~*I thought of this when a Build-A-Bear workshop commercial came on, it clawed at the back of my head for a week!*~

Agent Seeley Booth never thought he'd see the day when Dr. Temperance Brennan came in sick. It was early afternoon and he was ready to drag his Bones, kicking and screaming, to get a good lunch at Wong Fuu's. Instead he was leaning against the door to her office with a slightly worried expression.

Brennan was fast asleep on her couch, curled up in a throw blanket, shivering. A cough would erupt every now and then. Booth decided the best thing to do would be to tell Angela, so he woundered off in that direction.

When he got there Angela was laid up on her couch with a cup of tea in on hand and a box of tissue's in the other. She was wrapped in a heavy quilt, Hodgins head was in her lap, his snoring filling the silence. He was wrapped up almost as tight as Angela.

"Hey Studly. What's up?" Angela asked, her voice as congested as he had expected.

"Oh you know, same old stuff. What's goin' on here?" Booth questioned surveying Hodgins. He stepped into the room to hear Angela's congested reply.

"Zack infected us with the cold!" Hodgins exclaimed suddenly, his voice as congested as Angela's. "He's currently locked away in an exaimnation room with Niaomi from palentology."

Booth chuckled at the thought of the young anthropologist locked in a room with the woman who hadn't called him back after their...first incounter. "Is Cam sick?"

"As a dog." Came a voice from the doorway. He turned to see Cam with a red nose and puffy eye's. Her usually buisness like deminer had crumbled, her bang's were slightly disheavled, her cloths rumpled. Cam had a blanket draped over her sholders, a clipboard in her hand's. She took a seat in Angela's plush computer chair.

Booth couldn't surpress the boyish grin that spread across his face. "The squint squad is sick!" He said over and over in a sing-song was cut off by a sniffle from the doorway.

Brennan was clutching a thick blanket to her small shaking form. She looked incredibly depressed. "Angela." She whined curling up on Angela's unoccupied side. "My head hurt's."

"I know sweety." Angela said hugging her friend with one arm. Booth, Cam, and Hodgins gawked at the two women. "Is your tummy feeling better?" Brennan shook her head, burying her face in her blanket's. "Where's your teddy?"

"I dunno." Brennan mumbled slightly confused as she looked around for the small stuffed animal. Tear's welled up in her crystal blue eye's. She buried her head in Angela's shoulder. "I lost 'em."

"What's your teddy's name?" Booth ask's barely able to contain himself. The take-no-prisoner's Temperance Brennan had a teddy bear.

"I'm not tellin' you." Brennan practically whimpered into Angela's sholder. Angela shot Booth a warning look.

"Go find her bear." Angela ordered before coughing. Booth grumbled something under his breath before setting off for Brennan's office. He whistled a tune he couldn't recognize,his hand's shoved deep in his pocket's as he searched his partner/friend's office.

Booth nearly died of shock when he found the stuffed animal. It had an FBI issue suit on with a silly tie and silly sock's. It was him in bear form.

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