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Sugar Me Sweet

Location: Forks, WA (Curiosity)


"I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more"-Def Leppard


"Do you think they're real?" I asked, my eyes growing wide in awe… or perhaps fear, at the rather enormous breasts on the glossy centerfold spread out, in more than one way, between Edward and myself.

Sitting next to me, Edward stared as intently as I did at the model's nude form lying across a black leather ottoman. When he didn't reply to my question, I nudged him with my elbow, making him jump a bit.

"Sorry," he mumbled, moving the magazine as he shifted his weight a little. We both sat on the edge of his bed, close enough so our knees were touching while we balanced the magazine our laps. Her extremely long legs were open, exposing her naked 'pussy', as Edward called it. Flat muscles in her abdomen led up to ribs that protruded from the awkward position she was in.

But it was her breasts that entranced me, her large dark nipples were hard points as one of her hands pinched one while her other rested between her creamy white thighs. Thick, red lush lips surrounded perfect white teeth, her skin evenly fake-tanned. Long mahogany wavy hair fanned out under her delicate shoulders, while wide brown doe-eyes lazily stared at the camera.

There was a slight familiarity in her appearance.

Wavy brown hair.

Large brown eyes.

A familiarity that went straight to my dick, and I could feel it begin to lengthen in my jeans. I tried to hide the small gasp that escaped me when I quickly palmed myself with just enough pressure to release a small bolt of pleasure and send it surging through me.

I needed a distraction.

"So, do you?" I paused, but continued when he did not answer. "Ya know, think they're real?" I reminded him, glancing over to him. Messy bronze hair stuck up in almost every direction from his hands running through it multiple times since we began. It was the only slightly nervous habit I had ever seen him display; a very small crack in that cool exterior wall of his. His gray tee-shirt was spread tight across his developing chest and shoulders. I had noticed the gradual change in his body; his muscles becoming more pronounced since he began working out shortly after Bella's arrival in Forks. The coincidence was not lost on me. Hell, I had even joined him a few times, but I was still lankier…and taller. I still had a few inches on him; something I was secretly proud of.

He shook his head slowly back and forth. "No fucking way those are real, Jazz. Not possible." His eyes never left her image.

"How can you be sure?" I honestly wanted to know. Was there some sort of equation for figuring this shit out?

Width of nipple A x height of breast B = silicone over real.

He looked over at me, with a smirk and a shrug. "Hello? Father…doctor, remember? " He sighed, glancing down at my crotch, then turned his attention back to the centerfold. "Besides, it's like, inhuman to be that big."

I nodded, still awed. This was the prettiest model we had seen so far, regardless of her impossibly large chest. I definitely preferred the brunette centerfolds over the blonde ones. The way their hair contrasted to their skin, or caught the fake sunlight around them, intrigued me.

There was something about brown eyes as well.

I fucking loved brown eyes.

They way they crept into my soul, asking, wanting, needing more than I could offer. Pulling my heart in two directions; want and need versus loyalty. Brown eyes set deep and wide, fluttering open under the intense light of a beam of sunshine, blinking the sleep away quickly. Brown wisps caught in thick lashes, as a tiny hand brushes them away and the sparkle stared up at me unobscured.



Edward's cough brought me out my daydream.

"Ah, Jazz, got a problem?" he chuckled, his eyes darting to my crotch again.

Embarrassed, I followed his eyes to my rock-hard erection outlined by my jeans. There was no hiding it anymore.

I shrugged.

It wasn't the first time I had sported wood in Edward's company. Fuck, we had both been hard together before, it was to be expected at our age. I would have found it odder if neither of got hard from viewing the centerfolds, willingly open for us, exposing their assets.

We were just doing what was expected of horny-as-hell teenage boys.

'Course, I had never been this hard just from looking at the magazines before. I had only been this hard once before, shortly after Bella had arrived, however, when I had allowed myself to envision her, not even naked, but rather completely dressed and kneeling before me, my dick in her little mouth. That was the one and only time I had been so frustrated, I had no choice but to take matters ' in hand', so to speak, and complete the act while the vision was still fresh in my head.

I closed my eyes, remembering how good the release had felt, how I had muffled my cries with my pillow as I came hard into my hand and felt it drip onto my stomach. I continued to hold myself as I went limp, not quite ready to let the image float away, never to be recalled.

Until now.

I felt the warmth through my jeans on my thigh only briefly before I felt it covering my dick, pressing the zipper painfully into the tender flesh. I bit my lip, rocking my hips forward, I leaned my weight back on my hands. The pressure increased, and began to push up and down, top to bottom. Groaning, my head lulled back on my shoulders, I no longer had the strength to hold it upright.

Slowly, I felt nimble fingers make their way to the button of my jeans before fingering the tab through the slot. Tooth-by-tooth the zipper was eased down, falling open to allow the hand access. I was fucking panting by the time the fingers twirled through small dark blond hairs, sliding under elastic to bury deep in thicker curls before wrapping tightly around my shaft. There was no time to miss the touch before it returned, no longer dry and rough but now damp and wet, gripping me even tighter. It felt fucking incredible as the stroking began, ever so fucking tantalizingly slow.

Bottom to top and back down again.

Base to head, head to base.

As the pace increased, gentle, barely-there fingertips caressed my balls, kneading and releasing in time with the pumping. By now, I was laying flat on my back, my jeans and boxers around my thighs, my aching cock completely exposed as it pulsed into the warm embrace. One of my hands clenched the blanket under me, looking for anything to grab onto, while my other traveled up and under my tee shirt, bunching up black cotton as it slid further up my chest, tickling a nipple briefly before sliding back down toward my bucking hips.

Someone groaned loudly as my hand reached my curls, twisting into them, before reaching out and stopping the movement of the hand on me.

I had expected to find tiny hands.

Soft hands.

Only I didn't.

I found large hands.

Rough hands.

"What the fuck?!"

My head snapped up and my entire body jerked back and away from the invading hands. Glaring at Edward, I scrambled back a bit, instinctively reaching to cover myself and pull his hand away. My breaths were fast, my heartbeat erratic when I began tugging at his hand to release me. Instead, his grip remained around me as he returned my stare.

His eyes - they were so fucking green - so vivid with hope and darkened with passion.

Captivated, I hadn't noticed he had begun to stroke me again, only now, my hand was on top his as both our hands slowly slid up and down the silky skin of my cock that pulled and tugged under our grip.

I finally found my voice again, "Edward, wha-"

"Sshh, just let me, Jazz. Please," his deep voice rough with need. "Let me do this for you…" he swallowed hard, his eyes never wavering from mine. I had never been more entranced by an Adam's apple before. Hell, I had never even noticed one before. "For me."

I stared at Edward, shocked, terrified and yet still so incredibly turned on and fucking hard. I began to shake my head, yet, my fingers tangled even more with his as the pace quickened on my erection.

I couldn't let him touch me like this.

It was Edward.

Which is exactly why I could let him touch me like this.

It was Edward.

The shaking of my head became a nod and my eyes were drawn to his tongue as it darted out to lick his bottom lip.

Fuck me.

I took a quick breath as he leaned toward me, my gaze never leaving those glistening lips.

"I can't..." I began, but stopped when I realized.

I could.

My eyes widened as his pouty lips brushed mine. Immediately, my hand was deep in his hair, keeping him tight to me, twisting the bronze tufts, scratching his scalp as I tugged harder. My eyes closed once again, only this time there were no manufactured images of Bella, instead, the vision of a messy-haired boy with a firm chest and magical hands flooded my head.

No imagination required.

I was living the real thing.

Our teeth clicked when my mouth opened for him, hot fleshy tongues circling, lavishing soft, wet strokes against the other. I felt his tongue deep in my mouth, tracing my teeth before retreating back out to the tip of mine, teasing me with taps and tickles.

Together, our hands continued to pump. Only now the friction was eased not by salvia, but by the white drops of salty fluid that had slid from my slit down my length at the movement of our hands together.

I ached and throbbed at his touch. More than I ever thought possible.

His mouth drew back from mine, my lips wet from his attentions. He pulled away from me slightly.

I opened my eyes, surprisingly not afraid of what I might find, but instead, excited.

Really fucking excited.

I was not disappointed.

I had never seen Edward loose his composure. Even when we had been caught with the magazines and Doc had given us the speech. Edward had kept his cool while I continuously shifted uncomfortably during the most embarrassing talk ever.

Yet, there he was, cool, calm Edward but now his chest was heaving, his lids were heavy with lust, his lips full and rosy from our kiss, his cheeks flushed with desire.

I made him like this.


I broke through the wall of the calm façade he had constructed to keep the rest of the world out.

I felt powerful.

Our hands continued to pump. Together, entwined and wrapped. I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

Wrists flicking, my hips were thrusting with wild abandon, completely uninhibited.

Fingers traveled up through my hair, pulling my head back even more as they weaved in the tangled curls causing me to arch my head back against the mattress. I felt tingling nips and soft, slick licks down my cheek and along the curve of my jaw and, finally, at the sensitive skin beneath my ear.

I shivered as my earlobe was caught suddenly between Edward's softly-sucking, pulling lips. His weight shifted slightly, his hard cock urgently pressing into my thigh, causing breath to hiss from his nose as he moaned into my ear.

Rhythmically, in time with my own hips and our hands, his pelvis bucked against my thigh, seeking whatever friction he could find. Knowing Edward was hard… because of me …for me…caused a sensation to begin to build low in my balls.

I groaned. Loudly.

"Fuck, Jasper. You feel so fucking good. You're so hot laying on my bed, vulnerable for me," he murmured, as he panted into my ear with moist, hot, cotton candy breath.

"I love seeing you like this and feeling your rock-hard cock in my hand." Exhaling a deep breath, he continued to tease and entice. "God, I wish it was my mouth wrapped around you instead of my hand. I want to suck you off so fucking much. Someday, Jasper, it will be my mouth making you lose control like this..."

He was driving me wild and he knew it. Tracing my ear with that slick ribbon of warm tongue, he whispered, "I want to see you cum so bad."

The pounding of my heart matched the throbbing of my cock as our hands flew over my arouse-slickened flesh.

"Please…" he begged, his hand traveling up my chest, forcing my shirt up with it, holding it up high as he teased a nipple to hardness.

"Ungh… fuck, Edward…" I cried out, my eyes clenched as my entire body tensed, and arched off the bed, shooting streams of warm cum onto my chest, covering our hands in the pearly fluid.

Muscles still straining for release continued to contract and relax while the last of my orgasm traveled through every fiber of my body, leaving each one coated with pleasure in its wake.

When I finally relaxed onto the bed, I realized Edward's hand was still tightly wrapped around mine, his grip not loosening on my softening dick. I could feel the sticky cum on my chest, slowly drizzling down my side, and, as I went to wipe it with my hand before it fell onto Edward's bed, he stopped me, placing his hand over mine and pulled it away. He leaned toward my chest then, his eyes on mine as his talented slick tongue lapped my sweat-sheened skin, erasing, and tasting, all evidence of my orgasm.

Unable to handle the visual stimulation of his sweet mouth blissfully cleaning me, l let my head fall back once again. In an attempt to calm myself, I inhaled deeply, taking in the musky scent of my arousal that hung thick in the air of his room.

I could feel his erection, still completely encased in jeans, prodding my thigh as he jabbed it into my side. I released my hand from his covering my cock, and slid it between our bodies, so his cock was now thrusting into my hand as I gripped it through his jeans as well as I could.

I continued to grope him, cupping and rubbing with force. His head rested on my shoulder, his pants leaving moist drops on my neck with each outtake of breath. His hand fisted my hair in rhythm with the movement of his hips, long bronze lashes resting on former alabaster skin, now flushed pink with intoxication from my touch. I yearned to touch my lips to his pursed ones as a frenzied rush ran through me, my mind becoming more delirious with each beat of his racing heart.

I wanted him.

When I felt his pace quicken, my fingers tangled in his damp hair and I turned my head and yanked his off my shoulder forcefully. Pulling his lips to mine, I opened wide, sliding my tongue into his hot mouth, tasting him…and me on his tongue.

He growled into the kiss, his tongue reverently twisting with mine. My limp dick suddenly felt cold when he removed his hand, instead forcing it between mine and his jeans.

As we continued to kiss, I felt rough fingers fumbling with buttons, ripping them open one by one on his button fly jeans, anxious to touch himself. Feeling him begin to stroke himself feverishly turned me on so fucking much, and I felt myself begin to harden again, but I was too sensitive for more. Eager to have him reach his own release, I pushed his hand out of the way and swiped my palm across the head of his cock, smearing the pre-cum on my hand before wrapping my fingers around him.

While I never imagined I ever would have been touching Edward like this, so intimately, so lovingly, so sexually, I couldn't deny that it felt right.

Almost too right.

No longer kissing, our open mouths panted heavy breaths into each other. Much like I had done, his hand covered my own as we both began to pump his cock. I growled when his fingers yanked the waves of my hair tightly. I was tempted to remove his hand, but the short airy gasps escaping from his mouth, along with the trembles coursing through his body hinted he would not last much longer.

I could live with the pain until then.

Of course, I could encourage him along as well.

"Ugh, Edward, you're so fucking hard for me," I whispered against his lips, my hand never ceasing its motion. "I love knowing that I do this to you. Me. No one else can make you feel like this."

I could barely feel his nod as he acknowledged my statement. I felt more trembling as his hips uncontrollably rocked up into my hand. His hand left mine then, his fingers brushing my knuckles as they reached the hem of his tee-shirt, pulling it up and out of the way in preparation. I watched his hand as it held his shirt up around his pecs, exposing dark, pebbled nipples.

They looked ripe and tasty.

I bit my lip to stop myself from giving into the temptation.

When my fingertips grazed his abdomen, I could feel his muscles clench firm as he tried to delay his impending orgasm.

He needed more encouragement.

"Please, darlin', I want you to cum. I want to taste you like you tasted me. I want to lick you clean."

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming,"

I quickly pushed him onto his back, and with a primal grunt and one last thrust, his orgasm overcame him, spurting seed onto his pale, taut stomach. His head and shoulders rose off the mattress with each wave that hit him, my hand slowing but not stopping, as he rode out the final hit of ecstasy.

As he flopped back onto the bed, completely sated, I released my hold on him, his softening dick falling against his balls, the remnants of his fluid dripping down coating the wrinkled skin.

"Oh my God. That was...so, so fucking wonderful," his groaned hoarsely. I placed my hand over the one that held his shirt up, and leaned over him, just as he had done to me. He watched me intently through half-lidded eyes, as I licked the cum from his naked skin, beads of sweat mixing with the essence of Edward.

Moaning against him when I felt his hand weaving into my hair, I proceeded to clean him, as tenderly, and completely as he had me. He watched me the entire time, and I swear I heard a few 'fuck me's' murmured.

Once Edward was clean, I shifted my weight more fully onto him, and reaching up, I put a hand behind his neck and pulled his lips to mine, allowing him to taste himself on my tongue. Unconsciously, my hips slowly begin to grind against his, capturing my cock in between us, the delicious friction awakening it even more. He hissed at the contact, his dick still extra sensitive from his orgasm. Our chests, both still damp from salvia and cum, stuck together as I lay on top of him, our bodies flush, hips grinding circles together, cocks exchanging milky fluid. The buttons from his jeans cut into my tender flesh when his hands went to my hip bones, holding me to him, and he began pushing up into me.

I took his bottom lip into my mouth, suckling it slowly before releasing it and continuing to his eyelids, placing a soft kiss on each one, and then I rested my damp forehead against his, on the pieces of matted bronze hair. Our breathing had finally calmed, our bodies exhausted from satisfaction, however our cocks still ground together. Darkened emerald eyes filled with rapture deeply searched my own blue ones, for what, I was not sure.

Did he expect disgust? Repulsiveness?

He found neither.

It was simple. I felt neither. I felt only devotion…and love, to the boy who saved me. If this was what he need, what he craved, I would not deny him.

Fuck. Who was I kidding? I could not deny him.

I finally stilled my hips, my focus returning to my orgasm-fogged mind. Hands moved from my hips, sliding down over the curve of my ass and I felt the pads of his thumbs caressing the delicate flesh of my dimples.

Exhaling before I kissed him delicately, affectionately, in an attempt to convey the emotions I felt - the love that ran through my blood for him, not just because of what he had just done for me, but the love I felt for him every day.

Every moment of every day.

"We need to stop, Edward," I murmured against his lips, "before that happens again."

When I began to pull away, I was stopped by a hand in my hair, gently twisting the wet waves.

"That's exactly why we shouldn't stop, "he chuckled, his voice velvet with arousal. I laughed and finally pulled away, kneeling between his legs, I let my tee shirt slide down and pulled my boxers and jeans up, hissing as the rough cloth scraped my growing erection.

I am not sure I had ever seen a more beautiful sight than Edward laying under me, sticky bare-chested, eyes glowing with love, succulent lips plump from desire and greed, hair mused from urgent hands tugging in their yearning for more, semi-hard sleek cock still dripping with rhapsody onto the reddish-brown curls surrounding it.

Even if I never saw him this way again, I would have this memory to recall during my darkest times, as it will always be Edward's light that guided me out from the blackness of self-contempt and confusion.

I ran a finger down his chest, his abs quivering under my light touch, his cock twitching as my thumb wiped the drops off and brought it to my mouth to taste his nectar one last time.

"Mmmm, mmmm good," I smiles

Biting his lip and groaning, his hands quickly returned to my hips, but mine were on his wrists, halting his attempts.

"No, we have got to get washed up. We're supposed to meet Bella in an hour," I hopped off the bed, reaching my hand out for his. Grinning, he grabbed it and pulled himself up, pressing against me briefly before tugging me toward his bathroom.

After cleaning up, which involved Edward paying extra attention to making sure my cock was licked clean, we were dressed and returning the magazines to their hiding place until next time.

I found myself wondering if this would happen every time we looked at them.

Not that I, or my cock, would object.

Just as he was about to reach for the doorknob, I stopped him.

"Edward, I just want to..."

His thumb on my lips silenced me, telling me I didn't need to continue.

He knew already.

He had always known.

I kissed his thumb before he removed it. "So," I began again. "I wonder what your dad's speech about this would be."

Edward laughed, full and joyous and deep from his soul, before perfectly mimicking his father's clinical voice. "Well, boys, experimentation is quite normal and common for young men like yourselves."

I giggled, actually fucking giggled, until I felt his lips touching mine one final time.

Cupping my face in his hands, his tongue traced my lips before nudging inside to meet mine. I let my hands rest on his hips while we continued to bask in the final cherished moments of our treasured intimacy.

Finally, he pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, his sweet breath washing over my face.

"Always, Jasper."


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