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Author's Notes: All right, here is the series of one shots I've put together. Basically, each one shot will usually features Dana or Terry, but doesn't necessary reflect their relationship. This one has certain members of the JLU making cameos. Anyway, these one shots may be past, present, future, or AU, and they may reference any of my earlier BB fics like Favorites, The Air I Breathe, or Proposal, but I'll tell you first so you guys won't get too confused. Right now, most of the ones I've written are in the future, because let's face it, future Dana/Terry just has so much potential.

So here's the deal, when I post a new chapter, I'll probably change the category/genre settings to fit the newest chapter posted, and I'll also change the summary so you guys can have a small preview of what the new chapter is about. That way for those of you who don't want to read angsty or character death scenes, and etc. don't have to. Some of these will be short, and some will be kind of long, but I think most are going to be around 1000 words.

The Catwoman outfit mentioned in this fic is based on the design from Batman: The Animated Series, when Selina had blonde hair. Also, in the future I've decided that I want Dana to work for Wayne/Powers, and she'll end up becoming the CEO, so she'll be in charge of the day-to-day operations, basically she'll have Lucius Fox's job. I don't want her to just become a house wife, and it just made sense for me that she'll take care of the company. *Shrugs* That's just me.

How in the World?

No one is quite sure how the tradition started, but most believe Wally West or Oliver Queen to be the masterminds behind the yearly Halloween party. Christmas is a time for League members to spend with their friends or family; Halloween is a time to get into a different costume, hang out, and party like there would be no tomorrow. Of course the locations of these parties change every year, due to security reasons, but Gotham has never hosted one of the infamous Halloween Parties.

There are various reasons for this: First, the original Batman didn't like the idea of other heroes in his city. Second, Gotham was home to the Joker. If he ever found out about the party he would probably make it a security nightmare. Then there was that 20 year estrangement between the first Batman and the Justice League. Lastly, Gotham became the home of both the Jokerz and T gangs, once again making it a security nightmare.

However, ten years after Terry McGinnis takes over the mantle of the Bat, Gotham's crime rate begins to fall; someone, a member with metal wings, suggests holding the party in Gotham. Terry's eyes narrow a little, before some of the other members begin to rag on the part-time member. He consents, but only if the old man agrees.

One month later, Rex is feeling pretty lucky since not only did he win the bet that McGinnis' costume would be an older version of the Batman outfit; Micron owes him double because it's clear that Bats is not enjoying himself. Right now, Terry looks like he's about to break the legs of the newest Flash, Wally's youngest son.

Barry is attempting to flirt with someone dressed as Catwoman. Eyeing the woman, Rex can understand why Barry is trying his best lines on her. She's petite, but manages to wear the one piece jumpsuit well. She has a whip coiled on her right side, and she's even wearing that gold chain belt around her waist, which only enhances the curve of her hip. She's shorter than the original though, and she has brown eyes instead of…wait a minute.

He turns back to Terry, who still giving out his death glare. No, fracking way.

"How the hell did you do it?" The half-human, half-Thanagarian demands.

Terry manages to stop scowling before turning to him. "What do you mean?"

"How the hell did you manage to get the old man to let you take out an original suit, and convince your girlfriend to wear a Catwoman suit?"

"I didn't;" comes the terse reply.

"Say, what?"

"I didn't do anything;" Terry grinds out. "It was all Dana's idea. She convinced the old man to throw the party, let me use the old suit; she even suggested wearing the Catsuit."

Warhawk crosses his arms over the GL symbol on his chest. "I don't believe you."

For the first time since the party started, Terry actually seems to calm down a little as gives the other hero a little smirk, "Why don't you ask her?"

Not one to stand down from a challenge Rex straightens up a bit, "I will; I'll ask Dana right now."

"Ask me what?" Their training prevents them from showing surprise at her sudden appearance.

The older hero smirks as he turns to face her, "Bats here says you volunteered to wear that outfit."

She gives him a smile, "I did; I also convinced the Bruce to let you guys use one of Wayne/Power's building to hold this little shindig, anything else?"

"Yeah, how the hell did you manage that?"

Dana lets out an amused chuckle before shaking her head, "Uh-huh, nope, sorry, a lady doesn't give away her secrets. I'm really thirsty; do you guys want anything?"

Rex shakes his head slowly due to shock, while Terry gives her a quick kiss before telling her he's fine. They watch her as she mingles and maneuvers her way through the crowd of costumed people. Rex then turns to face a smug Terry, "You're one lucky SOB; you know that right?"

"You have no idea."

"Damn straight, I have one other question though."

Terry raises an eyebrow in anticipation.

"Does she have a sister?"

Two hours later, Terry and Dana make it back to the Manor where they find Bruce waiting in the cave. "Did you get it all?" Terry asks the older man as he puts the old Batman suit into its case.

Bruce smirks, "Every word. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm expecting an important call."

Terry gives him a short nod, and Dana gives his hand a small squeeze; "Thanks for being a good sport about this." She tells him before they leave the cave.

Bruce makes sure they're out of sight before turning back to the computer and pushes a couple of buttons. Ten seconds later, Shayera Hol's computer has a digital copy of the conversation their two sons had. Five minutes later, he sees her disgruntled face on his screen as he smirks back. "I believe we had a little wager…"

Jadeling's notes: In my mind, I can just see Rex Stewart being around his uncle Wally quite a bit as a child and though he is always really serious on the job at the JLU; I'd like to think that some of Wally West rubbed off on him when he's not on duty. Do you like?