~*I'm back baby! And to make up for the long wait and small chapters I'm going to draw a Booth bear! When it's done and uploaded I'll put the link up on here, it's like a welcome back from the paperwork mines gift to my self =D

Booth's eyebrow rose as he watched Brennan and his son converse, "Yea Bones, why am I a teddy bear?" He didn't miss the blush that crept across her already fevered cheeks, it almost made him feel bad, almost.

Parker looked at her with expectant brown eyes, "Angela got it for me after we first worked together." Brennan stated in her matter-o-fact voice. Angela glanced up from her position sitting on an inflated bed next to Hodgins, she smiled mischievously.

"She was all mopey-"

"I was not mopey!" Brennan cut across her friend indignantly.

"You were all 'I miss that big hunky FBI issued hunk of a man'!" Angela made kissy noises while Parker giggled.

Booth looked do his now scarlet partner and laughed, "I never said such things! You can't possible believe her!" Brennan exclaimed looking to Booth for back-up, "Booth! It's not funny!"

Hodgins' laughed, "I seem to remember a few kissy noises coming from your office."


Zack looked at the group in confusion, "I don't recall any 'kissy' noises."

Brennan could have hugged him, "Thank you Zack."

"That's because you were to busy with Naomi!" Hodgins exclaimed and Angela laughed. Cam shook her head with a smile as Brennan and Zack both stuttered for comeback's.

Booth couldn't keep the grin from his face as Parker repeated the word 'mopey' to an increasingly flustered Brennan, "I don't see the resemblance." He said snatching the bear from Brennan, holding it up for inspection, "Where's the devilishly good looks?" Parker giggled.

"It's a bear Booth, they aren't made to look exactly like a particular person." Brennan took upon herself to explain the reason's behind the bear's appearance which only made the others snicker.

"But it's supposed to look like me Bones." Booth said with a pouty face.

Brennan looked at him as if he'd grown another head which she noted was impossible, "How can a bear look like you?"

Cullen and Rebbeca stepped out of the kitchen to find the two arguing over what the difference's in teddy bears were to human's, the rest of the squints watching them like it was the most interesting TV show they'd ever seen.