Keys To The Kingdom

Summary: Lucifer reveals secret truths to Sam. In hopes that he can regain one thing that he lost when he was banished. Spoilers for season 5 premiere. AU to season 5

A/N: I had some of these ideas before the premiere but this wasn't fully formed until I saw the episode. Just to warn you if you haven't seen the premiere that this has spoilers for the episode.

Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and the WB (or CW). Either way I'm not getting anything from this. Although I will gladly accept a gift wrap Sam and Dean Winchester.

Chapter 1: Sword of Michael

"Hello Samuel," Sam looks at the direction the voice came from. At the man who wasn't in that spot a minute ago.

"Lucifer," Sam sighs, "Why do you keep coming to talk to me? I already set you free and you rewarded me for that so what other reason would there be for any continue interest in me."

"Because you are special and there is still so much left for you to do. Your purpose didn't end when you broke the seal it was only the beginning."

"Well whatever you want from me you can forget it. I am not going to help in causing any more destruction." Sam stands defiantly in response.

Lucifer moves closer to Sam. "Destruction is what God made you for: a double edge sword ready to cut through anything. It is funny how everyone is looking to Dean to be the one to stop me, and maybe he can, but not the way they want it to happen."

Sam bristles at Lucifer's tone but he can't help but be curious at what he is hinting at. "You leave my brother alone."

"I have no interest in Dean. Even if he does what that fool Zachariah wants." Lucifer smiles at Sam reaching out and putting a gentle hand on his shoulder. Sam stiffens at the contact and knocks the hand away. "Now Sam, and answer me honestly to this, Dean hasn't been much of a brother to you lately. Condemning you for helping in my release when he is just as responsible for breaking the seals. Seeing how none of the other seals could be touched until Dean broke the one in hell."

Sam wants to deny what Lucifer is saying. Thinking of a response he defends his brother, "Dean didn't know, he didn't consort with a demon and let himself be fooled. He was in hell and being tortured anyone would agree just to stop the torture."

"True, however you didn't know any better either. Had the angels explained about what would happen if you killed Lilith with your powers would you have done it, of course not. Instead they order you to not use your powers with no explanation as to why. While at the same time they put you and Dean in situations where had you not used your powers both of you would be dead. Then there is Dean: didn't you ask him to come with you, to trust you when you went after Lilith. Events may have not ended differently if he had watch your back but would you have gone so far if Dean had been by your side? Instead Dean pushed you away, got angry at you, said horrible words to you, and for what just cause you acted on your grief like many other humans would. Then there is the detox, now before you try to defend him saying how Dean was trying to get you off the demon blood I want you to think about this. Why did he make you go through it alone, why wasn't he in the room with you helping you through it and giving you support?"

Sam moves away from Lucifer trying to get away but there is no escaping his words. He knows Lucifer is trying to get at him, which is working very well, but why. "Why do you want me and my brother apart? What did you mean that if Dean did what Zachariah wanted it would be useless?"

"I want you on my side, brothers in arms against all those that seek to use us and that have rejected us. My words are hurting you but it is the only way to get you to see the truth. We are so very similar you and I. Even on opposite sides you are my brother and if you reject me I will still see you as my brother. You can't deny the bond we share. Can you say the same in regards to your relationship with Dean: when he so easily throws away your brotherhood after making some mistakes? Brotherhood is supposed to be stronger then that accepting the good and the bad that comes with it. It is worth nothing if it is rejected because of the pain that one has to go through."

"You are not my brother!" Sam shouts but a part of him can't help but agree with Lucifer. He has tried to deny the connection he has felt every since Lucifer rose but it is always there.

Lucifer sympathetic and understanding to Sam's outburst moves closer to him. "I want to tell you about my own tale of brotherhood: it is interesting how history has distorted the truth. Michael and I we were close, we shared a bond of brotherhood stronger then any other had ever seen before. He hated my fall and tried to convince me to return that I could be forgiven: I on the other had tried to convince Michael to join me. The others had rejected me after my disgrace but Michael would not. We were two forces pushing and pulling at each other never yielding to the other. Yet we stilled care for each other and refuse to give up on one another. Then I went and transformed Lilith in to a demon. Well that was the final straw. Michael couldn't let me to continue to be free. He sealed me away not just because it was what God commanded but because of his own beliefs of right and wrong. However he still cared for me as an brother and when he sealed me away he was filled with sadness. If he could have cried I know he would have. He crafted the first seal on my prison. Cleverly making Lilith a part of it since her damnation by my hands was the cause of my imprisonment. Making it so Lilith had to willing sacrifice herself to break the seal, however have you not wonder why you had to be the one to kill her?"

Sam was fascinated by Lucifer's tale and he did wonder what made him so special that he was the one that had to kill Lilith. "Ruby said that the power was all mine, that the demon blood was never needed but then why would Azazel feed me his blood when I was six months old?" Hoping to finally getting the answers to his questions but fearing them at the same time.

"To hide you from the angelic hosts so they wouldn't recognize what you are. The other supposed special children could never have fulfilled the task; if left alone they may have ended up like your psychic friends Pamela or Missouri. This leads me back to Dean. You wanted to know why if Dean accepts Michael it would be useless. It is because Michael has no need for a vessel."

Confusion etched on Sam's countenance, "But Zachariah said that Dean…" Lucifer interrupts Sam before he can continue.

"The prophecy says that the one that broke the first seal can stop me but it never says that he will. As for telling Dean that he needs to accept Michael well Zachariah did that because it is not Michael's sword they lost track of it is Michael himself. God isn't the only one to seem too have disappeared. If Michael was still around and needed Dean as a vessel then he would have approached Dean himself. You can ask Castiel on how he went about getting Jimmy to accept being a vessel. It certainly wasn't the same way Zachariah went about it with Dean. Zachariah hopes that by Dean accepting being Michael's vessel he would return but Zachariah will be sorely disappointed when nothing happens."

The implications shake Sam to the core. He sits down on the edge of the bed from the information overload. The conclusion he has come up with has to be wrong. There is no possible way that it could be true. Lucifer beams at Sam when he sees the realization of what he said on Sam's visage.

"Sam you are special because you are Michael born into human form. It is how you have your abilities they come from your angelic nature. Unlike Anna your grace wasn't ripped out in order to become human because God had sent you down to Earth. The difference in method made it less obvious that an angel has been reborn as a human. Your grace remained with you, you didn't fall so no falling stars occurred at the time, and then finally the demon blood interfered with your ability to access that angelic side of yours."

"No this can't be I can't be Michael. I screwed up too much to be him, you have to be lying!" Sam says shaking his head in denial. Lucifer knells in front of Sam gentle grabbing Sam's head so he can look him in the eyes as he speaks.

"I have no need to lie. How else could you break the first seal placed on my prison? It is because you forged it with your power making your power the key to the lock. Yes you made mistakes but remember you are human. You also have to realize that angels aren't perfect either. Once you accept who you are you will remember everything. Then you can make a clear decision when you have all the information. Like I said before you will always be my brother. If you want to deny that part of yourself then I will still accept you for who you are now. Either way I still want you by my side, brother." Lucifer pulls Sam into an embrace. Hugging him like a long lost brother reunited for the first time in ages. Lucifer pulls away lifting his hand up to wipe away the tears falling from Sam's eyes, Sam remains immobile the whole time. Lucifer then kisses Sam forehead before backing away. Hope fills Lucifer at the flash of recognition he sees in Sam's eyes.

"I will leave you now so you can think over what I have said in private." Lucifer then vanishes leaving Sam to his chaotic thoughts.

A/N: This came from me reading how Michael holds the keys to the gates of Heaven and Hell. An then I thought what if I connected that to the seal Sam broke having it be the first seal placed on Lucifer's prison making Michael the keeper to the key to that seal while Lilith is the lock. I know this is highly unlikely but I wanted to give an interesting reason for Lucifer to want to have Sam on his side. As for Dean, Lucifer does see him as a threat but more as of what influence he can have over Sam. So tell me what you think.