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Metroid: Delta Chronicles


Warmth. Security. Sound. Loud Sound. Pain. More Pain. More Sound. More Pain. Cold. Pain. Sound. I make Sound. Pain. Fall. Pain. I make more Sound. Pain. Sound. Silence. Up. Down. Solid under Me. I Look around. Shapes around Me. Shapes Frighten. I make Loud Sound. Pain. I Silence. Shape carries Me. Shape puts Me Down. Shape puts something in front of Me. Strange Smell. Sleep.

The newborn succumbed to sleep as the anesthetic filled its lungs. As it silently cooed while sleeping, the figure who gave the little child the anesthetic placed the delivering hose away and began to wash its hands. After the blood was wiped from its hands, it began to cart away the sleeping baby. As it stepped into the light, the baby began to squirm. Groaning, the figure quickly carted the child to another figure, which took upon the form of a humanoid lizard. The creature turned to the figure with the cart, who also took upon the same form as him. The lizard-like creature pulled out a small device and pressed a button on its surface, causing numbers to quickly flash upon its screen. As the lizard with the cart came to a halt, so did the numbers. The lizard looked up at the other one, and spoke with a guttural voice.

"So, how's this one?" he asked the cart-pusher.

"It seems to be fine. There aren't any signs of anencephaly or other mutations, and there aren't any signs of disease, either."

"Alright. Lemme check the stats."

The one lizard pulled out a holographic screen from a table behind him. He began to scan the child's small form with a large, cup-shaped device. Numbers ran across the holo-screen, and displayed various information.

"Male, 10.34 pounds, heart rate at 4 bps, average body temperature at 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Just your average healthy infant male."

"What's his title?" The other asked.

The lizard pulled out the same small device as before, and read what had appeared on its screen.

"Um…This guy's name is Delta 23831"

"Alright, gimme the tag."

The lizard pressed a small button on the device, and a collar appeared on a podium nearby. Picking up the collar, the lizard fastened it to the infant's neck. On it was the number that the lizard read earlier: Delta 23831. The lizard leaned in close to the infant. He had greenish-gray skin that had many purple dots scattering its surface. His back came to a sudden hunch at his neck, leading to his lizard-like head. The child had yet to grow fangs like the adults around it, but there were already signs of small nubs growing in for his teeth. His small three-fingered hands grasped at nothing, reaching to things in his dreams. His small dinosaur-like legs were chubby, but had signs of already strong muscles underneath, as so did his arms. The adult lizard grinned, and whispered in his ear.

"Welcome, kid, to Space Pirate society."

Part One: Larval Stage

Chapter One: Cycles That Never End

I watched as two kids beat eachother up over on the other side of the cafeteria. Apparently, one of them had stolen a morsel of food from the other one. From what I had gathered, stealing from one of your own species was a felony of high degree. I was guessing that Pi 31415 was the thief; he had recently been given a penalty of 50% reduced rations for a decacycle. Poor kid. I looked down at my own food. A chunk of solid gray vitamins and minerals served as our main meal, while on the side was a carton of water and a small portion of blueroot. According to our instructors, blueroot is considered a delicacy, and that we were lucky to have it. I took a bite of the blueroot, and spat it out immediately. It tasted very similar to what leaked out of my ear holes during a humid day. I couldn't believe that people actually LIKED this stuff. Of course, I had to eat it, since wasted food was also considered a crime. I shoveled the last of my lunch into my mouth and washed it down with the water. Placing my plate in the dish pile by the exit, I stood patiently in line for our next lesson. As more kids lined up behind me, I could see that the fight between the two kids was becoming more and more violent. Soon, I could even hear them.

"I'll give you one last chance to give back that food, you thief!"

"No! You gave it to me! Why should I give it back?"

"Stop lying! You stole that right off of my plate!"

"You said I could have it since you had two of them! Stop hitting me!"

The kid claiming he was robbed threw a violent blow at the other kid's face, sending him and the chunk of nutrients flying. His face hit the wall behind him, and he fell to the floor, unconscious. I grimaced as I could see a puddle of green blood form around the kid's head as he sat there. As the other kid munched away on his spoils, he kicked the other kid violently in the stomach, and walked into our line. I closed my eyes, and hoped the best for the poor unconscious youth. Soon, our "Squad Leader" came in, and led us to our next lesson. We left the cafeteria and marched through the orange and brown hallways of the facility.

As we made our way further through the complex, we passed a large window. I looked through it as we passed by. Brown clouds peppered with orange lightning filled the sky, and large rusted towers reached through the clouds. Several more short facilities were visible outside, along with a few landing stations for ships. The tunnel that the transport tram ran through could be seen as well. Everything else was pipes. They always made me wonder what was inside of them, since there were so many types of them. Last I could see was the rain. According to our instructors, the rain was very dangerous to walk in, since it was composed of acid. This confused me very much. How in the world did the acid get up there in the first place? I dropped the question as we reached the end of the window and continued to walk through the halls.

Soon, we made our way to the next lesson: Sciences. Our Squad Leader pulled a small flat device from his belt and placed it on the door to our room. The door, which had been glowing a light blue a moment ago, turned into a steely gray as the device sparked against its surface. He ushered us into the room when the door opened, and it quickly closed behind as the last of us stepped in, turning back to its blue color. Our Sciences Instructor was standing in front of several holographic screens, waiting for us to sit down at our assigned seats. Six benches lined across the room to the end, each with perodical bars jutting from its surface, to serve as dividers. I sat down at my assigned seat, between Upsilon 56321 and Beta 83920. I looked behind myself. The seat where Pi 31415 would usually sit was empty. My thoughts returned to the unconscious kid in the cafeteria. I hoped someone had found him before the atomics were sent to clean it. I shook my head. Of course he would have been found by then.

A loud crack was suddenly heard from the front of the room, and we all turned to the screens. Our Sciences Instructor was holding the Rod in a menacing way. Anyone who didn't follow the protocol of the room would be hit with the Rod. I once was hit by the Rod. It felt like I was being hit with a hot, glowing pipe. As my thoughts wandered around, I noticed something different. There was now a large podium in front of the room, and on it was something that resembled a metal spine. It looked awfully familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Our Instructor walked up to the spine and spoke.

"Does anyone here know what this is?"

No-one answered. Scowling, the instructor shook his head, and spoke again.

"When I ask a question, I expect an answer from all of you, or one of you, if I am speaking to one person. Now, I will do this again. DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW WHAT THIS IS?"

Some of us jumped at his loudened voice. "NO SIR." We all replied in unison. The Instructor grinned, and spoke again.

"This here is what we call the leap from Larval stage to Adult stage. When all of you are of age, which will be in three decacycles, all of you will be equipped with this fastener. Because of certain evolutionary errors in our design, we lose the ability to stand on our two hind legs, and must resort to all four limbs near the adolescent stage. You should all know that losing the ability to use your hands to do anything would be a large disadvantage, am I correct?

It took us a moment to realize he was asking us a question. We all replied: "YES SIR."

Our instructor nodded his head, and continued on his lecture. "This fastener will keep you in an upright position for the rest of your life, as long as you keep it up to date. Every now and then, you will need to have it calibrated so that it stays on your back correctly. I am wearing the fastener as I speak."

He turned around, and as he said, there was a long metal strip with several segments in it embedded in his back. Many of my classmates murmured soft remarks, some in disgust. The Instructor quickly turned around and faced the class.

"I will let you know that it is an excruciatingly painful process, and that none of you will enjoy it. After all, it IS being attached to your spine, the central network of the nervous system. I recommend that you all practice Omega's Pain-Reduction Method during your free time before the application." He stepped away from the podium and tapped the holo-screens, activating our lesson.

"Now then, we will study the different properties of fuel gel and its monetary worth. Pay attention as I will test you next cycle about the lesson contents."

The lesson continued as we listened to our instructor go on about how fuel gel was very important and how expensive it was. I couldn't help but notice about how excursive he was on the subject.

I fell to the floor in pain. Having the wind knocked out of you was one thing, but being slammed into the wall right after was another. While I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath, Alpha 67902 stood above me, cracking his knuckles. Soon, the Instructor ran over to the two of us, and surveyed the scene.

"Good work, Alpha 67902, but I will remind you to try to keep the potentially fatal techniques out of combat practice."

Alpha 67902 rolled his eyes, and walked away to the shower room. The Instructor waited for me to recover, and approached me when I did.

"Let me check you for concerning injuries…"

He applied pressure to my arms, chest, and legs, to see if there was any skeletal damage, and finished satisfied.

"I must say, Delta 23831, you would make a fine training dummy; you're built like Bendezium. Unfortunately, just like Bendezium, you don't make a good fighter. What happened back there?"

I shook my head slowly. "I just couldn't beat him. Some of us aren't as good as the others."

The instructor shook his head as well. "Everyone here may not be as good as the others, but it's still good to know a few combat moves in order to protect yourself come the time. Of course, it would be just as good for you to be good at fighting need you have to kill someone…"

"I understand, Instructor. Next cycle, I will have galvanized my nerves to endure the pain."

"I don't think that was the problem, kid. You had the wind knocked outta ya. Focus more on protecting your gut." He stood there in thought for a moment. "Still, it would be wise to practice Omega's Pain-Reduction Method, since you're almost of age for the fastener…"

"I know. Our Sciences Instructor said it's gonna hurt like hell when we get it. It that true?"

"Oh yeah, definitely. Trust me when I say not even Omega's Method will save you from extreme pain like you've never felt before."

I swallowed nervously, and looked to the ground. The instructor noticed this, and smiled.

"Don't worry, kid, you've got at least 30 cycles to prepare for it. When I was your age, we weren't notified until it was too late." He laughed at this, and sighed. "Get to the showers, kid, you smell like a korakk." He pushed me lightly in the direction of the showers, and I headed there gloomily. When I got in, several others were finishing up their showers. I walked up to one of the stalls, and pressed a button on the wall. A timer was displayed, since water was considered a valuable resource, and somewhat hot water came spraying out of the nozzle. Allowing the water to wash away my sweat, I finished up quickly and left to the dryer. As I stepped into the drying room, wind blasted past my face in every direction. I continued through the room, allowing my body to dry off, and neared the door, causing it to open. I hurried through the halls of the complex to the final period of the day: roll call. Stumbling into the room as fast as possible, I was lucky enough that there was a large enough crowd in the room that no-one noticed my tardiness. Roll call was held in one of the larger rooms of the facility, since all six squads were stationed here at the end of lessons. The Head Instructor began to call out titles, and each individual replied with a raised hand when their title was called. After about a millicycle, roll call finished, and we were dismissed to our quarters.

Leaving the room, I began to wander the halls again for a bit, and finally made it to my quarters: a smallish room that served as my home. I opened the door with my key, which was inserted in the wall nearby, and looked around. I was allowed to arrange and keep personal objects in my room as I wished, but certain objects, such as weapons or harmful substances, were ot permitted. I currently had my room arranged in a rather simple manner. My bed sat against the farthest wall, with my desk close to it on the right. A large metal cube served as my chair, and was currently shoved underneath my desk. A stationary toilet sat in the corner nearest the door, along with a sink that only supplied up to five quarts of water a cycle. Embedded into the wall was a large digital clock that displayed time by millicycles and nanocycles. It was programmed with an alarm that could not be changed no matter what, since it woke me before lessons would start. I sat down on my bed, and looked at my calendar. The cycles of the tricenticycle were divided into decacycles, tridecacycles and then centicycles. This cycle happened to be the 234th cycle of the tricenticycle. I sighed. This cycle also happened to be the second cycle of the decacycle, which was a long time away from tenth cycle, our break cycle. Laying down on my bed, I closed my eyes. I had been in this facility for 48 centicycles already, since the day I was born. It depressed me in a way, since it felt like the entire first fourth of my life had been wasted. I yawned deeply; thinking about life made me tired. I got up, turned off my lights, and got into my bed. This was only a cycle in a huge procession of many others.

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