Crossing paths, a kingdom hearts 358/2 days fan fiction

Chapter one:

"For some reason I wonder: Why did I move out here to a small town in western Canada?" Xion thought. "But all those questions seem to melt away when I look into her soft blue eyes." The girl she was talking about was a girl that lived across the street from her apartment. "I wonder what her name is..."

Then one day the girl she was talking about came into the Cafe where she worked.

Xion was a waitress there and the people she worked with were nice. Especially Renn, The owner of the Cafe, and Her older sister Kairi put in a good word since Xion had just graduated from college. And Renn had been friends with Kairi's boyfriend Sora as college roommates. "But since Sora moved in with Riku, Kairi's been heartbroken and working as the cashier at the Cafe. Now even more it seems that Kairi and Renn love each other now." She thought.

"May I take your order Madam?" She asked. "I'll have a Chai tea latte with extra foam and sugar if you don't mind." "Alright...Got it." Xion walked back to the counter and readied the coffee maker. When the order was filled she brought back a steaming hot Chai tea latte. "Hope you like it." "Here." The lady had soft blond hair, bleached it seems. "The total comes to $5.48" Then she gave a five dollar bill and a one dollar coin. "Keep the change." She said as she sipped the beverage. "May I ask your name? Mine's Xion." "Namine...The name's Namine." "Alright Namine, Have a good day." "You too..." Then as she continued her work she noticed a boy with blond, spiky hair walked in and gave Namine a kiss on the cheek. Then Kairi jumped over the counter and said: "Roxas? Is that you? What are you doing here?!" She yelled. "Oh, Kairi! Long time no see! How long has it been?" "Good, but Sora left me for Riku a few years ago, now I work here with my little sister, Xion." "Oh...Poor you, Find another boy then?" "Yeah, I now live with Renn, Sora's college roommate. He opened up this Cafe." "Oh he did? Is he here today?" "No. He only checks in once a week now..." "Oh." As Kairi and Roxas continued talking, Xion had a conversation of her own with Namine. "So, Roxas is your Boy?" "Yeah...So what?" She asked. "Well, he seems like a nice boy. Okay I got to get back to work, By the way, I live in the apartment building across from your house, Number 61 on the second floor, and Come over anytime you wish." "Alright, Thanks Xion."