3rd person POV:

The entire family was out out of the house. Everyone other than Edward and Jasper. Bella, Renesmee, and Alice were out shopping, while Carlisle, Emmett and Rosalie were out hunting.

Jasper his arm pressed againts the large glass window and his head was resting on his arm as he glared out the window. He was deep in thought.

Edward was slouched on the couch reading book. He wasn't paying very much attention to the book. He was more concerned about Jasper.

How in the world could i have done that?! My own family...

The blond vampire let out a sigh.

"You know thinking about it only makes you feel worse." Edward finally said. "It isn't your fault."

"Isn't my fault?" Jasper said with a harsh laugh. "How is it not my fault?"

"It wasn't you when that happened. It was all just the blood lust." Edward explained.

"How does Bella do it?" Jasper wondered with a sad smiled. He turned to face Edward. "She keep control around her parent, and her child."

"Everyone is different. We've all, other than Carlisle and Bella, lost control before."

"Not like i have. You guys lost control around strangers. There has to be a trick or something to controling the blood lust. If Carlisle and Bella can-"

Edward cut him off.

"Some times i think those two are more human than vampire." Edward chuckled to himself.

it was quiet again until Edward broke the silents.

"Stop thinking about it. We've all killed humans before."

Jasper gave him another sad smile.

"You've never killed your family."

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