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Anyway, this fic is in honor of Valentine's Day, so I thought I should post it before the holiday past, oh, and happy belated Chinese New Year! I may try to write a chappy featuring the holiday at a later date, but that's a nebulous thought at best right now.


Kai will admit he is unsure on the best solution to his current predicament. He can't decide what to get for a Valentine's Day gift for his partner. It's his first long-term relationship; and though Reilly has assured him that anything is fine, Kai wants to make a good impression.

He does a little research on the subject over the Net, but it only leaves him more confused, so he decides to ask some of his colleagues to see what opinions they have. Ka-El says to go with something simple. J'onn reassures him that Reilly will accept anything Kai gives as long as it comes from his heart. Barda and Merina agree with J'onn, though both encourage him to offer something simple like Ka-El suggests. Jewelry is for something more long term.

While he appreciates their advice, he still feels no closer to a solution to his conundrum. About a week before the holiday, he's in the locker room with Flash and Warhawk as they're changing back into civilian garb.

"Last year, I got Merina a new vid that she wanted," Rex offered to his younger teammate.

Barry is about to offer his suggestion when the doors open to reveal Batman and Micron coming in to the room. He promptly refocuses his attention on the two and inquires why they're at the Tower.

"I asked Batman up for some information about a case I'm working on. Has some similarities to an older case he worked," Micron answers as they both get out of their suits.

Kai watches them for a moment before speaking, "Terry, do you mind answering a question?"

Terry's face remains impassive as he gives the younger hero a look. Kai understands it's his, "you can ask; doesn't mean I'll answer," look.

The Green Lantern considers his words before going ahead, "Valentine's Day is next week, and I'll admit I am at a loss as to what to get Reilly. Do you have any ideas?"

Terry gives a slight shrug as he puts his regular clothes on, "Sorry, last year I gave Dana a red paper heart for Valentine's Day."

"A red paper heart?" Kai repeats. It's extremely simple and old-fashioned; on the other hand, perhaps something homemade is what he's looking for. Do they even make construction paper anymore? Warhawk and Flash seem shocked by his response. Only Micron seems impressed by Terry's answer. He turns to the other hero and smacks him on the shoulder.

"Nice. Didn't know you were old school, Bats," he says before leaving the room.

"Please tell me you weren't stupid enough to give that beautiful woman, the mother of your children, a plain paper heart," Barry pleads.

"Hey, there was a message on there." The two other men bow their heads down as if Terry has just shamed them collectively as a gender. He looks indignant at them both, while Kai just watches their interaction. "Look, it was a recreation of a paper valentine I made over 20 years ago. Yeah, it was just red paper and a simple message; but Callie got hold of the original; and well, you know how toddlers are."

"What was the message?" Kai asks, curious.

Terry doesn't answer; he only turns back to his locker to close it. Realizing the man considered it too personal Kai asks another question. "Did she like it?"

Before Terry can answer, Rex lets out a snort and mutters. "Don't you mean what did Terry have to do afterwards to make it up to her?"

Terry throws a glare towards the duo before giving Kai a small smile. It's not his usual smug grin; in fact, Kai thinks it reflects something akin to contentment. "Yeah, she loved it," he replies softly. He then gathers his things and leaves the room.

Both Flash and Warhawk let out some snickers and start going on about lame gifts while Kai ponders Terry's words and expressions. The duo is still making some wise cracks on Terry's lack of creativity, when Kai walks past them, "I wouldn't mock him so."

"Oh really, and why not?" Rex challenges.

"Wesley Grey."

The pair share confused looks before looking back at him. "What does Baby Bats have to do with this?"

Kai resists the urge to roll his eyes. "Wes was born in late November; you two do the math." He waits for them to figure out what he has, and smirks at their shocked faces before walking out the room.

Jadeling's Notes: Once again, I thought Kai would work as the one who wasn't sure about what to give for Valentine's Day, because he was the youngest member of the group, but I also figured that he would be first to figure out that Terry and Dana's second child would be conceived around the holiday (well besides Bruce that is).