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Yuki Nagato's Emotions.

Chapter 15: The Ruler Of All Things.

Mikuru stood inside the apartment, sitting herself down with haste.

"I am sorry to intrude, but I need to talk with you, its of the utmost importance.."

I looked at Mikuru...She was taller, and wearing a white short sleeve shirt and a brown Mini Skirt.

"Your not Mikuru...Your, different.."

She removed her glasses on smiled, closing her eyes as she did.

"Im from the future.."

I sat back in my chair, slaming my feet up onto the table.

"Wow...I see you have upgraded, Miss Nagato.."

I closed my eyes, trying to keep cool, even though for once, I was slightly baffled.

"Yeah..I have.."

She sat forward.

"We have a lot to talk about.."

Things became awkward, what was going on here?

"About you..Mainly.."

I was intrigued at this..What about me?

She stood up, and gazed at me with her eyes.

"Your diary, your thought book..Makes interesting reading.."

What the?!....

"Please don't think of it like that...It was necessary of me too do so."

I didn't act surprised, I knew she was up to something, I wanted to pretend to stay ahead..

"These godforsaken periods.."

She had her eyes closed, reading extracts of my diary?..

"Thats what you said..Remember?"

What the?!..I forgot about that?!!

"I see the look of confusion in your eyes..Let me explain..In your fight against Ryoko Asakura.."

No..Way...This cant be....

"You were badly injured, pardon me for saying this so bluntly, but your "Reproductive System" was...Annihilated..To be precise...."

"That's Corre...Oh.."

She giggled and sat back down.

"Oh it pleases me to see you as a human..Forgetful, negligent.."

I realised were this was going and pounced on opportunity.

"Y..Yes I realised, if they were damaged, how would I be able to go onto my period..."

She smiled.

"Exactly...It seems like Your not as oblivious as I thought.."

She took a sip of the green tea which I had made earlier, and carried on speaking.

"Im thinking of ways to say this, without sounding like a complete fool.."

"Even a fool had a modicum of sense and civility.."

She laughed whilst covering her mouth.

"Kyon healed your body"

I laughed. This was it?..

"I know that, I could feel it..Although I'm surprised, admittedly it healed so much of me..."

Before she could speak. I spoke out.

"So what's this gotta do with Haruhi?.."

She laughed quite hard, falling back onto my sofa, nearly spilling her tea on her leg.

"Your well adapt with these things Nagato!"

Mikuru was so different...Like this...She was the older Mikuru, if I remember rightly..

"Haruhi wants the two of you to be happy..."


"My younger self talked to Haruhi...And told her everything...Not a single closed space, not a single tear, not a single problem with the universe.."

I was gob smacked, literally...

Now listen, this will take a bit of time to explain.

"Kyon..Loves you, with his heart, more so than anyone else I know, in the universe..And when Haruhi technically gave you and him her "Blessing" she wished you perfect health...And of course it happened, she wished specifically that When you are together, both of you are in perfect health, which of course..Happened.."

I sat back in my chair, my eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling..

"Wow....Suzumiya Haruhi...Did that?.."

She nodded quietly before carrying on.

"At this moment in time...I have instructed My younger self to talk with Kyon, simply by handing him a letter I have written myself...I believe after reading this letter, he will come here..Asking for your forgiveness..."

Even I was surprised at all of this..

"How..Do you know that?.."

She tapped her nose two times and smiled.


"I get it.."

She leaned forward once more and took off her glasses, rubbing her face.

"Well...It seems I should hide.."

The second she stopped talking the door rang 5 times. Someone was trying to see me..

Before I stood up, Mikuru had already permitted entrance.

I turned round to see her Go inside the storage room and lock the door.

"Remember this...His heart guides him.."

She then vanished into the room..without a trace..

I turned round.

As if everything was moving in slow motion..

In the doorway, stood a tall, masculine figure. Clutching a small brown note.

He walked in, nervously.

Dropping his note as he walked inside.


It was him.

I couldnt...

Not yet..

I turned around, and ran down my corridor.

I smashed through an entire door, nearly ripping it from its hinges.

I stopped and looked for a way to get out.

He appeared in the doorway.

A tear in his eye.

"I...Im sorry for what I did.."

I clenched my fists...The emotions running through y body were simply...Frightening.

I didnt know this was going to happen, I thought I could talk to him, be with him, resolve our issues.

Instead I simply wanted to throw him from the top storey window...

But I still loved him...

He rushed into my room.

Closing the half broken door behind him.

"This note...You wrote...You said you loved me on it, the letters that are thicker, spell out "I Love You"

I fell back on my chair, I was so weak when he talked to me...

"I...It wasnt me..It was..M..-"

He get on his knees..

"Im sorry, for everything..Everything I put you through..."

Without hesitation, I wanted this over, I ran to him and slid onto him, embracing him in a tight hug..

"Everything with Haruhi is fine...She is on her way to speak with us now.."

I fell back.

"She..Is coming here?.."

He nodded politely.

He smiled at me.

Oh how I missed that beautiful smile..

I rested my hand on his, and he lifted it up, kissing my hand.

I felt as if I was whole again, is if my life had really become something I could be proud of.

But in a flash!

The door opened!

And there was Mikuru, stood up, clutching a note..The same note that had fallen on the ground when Kyon entered.

She had a look of sheer terror in her eyes, panting frantically.

"Im....SO sorry..."

I stood up, in panic.

"What do you mean!?"

"Kyon, this note!..Who gave it too you?!..This isn't the note I-"

Mikuru was in panic, she was grabbing her ponytail, racking her brain for thoughts.

"I, just found it inside my jacket pocket....Why?!..Do you anything about the phone call I received?!"

"Oh..No...No..NO!..I don't know what's happening here!"

"...What Phone call?....Kyon..?"

Everyone stood round each other...Faces in dismay.

I spoke first..

"It wasn't me.."

"Nor me.."


"Well, it was a girl...She sounded a bit like an older Yuki...And she..Seemed to know me.."

Silence filed the room and the sound of a girl, giggling under her breath, echoed throughout. the whole room

"It was me!"

We all turned.

Mikuru screamed in terror!

What was going on?!

Kyon fell back. His mouth wide open.

Everyone fell, leaving me, the only one not looking.

I didn't want too, Mikuru had her back against the wall, sliding down it slowly, with her mouth covered.

"Hello?..Miss Nagato!..Turn around!"

I turned slowly..

A girl?..Black Hair?..North High uniform..



my heart stopped beating.

That is the last thing I remember....Of that day..

That is the last image I can remember...Of that Day..

A girl...With long, black hair to her ankles.

And a north high uniform.

That's a chapter of my Life, what followed..Is a tale for another time.

Thank You...For listening.