August 11th, New York, USA

I was dreaming of Luke once again for the second time in a row this week. He was not alone, but accompanied by a very interesting looking person with a snake looking face and red eyes. They were walking out in a garden at night as if these two had known each other for a long time. The garden looked weird with its peacocks roaming about the place but what was more peculiar about the place was the gate. People dressed in ancient looking clothing and graduation robes were able to walk in and out as if it weren't there. As if it were an illusion made of smoke.

Luke's eyes were glowing gold, as they did nowadays, but they did not have any of the usual malevolence but glee. "I do have to admit Lord Voldemort, your work is impressive," Luke said. "I do not say this to most mortals, just so you know."

"Hmm," Snake Man, Voldemort, responded. He looked irritated, I could tell, but was trying hard to not cross the Titan Lord, which was a smart move to be honest.

"You know why I'm here."

"I do not take orders from anyone," Snake Man responded, his speech much different from Luke-Kronos'. He had a strong accent that seemed to come from somewhere in the United Kingdom and believe me, after living my life in New York all of your life, you get to know a thing or two about accents.

"No, I'm not asking you to take orders from me," Kronos explained. No matter how many times I had seen it, seeing Kronos talking through Luke's mouth was still frightening. "I'm only mere asking for you alliance."

"And in return...?"

Kronos smiled, "once Olympus is destroyed with your help, I shall make you immortal and I let you rule the mortal world as you please. I merely want what was taken from me long ago."

Voldemort-the name alone sent a cold chill down my spine-smiled. The act itself made me want to hide in a corner and hope to never dream of him again. "That fool of Dumbledore and his little pet, Potter, have destroyed most of my Horcruxes… I have to be careful of what I do..."

"Wait; say no more...we have company." Luke turned his head towards my direction making me wake up out of pure terror. After calming down a bit, I slumped back onto my pillow wondering of what Kronos was up to this time. In a week I will be hopefully be turning sixteen, a good age for a normal teenager, but when you're the son of a god, and with a prophecy that has your name written all over it, turning sixteen is no longer exciting.

"Knock, knock," my mom said as she knocked at the same time. Her face was radiant and happy despite the constant worry she usual hid from Paul, my brand new stepfather, and me.

"Morning, mom."

"Morning Percy. I'm just letting you know that she's here." The smile she gave me was the usual I-know-something-you-don't smile. She tended to have this smile every time I mentioned my friends Rachel or Annabeth.

"Oh..." I managed to say. "Well, tell her to wait for me, I'm just going to get dressed real quick." My mom nodded and closed the bedroom door behind her. I rolled out of bed, quite literally, and dressed in my only pair of jeans that were not singed or torn and a black shirt with the slogan of "Mythical Wildlife Federation". Once ready, I went to the living room and found my fiery haired friend- Rachel Elizabeth Dare- waiting for me.

"Ready to go?" She asked as she put a drawing pad away, a large smile across her face. She was wearing a ratty green shirt with an old pair of jeans. Her usual fiery hair was pinned back away from her green eyes.

"Yep." I have to admit, after a very stressful summer at Half Blood Hill I kept finding myself being drawn to Rachel more and more for "normal time" as we liked to call it.

"I say we go and have a bite to eat," Rachel said interrupting my thoughts. "I was thinking something positively not healthy and I know of the perfect place to go."

I laughed. "Alright."

"You can take the Prius." Paul said as he tossed the keys to me. Now, don't get too freaked out. A teen with no license driving? How irresponsible of my parents. However, after battling monsters and other mythological creatures, driving a normal mortal car seemed rather easy. Now driving a chariot at full speed and batting at the same time, now that is more complicated.

After saying our goodbyes, Rachel and left the apartment. The drive to wherever we were going, Rachel refused to tell me, was rather enjoyable as we sang along our favorite songs. However, the fun time was over when halfway to our destination, we heard screams and saw panicked people running away from something we couldn't. Above in the sky, I saw what they were terrified of and all I could do was blink in confusion.

"Holy gods, what is that?" I asked as I pointed towards the sky. Rachel followed my finger and saw what I was pointing to: three hooded figures riding on brooms. Now, being a New Yorker and a Demigod you would think I would be prepared for pretty much everything. However, no matter how long I've lived in this city or how much training I have done, seeing people actually flying on brooms was sort of like a slap in a face with a fish. Not that I speak from experience or something.

"Are those...people?" Rachel asked as we got out of the car. The hooded, broom-riding people were dangerous as they were creating explosions in buildings and shops. The Mist, I noticed was not working so well because the people were screaming back and forth about the hooded figures in the sky.

"I think they're Hecate's children," I said more to myself than anyone else. "She sided with Kronos so-"

"No Percy, they're not Hecate's," said Rachel as we witnessed a mortal being suspended in air shouting in pure agonizing pain. "I sense...something more evil than a child of Hecate's." A shiver ran down my back. In the back of my brain, I started to understand that this was the outcome of Kronos' new alliance.

"Rachel, get out of here," I said as I withdrew Riptide from my pocket. I thought she was going to protest but all she did was nod, which I was glad. Once she took off in Paul's Prius, I realized that while those people were flying so far above ground, having Riptide was rather useless. Then it hit me. I whistled hard and waited for a moment. Waiting was never a strong suit of mine, really, especially when I see people being tortured and pleading for their lives.

Yo Boss, my Pegasus, Blackjack appeared behind me, need a ride?

"You have no idea," I said as I tried to tune out the screams coming from the tortured man above. Sometimes being the son of the creator of horses was a good thing, for you could do things other children of the gods could not do: understand the pegasi and their brethren such as horses and zebras. Yes, it sounds lame but don't laugh. It has come rather useful in my lifetime.

Woah, how are they doing that? Blackjack asked as we got close to them.

"We're about to find out," I muttered as I tightened my grip around Riptide. "Hey you!" I shouted at the figures. The three of them faced me, which meant that whoever was making the man fly had lost concentration. The now unconscious man was currently plummeting to his death very fast. I cursed in ancient Greek and indicated to Blackjack to dive to the man. Fortunately enough, though, Blackjack was fast and managed to catch the man on his back. I was glad but it was uncomfortable for the rider, which in this case was me. We landed back on the ground and that's when I noticed that the three people were laughing with pure amusement as they also landed on the ground.

"So it's true...," one of them said, clearly an European female because of her accent. "The little boy is just like Potter, when it comes to saving 'innocent' people. How wonderful." Potter...that was the second time I'd heard that name.

"Who are you?" I asked, griping Riptide so hard that my hand was hurting. No one responded.

I don't like the smell of them, boss. Blackjack said as he backed away a bit.

"Get out of here and take the man with you," I ordered. Blackjack was hesitant at first but heeded my command nonetheless.

"He wants to know who we are, Lucius," the woman said in a mocking tone.

"No need, Bellatrix." Before I knew it, a flash of red light hit me square on the chest, which sent me flying for at least half a block. I hit the pavement hard but I had taken worse poundings than this before. When I stood, everything around me spun but I could still see that my enemy had lowered their hoods to reveal one woman, Bellatrix, and two men.

Bellatrix was laughing happily. By that time, I was mad and without thinking, I charged towards them. Riptide was ready to slice them if they were not mortal. However, before I had to chance to advance a few feet, I found myself eating pavement without really knowing what had hit me. I stood once again, blood was trickling down my temple and nose but I was not ready to give up just yet. What I found odd was that they had no weapons at all except for a small twig each of them carried

A man with long blond hair smiled and raised the stick of doom towards my direction. Knowing fairly well now what was about to happen, I dodged out of the way as a jet of green light hit the spot I used to be.

"He's learned how to play our game," Bellatrix shrieked with delight as she raised her stick once again at my direction. This time I dodged the hit by hiding behind an abandoned car. "You can't hide forever, Jackson," Crazy Bellatrix crooned. My heart was racing fast; I had no idea of what to do because these people were not giving me a chance to get close to them without eating the pavement.

"Oh Jackson..." the woman sang. "Come out and play!" I grinned despite myself and had to bite my tongue, which happened to be the only way that stopped me from saying what I was thinking. "Oi, I'm bored already." And before I knew it, the car that I was hiding behind was completely lifted by an invisible force and thrown behind Bellatrix, the man Lucius and the third man. "I found him!" Bellatrix exclaimed with pure glee. Her stick was pointing towards me but before I could dodge the light again, the woman screamed a weird word before my world turned black.

All I could feel was the most horrible pain in the world. I cannot even begin explaining over how much pain I felt. It was as if my skin was melting off my bones but multiplied by a hundred. Without realizing it, I was on the ground begging them to stop but all she did was laugh in return to my begging. Then as fast as it started, everything stopped. My bones hurt, as did my skin surrounding it. I wanted to move but at the same time, I just wanted to sleep and rest my pain away. As I laid on the cold pavement with my eyes closed, I could hear screams coming from everywhere, including above me. I opened my eyes, which hurt a lot, and saw almost the entire Apollo cabin flying and shooting arrows at my tormentors.

I saw how Michael Yew managed to land an arrow on Bellatrix shoulder sending her into a fit of rage. Fortunately, though, the woman's pain was apparently so great that she vanished on the spot. Lucius on the other hand, along with his friend, tried to fight off the Apollo cabin on their own but quite honestly Apollo has quite a few sons and daughters making it a bit of an unfair fight. Almost desperately, Lucius pointed at the sky and shot a jet of green light once again but this time it hit a young boy of no older than thirteen. Horrified I watched as the boy fell off his Pegasus towards the street, I tried to speak, to tell someone to dive for the boy but I felt so weak.

Without knowing or wanting to, I passed out during a battle.

"He's going to be fine, right, Chiron?"

"I believe so, yes. How are his wounds, Michael?"

"Some are bad but nothing grave." I heard Michael say. "He took a bad hit to the head but it should heal in a few hours at the most."

"And here I was ready to tell Poseidon that his annoying son was dead." I heard Mr. D sigh with annoyance.

"I think my dad would not have appreciated that," I muttered as I tried to sit up. I was back in my cabin, surrounded by my friend Annabeth, my camp director, Mr. D and Chiron. "What happened?" I managed to ask.

"You stupid Seaweed brain." Annabeth looked like she was just about to punch me but I guess when you're defenselessly laying on a bed all banged up, its a bit easy to get away with almost anything. "You almost got yourself killed!"

"Well aware of that, thanks," I said as I touched my bandaged head. "But by what exactly?"

"Not what," Chiron corrected me. "But by whom. Michael told me what he saw and all I can narrow it down to is to Hecate's-"

"No, they're not," I said while shaking my head which had been a dumb idea as a new wave of pain came making me groan. "Rachel said-"

"Rachel?" Annabeth asked. "Why was she there?"

"We were hanging out for the day." I explained wishing Annabeth would just back off a little bit from Rachel. Besides, I didn't owe her an explanation or anything as if she was my girlfriend. "Anyway, Rachel said that they're not Hecate's-"

"Like she would know," Annabeth muttered while rolling her eyes.

"They're not Hecate's children," I continued while ignoring Annabeth's comments. "She said she sensed something more evil about them. And then there was my dream..." I told them of my dream with Luke offering immortality to a snake man named Voldemort. I also told me that while Rachel and I were out going to get breakfast, we saw the three hooded figures flying on brooms and causing explosions all round. The mention of food had been a bad idea because my stomach quickly perked up and began protesting to be fed. I ignored the feeling and continued to tell everyone how the Mist must have not been working properly because the Mortals were seeing exactly the same thing what I was seeing.

I also explained how they had knocked me to the ground twice with a flick of their stick and how, without much of an effort, Bellatrix had gotten hold of the car I was hiding behind and threw it behind them as if it were made out of foam.

"The Apollo cabin came just in time. Which I still don't know how you guys managed that." I said after I finished telling my story. "I was in so much pain I thought I was going to go crazy if they didn't stop soon. This reminds me, I saw the Lucius man hit one of the boys from Apollo and fell from his Pegasus. Is he all right? Did someone catch him?"

Annabeth, Chiron, Michael and even Mr. D exchanged looks that I immediately did not like "Umm...Percy..."

"Alex is dead," Michael said as he finished bandaging my leg. "He died a Hero's death." And with that, Michael left the cabin without saying anymore to us.

"Unfortunately, this is just the beginning," Chiron said. "But perhaps..."

"Whatever you're thinking, Chiron, it will not work," Mr. D said with a shake of his head.

"With all due respect, sir, I think they may be of help."

"Who?" I asked but it was as if I had said nothing, for both Mr. D and Chiron continued to argue.

"If Kronos did indeed succeed in getting Voldemort to help, which by today's attack, he did, we alone cannot defeat Kronos. We might as well toss our weapons and give up. A group of three wizards alone can defeat us and easily give access to Kronos to Mount Olympus."

"Wizards?" It was Annabeth's turn of being ignored.

"Look, sir," I could tell that Chiron was not going to give up any time soon. "All I need to do is Iris message an old friend of mine who I hear is now teaching at the school nowadays." And with that, both Chiron and Mr. D left my cabin, arguing over whatever it was, leaving Annabeth and me alone. That was until she realized that it was against the rules and left hastily to her own cabin muttering how she needed to go and get ready for rock climbing with her Cabin.

It was that moment, however, that I realized that something big was about to happen and I wasn't sure that I was going to like it.

Late Afternoon, August 11th, Hogwarts, England

Firenze left his classroom at an alarming speed towards Dumbledore's office. After not hearing from an old friend for over four decades, it appeared that everything was worse in his friend's world. He had promised never to meddle once again in the affairs of the gods but this time Chiron's world collided with his and he could not wait to tell Dumbledore the alarming news regarding an immortal You-Know-Who. Firenze knew very well that Dumbledore was in the castle and holding a meeting with the Order. Calming himself, he went up the door and knocked fighting the urge to just burst in. However, after hearing angry voices coming from inside he decided it was wise for him to just wait outside for a while. Finally, after waiting for over a minute, a woman with red hair opened the door.



"Ah, Firenze," The ex-headmaster said as he noticed the centaur walking into his office. "Anything I could do for you?"

"Headmaster...I have troubling news." All listened patiently for him to tell what his friend, Chiron, had told him. He told Dumbledore and the Order about the boy having a dream about Voldemort agreeing to help their enemy in exchange of immortality. He also mentioned of the attack by three Death Eaters in New York City. He kept to himself, however, the fact that the boy, Percy Jackson, was a demigod; too much explanation and very little time. The fewer people who had knowledge of the gods and demigods was for the best not only for the young heroes but for the 'normal' people as well.

"But how is this possible?" Minerva McGonagall asked Dumbledore as she immediately sensing that Firenze was keeping information from the group. "A child, a muggle child at that, being able to dream of You-Know-Who?"

"It seems," Dumbledore looked around. Every one was seated around his desk except for Harry, who was sitting aloof from everyone in the Order-his two friends the only people surrounding him. "That this is the child of the Great Prophecy, am I right Firenze?" Dumbledore was aware of the gods and the demigods as an old friend of his was a son of Hades but most unfortunately, their friendship had ended in a war.

"Yes, sir."

"Prophecy?" Tonks asked. "But I thought Harry..."

"Harry has nothing to do with this particular prophecy," Dumbledore stated as he rose from his seat. "Just as we hide from the muggles, this other world hides from them too. They are, however, very different from us. Unfortunately I cannot give out too many details at the moment until I have a group of people who are willing to fight Kronos."

"Kronos?" Hermione asked. "Is that not the name of an old muggle mythology god?"

Dumbledore smiled. "Indeed, Miss Granger. It appears to be that our world has collided with their world. If we don't act fast, no matter what we do towards trying to defeat Voldemort, every effort will be futile because of his immortality."

"Then what can we do?" Remus Lupin asked.

"We will help them," said Harry. He looked at everyone and wished he had not spoken but something in side him pushed him to make that decision. "If we allow Voldemort help his new friend," he was using the term very loosely. "We'll lose every battle against him. And I for one don't wish for Voldemort to be immortal." While everyone shuddered at the thought, Harry looked up at Dumbledore. "Sir..."

"No need, Harry." Dumbledore said with a faint smile, "All I can say is that you know the consequences." Harry nodded.

"He will not go!" Molly Weasley exclaimed as she shook her head fiercely from side to side. "He's just a child, Dumbledore, he cannot-"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Weasley, but I'm going." Harry felt bad deep inside for talking back to Mrs. Weasley, but he knew that he had to go and help otherwise the entire journey of destroying the Horcruxes would have been pointless.

"And we're not letting you go alone, mate." Ron said with a small, nervous smile.


"Mum I'm sorry but..." Ron could not finish the sentence.

"We're of age now..." Hermione finished. Mrs. Weasley's eyes welled with tears but gave up nonetheless for she knew that no matter how much she argued and opposed to the idea, she was never going to get her way.

"Well, since that's decided," Dumbledore said after the awkward silence that followed the argument between the three teenagers and Mrs. Weasley. "Firenze, please tell your friend that we'll arrive later tonight." With a quick nod, Firenze retreated himself from the office and headed back to his classroom to do Dumbledore's bidding. Once there, he took a pouch he had hidden a long time ago in the bark of a tree. From it, he took out a golden drachma. As he approached a water fountain, dread filled his heart. One way or another, he knew that this message was going to change the magical world forever.

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