Breathe in.

Breathe out.





Ok that's not helping. Not at all. I gotta gather the courage to enter the room again. I bet I look completly weird, standing in the hallway, muttering to myself. Ok. I go in on three.





Damn it!

I chickend out again!

Fuck, I know for sure, that every second, I'm standing here, gives Mr. Cullen an anger level up.

I reach for the hadle. Turn it. Brace myself. Am actually holding my breath. Go in. Close the door carefully. And see something, that makes me hold my breath a little longer, than it's healthy.

Mr Cullen. He is not angry, but at the moment I cannot really tell anything his state of emotion, because he's kneeling on the floor. Head down.


To be precise:

He is ACTUALLY SNIFFING the chair, on which I had my "daydreams" earlier on.

And, in my complete stupidity, I actually am thick enough to say something. Well. I try.

"" which was supposed to mean: "I really want to know, what your doing Mr Cullen. What the fuck?" Bad thing is, that the worst part, the part with the name of the Pervert actually sniffing my ... womanly smell..., is getting out quite clearly...the rest? Not. Bad Luck.

But, hurray, I succeded to make him notice me (mind the sarcasm). And I wasn't swearing, which is normally required in this kind of situation. I think. I haven't been in this kind of situation before and I doubt that it is a normal thing to happen and that there's a protokoll, but swearing actually seems like a good thing to do. And I just busted it. Again.

He turns his head. Not sitting up and I notice that I'm still holding my breath, but strangley I am not able to let it out yet. Maybe that has something to do with the fact, that Mr Cullen is grining at me.

Grining. The Emo is Grining. Lucky me: I found a thing that is even scarier than an angry Mr. Cullen Emo: A grining Mr. Cullen Emo. One of the three things, I never wanted to achieve in my life: Find something more scarier than my Maths teacher throwing a fit.

"Miss Swan. Do you care to explain?" he says, still fucking grinning. Still sitting on the floor. And Still having a bloody hand on my chair.

And that's it. I suddenly find my long lost courage. Really. Right in this moment. Just what I needed. I cannot think of a moment, which is more NOT suitable for finding my long lost courage. But here I go.

"Well, do YOU care to explain Mr. Cullen?" and this is how I died. I mean surely I am gonna die, he is going to kill me, I know that for sure.

"Do I care, to explain what?" Ladies and Gentlemen the Emo-Grin is in for another round! And as a special: Raised eyebrows.

"Well, why are you sniffing my 's just disgusting"

"And why is that?"

"Because I...just a few minutes ago..I..." OH NO! I quickly clamp my hand over my treacherous mouth. Damit to hell with him and his intelligence! I nearly blurted out, that I...well what I did earlier on on the chair. Not going to happen Cullen! I stare at him in horror.

"You wanna know what I think, Swan?" He's finally raising himself, so I get intimitated again, and take a step back. He acknowledges that with a light chuckle.

", I don't think so." And I loose my courage again. Wow that didn't last very long. Maybe Europe isn't so bad after all...One step more.

"I think..." Well thanks for asking anyway, asshole! " you had a little fun earlier on, during your detention" Now he takes a step. In my direction! I'm so fucked. Natural urges cannot be denied so I take a step back, again.

"I think, you did something naughty, Miss Swan. Am I right." And suddently he is standing in front of me, backs me against the classroom door, trapping me.

I close my eyes, because I don't want to see Mr Cullen, just a few seconds before I die, that would't be good.

"Something very naughty." I can feel his hot breath against my face.

"Miss Swan..." Not more than a whisper. Am I dreaming? Am I having a nightmare right now? Because I cannot believe that I am in this type of situation rigth now. I mean I'm not Rose..or Alice. I don't get harrassed. And this is Mr.-Fucking-Cullen, he might me emo, but he is undoubtetly is hot, and I bet he has women swarming all over him. Hot Women, Mature Women. So what the fuck is he doing right now? Does he get a kick out of this? Can't he leave me alone?

"Did you get off, or should I help you finish?" What the hell? Shocked as I am, I snap my eyes open, and look into Mr Cullens face, which is definetly to close to mine.

"What?" He did no really say, what I think he said? Or did he?

"I didn't know that my presence alone could make high school girls so wet, that they have to go to the bathroom to finish off. I would have helped you. " Definetly into Dirty talk then. That's settled then, one mytery solved, hurray.

"I..I .. don't know what you are talking about..." Back into shy Bella-mode.

"Oh Miss Swan, should I prove my point?" With that he lays a hand on my hip, explaining HOW exactly he meant to prove his point. I splap away his hand, like it's burning me, which is possible more on the truth side, than I would acknoledge.

"Don't touch me! You're a fucking teacher!" With that, his face darkens again. "Right" He looks like somebody just broke his favourite toy.

"Right Miss Swan, as responsible teacher I should report this incident right to the head master. Do you really want that Miss Swan?" Hm. Let's think about Charly being ordered into school because his little precious daughter got aroused while being alone with a male teacher. Yeahh-

"No. Please don't tell." I am defeated and the grin is back again, possible more devilish than before.

"That's a good girl, keep begging and I might let you go..." I look at him in surprise. "..for now." I think about that for a while and make my desicion.

"Please?" I say reluctantly and he actually lets out a low moan and leans in, so that his mouth is at my ear. Too close. This man is definetly too close for my mental health.

"Beg me with a kiss..." He doesn't mean that! He cannot possibly mean that! He is a bloody teacher and I'm pretty sure this situation is exactly what one would call sexual harassment. But he doesn't look like he's kidding, I'm not even sure, if an Emo is capable of kidding. Well I'm not a little girl, not a chicken and I definetly don't want Charly to hear about this. That man is overpowered by me saying I have my monthly problem...

So I take up all my courage. Lean in. Gulp. And give Mr Cullen a quick peck on the cheek.


And this asshole actually has the decency to laugh. He laughs at me? This time it's my turn to glare at him.

"What? I did it, so let me go!"

"You are so cute.." he manages to say after he calmed down a bit.

"I meant a real kiss..." and with this he crushed his lips against mine and I loose all sense of reality.