Ch10 What we saw there and other discoveries

Irma and Vanessa sat down on a chair and squeezed the water from her hair and jacket; they were given towels and outfits from the rack while their clothes dried. They decided to let Daniel hear the story since he's no snitch and no major authority. If he was he might as well boot them out of the opera. He was a witness to them emerging from a secret door so might as tell the truth, no use in lying. There Irma began her story

"I decided it might have been best if I consulted with the opera ghost (if he was around) in a civilized way to see why he wasn't around to take care of the enemy that wishes to make the theater fall. I also thought he might help in finding Christine Daae."

She paused and sighed.

"I've heard stories and rumors about different passageways to the phantom's lair, so I chose the ever seemingly possible mirror in Christine's dressing room." She lied not making it sound like she knew everything about the opera's mysteries.

"You went in Mlle Christine's room!" Dan abruptly rose from his chair aghast of her incursion of his favored Prima Donna's space.

"Yes! Yes! I did okay now let me continue!" Irma snapped at him.

"Anyway as I made my way down the waterway, I landed onto his lair after going through the river on a boat. I found it fascinating to say the least, I found an array of music sheets dusty but fancy costumes of his, and the swan bed! I went over his journal and read a final passage of his then saying since he lost his love to he fop he has no reason to live anymore therefore to end it!"

Priscilla and Dan gasped in shock and then waited for her to proceed with other discoveries.

"I had first believed it too, but when I caught a whiff of half lit candles on the candelabras I knew that in some way if he wasn't around then why do they smell like that as if someone had been in there?"

All three nodded in agreement.

"It was then he came from behind and attacked me! And boy I'm still dizzy from that hit. He demanded why I was in his lair and responded saying that he might be able to help find Christine. Why that jerk just answered back saying he isn't able to end his pathetic miserable life doesn't care about what happens to Christine no more nor the opera house! Neither both needed him so what's the point in help save it?"

Vanessa grumbled indignantly, "The bastard!" Priscilla's heart and face fell in dismay at his rebuff of Christine. Dan just listened in attentive eagerness.

"My hopes of reasoning with him and finding a perfect rebuttal were shattered. The biggest mistake of mine was I caught him in a foul mood so he chased me down to Punjab me and I bumped into Vanessa."

"That's where I come in to tell my side!" Van said loudly, this time it was much briefer than her friend's.

"Well you se I thought that if the ghost was able to get into his box without being seen in the hallway there must be some secret entrance to get in it. So in I went to find him, I then found a rotating wall which put me in very small room, being claustrophobic and all I nearly fainted. I managed to step on a lever and a door was opened. I found myself in the sewer then in comes Irma screaming hell out of the river with the phantom chasing her. I didn't want my pal dead so kicked his nuts, which I regret terribly doing to my hottie ghost and fell into some other chamber."

Dan was silent for a moment, "You two….in the phantom's lair….? Impossible! It must be some exaggerated story you two made to get some attention!"
Van snapped a livid look at him, "We came out of the damn wall! Secret entrances! Tunnels! If you believe the existence of the phantom you know that guy got this whole place rigged with ways to his lair!"

"Rigged…?" he said puzzled at the word.

"If that isn't proof enough…" Irma said to him reaching to her pocket. "Maybe this will."

She too a piece of paper and placed it in his hand.

'What is it?"

"It's a page of the opera Don Juan Triumphant. I snuck it out of his lair unnoticeably, there's only one copy and that copy belongs to the phantom himself."

Dan still felt doubtful but it indeed served a portion of proof of their escapade.

"That's not all." Vanessa said to them. Priscilla looked confused, "Not all? You mean there's more to what you saw?"

"Yup. You see, after we fell out of the chamber there were series of other tunnels leading different ways. It was easy to get lost till we made it here."

"Did you find a way to one of the cellars? Maybe found a trace of Christine?" Priscilla asked.

Dan also agreed, "Yes I would like to know if Miss Daae was found anywhere or a clue of her."

Van drew a small breath and let it out, "Well we did manage to find a few ways to one of the cellars. Cellar one was filled with many supplies and all that junk, two and three were the same. No sign of anything that could have stuck out."

"How about four and five?" Priscilla asked.

Irma waved a hand, "We were in cellar four, but that place was filled with barrels. We never looked in them, Cellar five was…." She trailed off.

"Was what?" Dan said.

"Were traps, we managed to kick down the door but as we entered a few arrows shot at us. It looks like nobody wants us in really bad."

Priscilla's faced was overcome with concern, what was in there that they didn't want seen?
Van wet on, "We also managed to find a secret entrance that lead to underneath the stage." She said with her eyes sparkling like diamonds.

"The detective was searching along with a party of people, we hid in one of the crates to watch. Mr. Samuel found that a trapdoor was opened on stage, a piece of Christine's dress was found and it looked like she was dragged too. Skid marks on the soles of her shoes trailed off and disappeared in a few feet, a piece of rope was then found at the spot, suspicions of her assault could be that she bound and gagged."

Priscilla and Dan gasped in horror, "No…" Dan said trembling in fright, "She couldn't be."

Irma resumed the story, "Anyway, Sam started to talk about what his thoughts could be about it. It turns out to be the same rope used for the backdrops."

Priscilla mused a bit, "Could it be that the person was where the stage hands were?"

Irma shrugged, "Might as well be, anyway we saw a really shady character hang around the stage wearing a long black coat and hat, it was like he was stalking around or something."

Priscilla and Dan's attention perked up, a man in long black coat?

"Hey we saw that guy earlier!" they both said. "He was around in the hall of boxes." Dan told them both.

"And I saw that man too in box five!" Vanessa jumped excitedly. "He was doing something, but I didn't see."

Irma put her brain to use, "That man, could it be the one that Mr. Sam shouted out, Robert Dominic?"

Dan's face became alert at the name, "Robert Dominic! I've heard of him! Story about him goes that his sister died on the night of the Don Juan disaster! Now he comes buy every time he gets a chance and trashes the front steps and even once he crashed the windows using huge rocks. The police never got him!"

Irma smirked as she was told this, "I believe we have our primary suspect!"