It started with an innocent trip to Spain. My only worry was my first plane ride and meeting his family. That was my only concern. But then we snuck out. I knew it was wrong but I wanted to have fun. Sneaking out I knew my only fear was getting into trouble latter.

What silly fears. Man, if I knew then what I know now I would laugh at myself for those pitiful fears. I do blame myself for what happened. Sure he was coming after us anyway. But I had to stop. I was picture happy with my new camera and on my first trip. I had to stop to take that last picture. Funny, I have no idea if that picture even came out. Do I still own that camera? Maybe I left it behind. Why am I rambling again?

Now all those seem so long ago. As I look down on the world from my seat I think about the past how I struggled as a human. Now I can everything I want in a matter of seconds. I am treated like royalty for no reason. I have everything in the world I could ever dream of. But I am still not happy. Its not that I want more. I want less.

I want to be alive again. To be able to run in the grass. To sleep in on week ends and wake up early on other days. All those things I complained about as a human, now I take them for granted. I want to live again. But I will never be able to have a life again. So here is sit. Waiting, for time to pass. I don't know what I am waiting for. What could I? Nothing. That's it. At least when I had a life I had things to do.

AN: The Final Bite. The last book in the Love Bites Trilogy. I want to quickly thank all my fans and supporters. Thank you and all your reviews. They keep the story alive. Also I know I said this is the last in the TRILOGY. But I MIGHT make a spin off or an aftermath pending on how things go. Also I have considered making this an actual book but changing names and such so it is a normal story. I was wondering that if I so would you approve? Once more thank you.