet broke his gaze from our babies.

"Makenna Devonne, and Carter Jacob Black." Jake winced at the sound of their names, but I just giggled as Leah came by me, and started to stroke my baby Makenna's face.

"They're very creative names." Leah complimented us.
I nodded in agreement, I heard a small cry come from Makenna, I hushed her and rocked her back and forth in my arms, watching Jacob play with Carter was soothing, maybe being a father could help pull him away from his imprintee, after all, I could only have hope.

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