Author's Note: I wasn't gonna do an epilogue because I really liked the end chapter but hey...we can always use more Rippal goodness, right? It's short but epilogues aren't supposed to be lengthy. So enjoy the wrapping up of this fic. ;)

Blast it all to the Farplane and back again! Why did it have to be so itchy? And hot out? Why was it always so darn hot?

"Don't fidget!" A whisper drifted towards her from her cousin's mouth, in an attempt to sound harsh but sounding more nervous than anything.

"Why today of all days?"

"We planned this a long time ago. Besaid is always hot, Rikku."

"But the dresses are so…itchy!"

"Oi! Listen here…you mess up my wedding, Imma make sure you never live to see one of your own, got it?" Tidus hissed, leaning over his bride-to-be's shoulders.

Yuna smiled up at him and giggled, "Now, now."

"Get on with it!" Rikku growled, shaking her hips in an attempt to itch her lower back.

A loud whistle rang through the crowd of silent observers, piercing everyone's ears at its shrillness.

The small Al Bhed's eyes widened as she glanced at the Praetor.

"A wedding and an exotic dance. I need to go to these things more often!"

Tidus couldn't suppress the low chuckle that reverberated through his chest as he simply shook his head. What was the use? Everyone was just as silly as he was. Why he expected it to be any different on his wedding day was beyond him.

Cid elbowed Gippal with a glare, "What the hell is wrong with you, m'boy? I'm sittin' right here!"

Gippal ruffled his spikes in an attempt to look bashful, "D'aw, c'mon Cid. You haveta admit…it's hard to miss her up there, right in front of everyone, shakin' what your dear wife gave her."

Brother rolled his eyes, "You are ridiculous."

"I wish you couldn't speak English so well," Gippal shot back.

"I'd tell you the same thing in Al Bhed. Just shut up and watch Yuna's wedding. You're ruining it for her."

The Machine Faction leader sighed, "Fine."

His light colored eye wandered back up to the ceremony yet again in process before his attention wandered over to the blonde Al Bhed woman glancing out the sides of her eyes at him.

He wrinkled his nose and threw her a wink. 'I see you.'

Rikku's face immediately brightened as she fought back the urge to giggle again.

Gippal sighed, loosening his decorative tie. He hated weddings…but-

"Kiss the bride."

Tidus turned to Yuna and watched the sheer thrill of what was to come sparkle across her discolored irises. Reaching up, he touched her cheek, brushing a strand of curled brown hair behind her ear, before he leaned down and pressed his mouth overtop of hers.

Yuna's arms settled against his shoulders as she returned the seal with a smile she couldn't quite swallow. This was it. She was finally married and finally with the man she had spent all the time loving and searching for. Finally, she could have her story mix with his.

Everyone cheered.

Rikku tossed her flowers into the air with a whoop of 'hurray'.

The audience clapped.

The Al Bhed heir looked towards her family, including the young businessman, her eyes locking with his for a long, exhilarating moment.

Gippal tilted his head.

He really did hate weddings.


He could easily see that dorky woman of his in a white dress someday.


He could very easily see it.