This fic can be considered a follow-up from my previous "I Rise, You Fall" ROTF fic since I make a couple of references to it. Again it focuses on Optimus Prime and his ancestry, but with this fic I intend to do a more detailed exploration of Optimus's unexplained distant past. I'll be expanding on details briefly mentioned in my "I Rise, You Fall" fic.

This is going to be a serious and thoughtful story with plenty of tragedy involved, so don't be expecting laughs from this read. Characters to be featured include: The Fallen, The Primes, Alpha Trion, Jetfire (a little) and even an infant Optimus (coz we all love the thought of a cute little Optimus!)!

The story is set about a month after the events of the ROTF movie. Optimus returns to Egypt to visit The Tomb of The Primes, but he finds that there are unsettled memories in there waiting for him.

I've taken liberties with the names of the Primes. I used some names from theorized members of the Original 13, some established Prime names and others I just kinda made up using other Transformers' names.

Note that when I'm occasionally using Cybertronian time units, I'm going by the IDW comics' definition of them:

A nano-klik – a second

A klik – about a minute

A cycle – approx. an hour

A mega-cycle – 93 hours (just under 4 days)

A deca-cycle – approx. 3 weeks (approx. a month)

A stellar-cycle – about 7.5 months (over half a year)

A meta-cycle – about 13 months (approx. a year).

Transformers is the property of Hasbro. The movies belong to Paramount and Dreamworks.

Make yourselves comfortable…

Rising Sun - Part 1

A lone otherworldly traveller was trekking across the Egyptian desert. His heavy metal feet sunk into the golden sand with every step. The rays of the late afternoon Sun were glistening off his back. He'd been flown over oceans, driven through Egyptian towns disguised from the local people and navigated empty roads leading through valleys to reach this desert wilderness. Strange rock formations decorated the desert valley he was making his way across. He stopped as he reached a high rock wall and looked up.

The glowing royal blue optics of Optimus Prime scanned the steep and uneven rock wall that was five times his giant height. He checked his internal map for his location. Bumblebee, having previously been to his desired destination, had given him the coordinates for it. He was not far now. He began climbing the rock wall. His ascent to the top was finally rewarded with the sight of the destination he had been searching for. He was greeted by the sight of an ancient Egyptian temple carved into the face of a rock hill. A giant rectangular doorway into the temple awaited his entry. Being careful not to damage the doorway frame with his massive robotic frame, the Autobot leader made his way inside the temple.

He walked into a huge dusty hall. At the end of the hall, there was a wall with a large hole blown through it. This was it, what Optimus had wanted, needed to see: The Tomb of The Primes. Now, approximately an Earth month after his fateful battle with the ancient and evil Prime known only as The Fallen, he had returned back to Egypt in search of the final resting place of his forefathers. The Matrix of Leadership had transferred knowledge of the first ancient Cybertronian race into him. During his time offline at the hands of Megatron, he had seen brief, but vivid images of his ancestral Prime forefathers. But he knew little about them other than the course of events that had occurred with them, had never met them to his recordable memory, he did not even know their names. Still he felt he should pay his respects to his ancestral predecessors though. He wanted to see what remained of them also. He had seen them through Matrix visions and now he needed to see them physically. Perhaps subconsciously, he hoped visiting the Tomb of the Primes would give him some solid sense of what his forefathers had been like.

As he approached the far wall with the large hole previously made by Bumblebee, Optimus saw the ancient Cybertronian symbols of The Primes. He kneeled down to inspect the symbols more closely. They were etched into the bodies of the Primes. He recognised the symbols as the ones on his own head and body, physical proof that he was linked to the ancient Dynasty of Primes.

The hole turned out to be rather small for Optimus's large body to comfortable bend down to and look through. So he began peeling away more of the rock wall covering the tomb with his bare hands, doing his best not to damage the tomb within. Through the enlarged hole, more of the bodies of The Primes were revealed. Optimus tentatively touched the surfaces of some of the bodies. A mysterious cool breeze seemingly came out of the tomb and blew past him. He thought nothing of it. Then he turned his attention inwards into the tomb. In the gradually fading light of the setting Sun, he observed Cybertronian faces of old within the tomb. Optimus studied each of the faces in turn. They all bore a similarity to The Fallen's face, yet each possessed unique designs. In his Matrix encounter with the original six Primes just before his reactivation back in the Egypt battle a month ago, Optimus had felt a particularly strong connection with one of the Primes who had referred to him as "our, 'my', precious son". Had that Prime been his…father? But Optimus had never got a clear view of his face. There was no way for him to tell with certainty which of the Primes' faces inside the tomb was his.

Optimus stared for a while at the faces and bodies of the Primes. He felt something was drawing him in towards them, beckoning him, but he resisted the subtle urge to go inside the tomb. It did not seem appropriate or respectful to unnecessarily disturb the peace of his dead forefathers. So he simply sat at the foot of the tomb and gazed into its shadowed depths. He wondered about the existences of The Primes and what their final moments had been like.

Most of his life on Cybertron, The Dynasty of The Primes had been merely an unproven legend to Optimus. Cybertron had no concrete record of them, only some suggestive pieces of archaeological evidence and verbal stories. He recalled a time just before the Autobot-Decepticon War when he had headed the Science Division on Cybertron. One particular archaeological discovery displaying a purported symbol of The Primes that matched a symbol on his head had been the start of theories amongst his followers that he was a 'Prime' descendent. They began proudly calling him by the full title of 'Optimus Prime'. He had thought little of it at first, but when the War began, he found the name of 'Prime' inspired his soldiers tremendously. They took courage and pride from the belief that they were being led by a great Prime descendent. Optimus only half believed in it himself, but the War was a more pressing a concern for him than what his Autobots wanted to call him, and if the name of 'Prime' gave them courage and strength in battle, then he would not deny them that source of inspiration. Then there was his old guardian and mentor, Alpha Trion, who verbally seemed to confirm his Prime lineage before his death...

The faint orange light of dusk filtered into the temple hall from outside. In the centre of the tomb, the single open hand of a Prime seemed to be emphasized in the faint light. Optimus recognized this open palm as the one that had held the Matrix of Leadership from Sam Witwicky's description. It possessed long elegant fingers. Optimus's optics followed the arm leading from the ancient hand up to the face of the Prime that it belonged to. This Prime wore a crown of metal spikes around his head, but a crest, similar in shape to Optimus's own, stood out on his forehead. Optimus's optics fell back down to the Prime's open palm. It seemed to invite his contact. Without thinking, he reached forward and touched its fingers.


An echoing voice stunned Optimus. He suddenly realized that he had reached into the tomb and touched one of the Prime's hands. He pulled his hand back, surprised and mystified by the voice he heard. There was nobody else there but him though, he was sure. He looked at the Prime's open hand that he had touched.

Our, my, precious son…

The voice echoed again. He saw a silver Cybertronian hatchling lying there in the open fingers. He blinked in disbelief. Then it was gone.

Optimus's optics were then drawn instinctively up to the 'crowned' Prime's face.

My rising sun…

The voice seemed to emanate from the still mouth of the Prime. Impossibly, a tear of energon was running down his darkened face. Optimus's hand went to readjust his optics and steady his head. When he removed it and looked again, there was only the Prime's dry and dusty face.

Audio and visual hallucinations. Had to be. Then strange feelings of joy and comfort mixed in with sadness inexplicably filled the Autobot leader. His spark chamber in his chest was vividly pulsating.

This tomb was filled with abandoned memories. Optimus turned his vision away from the tomb and found himself seeing not the temple hall anymore, but another unfamiliar scene…

Optimus found himself on a barren, amber-coloured world. It was devoid of life save only for the presence of seven foreign technological beings in the distance ahead of him. They were the first seven Primes Optimus realised! But they were long dead! He could not possibly be seeing them walking around alive! Yet he was sure it was them he was seeing ahead of him, even though he could only make out their outlines from his distant viewing position.

Optimus observed them walking over fine gravel and rocks. No water, no flora, no other living presence was to be found around. On this bleak and empty landscape, they were gathering toward an incongruous mechanical structure that towered from the ground, a Sun Harvester. Its spiked top pointed sharply skyward toward a great white sun.

The seven Primes surrounded the towering Sun Harvester construct. One of the seven Primes vanished from his group using powers of teleportation and he reappeared at the top level of the Harvester. From his opening chest emerged a glowing artefact, the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus believed this Prime to be the leader of the other six. He tried to magnify his face in his sight, but found this endeavour to be useless. The 'leader' Prime guided the glowing Matrix with invisible telekinetic powers into a hole in the Sun Harvester's frame. The whole of the giant machine came alive with energy.

"The Matrix of Leadership is inserted. Our solar harvest begins," the leader Prime announced aloud to his fellows below.

The six other Primes at the base of the Sun Harvester, along with a bewildered Optimus observing them from a distance away, watched as a beam of bright light shot up into the sky and aimed right for the white sun. Slowly, the light beam grew wider and brighter and the white sun it stretched to seemed to expand to an impossible size, filling the sky. Solar energy from the sun was being channelled into the Sun Harvester. The attached Matrix began shining with the new energy it was absorbing.

Eventually, the expanded sun began shrinking and darkening. The barren planet that it had provided light to also grew dark and cold. Optimus scanned his darkening surroundings with apprehension. He could feel coldness beginning to seep into his circuits.

The leader Prime at the top of the Sun Harvester recalled the vibrantly shining Matrix from its port and into his waiting hands. Suspended by telekinetic forces between his hands, the leader Prime raised the Matrix above his head. It shone like the only star in the now darkened barren world. The leader Prime's voice rang through the darkness.

"My brothers, the Matrix is fully energized! The Allspark's life-giving energies will be replenished!"