From Behind a Closed Door

It was all a mistake. He hadn't meant to walk by China's room. He only had to return something to Hong Kong. But there he was, crouched down by China's door, eavesdropping.

It had all started when Japan passed by China's door. He heard the loud squeak of a mattress, somebody getting on a bed. Kiku stopped in his tracks. It was much too early to be taking a nap.

Another squeak.

Someone else getting on a bed?

That was extremely strange. Yao wasn't seeing anyone…was he? Japan's mind quickly went to other things but he shook those thoughts away.

He leaned in closer, hands pressing against the door. He didn't expect to h-hear anything else of course….he was just keeping an eye…er….ear on China, y'know?

"Jeez, China, you're so stiff. Loosen up a bit."

Japan covered his mouth, stifling a gasp.

That was Korea's voice-!

He had never known….Korea and China….

Kiku crouched down, being as quiet as possible, and listened intently to what was going on behind that door.

A moan from China.

Oh….my God…..

Japan was pretty sure a blood vessel had just popped in his nose.

The bed squeaked again.

No no no no….it's nothing…..nothing….,Kiku tried to convince himself.

Suddenly he heard footsteps. He looked down the hallway and saw Taiwan. She spotted him too.

"Eh? Japan, what are you doing by China's-"

Japan put a finger to his lips and beckoned for her to come closer. She walked over and sat down next to him.

"Japan, your face is all red….."

"Just listen!" He whispered.

She leaned in closer to the door.

"A-ah….Korea…..move down….please, aru."

Korea did what he said, earning an approving groan from China.

Taiwan clapped a hand to her mouth and stared, wide-eye, at Japan.

He nodded.

This will be such a great story to tell to Hungary-san!

"Yesterday me and Kiku heard Korea and China doing XXX…."

A popping noise was heard.

"Y-you didn't break something….did you? You're quite inexperienced at this kind of thing, aru…."

Taiwan never knew you could b-break something doing that….

"So do you want me to continue?"

"Yes, please,….aru."

The whole thing lasted 5 or 7 minutes maybe, though it seemed much shorter to Japan and Taiwan. There wasn't much conversation between Yong Soo and Yao, though China did make some, very erotic sounding, noises.

Taiwan had never known China was this loud in bed.

When the few minutes were over, China let out a sigh of contentment.

"Aiyaa….thanks Korea, aru."

"You're welcome."

Japan could almost imagine the big, stupid grin plastered on Korea's face.

The squeak of the bed again. Two people getting off.


The door slid open and China stood in the doorway, Korea behind him, both fully dressed.

"W-what the heck are you two doing by my door, aru?"

Japan and Taiwan couldn't do anything but look up at the two innocently, faces flushed.

Turns out, China and Korea hadn't been having sex.

Korea was simply giving China a back massage.

You thought of something else? How perverted, aru.


"So you two weren't-"


China sighed. "Kids these days, aru…"

Korea smirked, cheeks tinted pink.

"Hey, Yao….maybe we should…you know….give them a little show?"