Keys To The Kingdom

Summary: Lucifer reveals secret truths to Sam. In the hope that he can regain one thing that he lost when he was banished. Spoilers for season 5 premiere. AU to season 5

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A/N: So I got the idea for the angel cake from this show called Brimstone. The show was about a guy who came back from hell who had to retrieve a bunch of souls that had escaped from hell.

Sorry for the long update I got sick last week and the week before that I had been busy (the reason I got sick in the first place most likely). So I had written some of this while sick so if any part seems strange blame the medicine and /or cold.

Saw Legion and it had its moments but they were not enough to satisfy me. Although I'm surprise that no one has gone and combine Supernatural with Legion: Make Sam the prophet and Jess of course Charlie.

I was excited to see what I had done, of using a tranquilizer on Sam, see happen on the show or the idea of swapping bodies in order for the angels to get their vessels without either of the boys saying yes. Even though I prefer to think that the body is not enough and the boy's souls are a factor in why they are vessels and swapping them out would not be in the interest of Lucifer or Michael.

Chapter 12: Knock Knock…Whose There?

Michael gazes at the destruction around him: shattered glass lay on the ground, electronics spark and hiss, humans huddle against the floor. The rage he feels ebbs to confusion as he takes in his environment. He knows he should recognize where he is at but his mind is drawing a blank. Turning his focus onto a familiar presence he sees Lucifer shielding a family. Michael thinks he should be surprise by the sight of Lucifer protecting humans (or the fact that Lucifer is no longer imprisoned) but instead he is unfazed and the sight fills him with a sense of pride, affection and appreciation.

Michael watches as Lucifer looks the family over checking for injuries. When Lucifer finishes he gazes at Michael with a concerned look but Lucifer's attention is pulled way by a cry of pain. Lucifer rushes to a group of adolescent humans some of whom their eyes are burned out of their socket. Seeing Lucifer healing one of the humans snaps Michael out of the daze he is in. Michael quickly joins in the healing to restore the sight of the others.

Once all the humans are healed Michael begins analyzing what he knows. He recognizes that it was his power that had caused the destruction but what could have caused him to lose control? What about the gap in his memories that he can sense but is unable to explain? Does it have something to do with why he feels not quite broken but not whole either?

"What happened Sam?" Lucifer whispers.

"Why are you calling me Sam?" Michael is perplexed and the turmoil of emotions that he is feeling isn't helping. The name is familiar but he doesn't know the reason.

Lucifer stares at Michael his face remaining neutral as he says a single word, "Michael."

"Of course so why did you call me Sam?"

"Because it is your human name." Michael can sense the sincerity of Lucifer's words but then why doesn't he remember that. He remembers becoming human but after that it is hazy. Before he can figure out why he can't remember he senses a group of angels appearing outside the diner. Glancing at Lucifer Michael gives a silent command that he will take the lead. Lucifer nods in acceptance and follows behind Michael as they move outside.

The angels look at Lucifer in agitation but at Michael they give looks of surprise. Michael watches as the angels look back and forth between him and Lucifer with growing confusion. Michael is about to question them when two new angels appear. When his gaze falls on one of the new arrivals he is suddenly filled with such fury that it is only the comforting hand that Lucifer lays on his shoulder that stops him from lashing out. Michael takes a moment to calm himself. He doesn't know why the sight of Zachariah angers him but very few things have ever stirred such fury in him.

"Why are you in that body? Dean not Sam is suppose to be your vessel." Michael can only glare and wonder at Zachariah's intelligence with his idiotic question because he should be able to sense that the body he wears is not a vessel but his own.

Having cooled down enough that he can answer without lashing out Michael quickly figures out what he is going to say. He doesn't want to reveal that there is a gap in his memories but he needs information. Trusting what his own gut and emotions are telling him, along with what he is sensing, he molds his answer. "Before I tell you anything I want to know what you two have done? I can sense the lingering traces of your graces entangled in conflict with mine."

Zachariah looks to Raphael for help but sees the Archangel remain impassive so he begins to explain. "No one had expected for you to unleash your grace when the summoning ritual was performed. We had performed the ritual on your expected vessel Dean since there had been no trace of you. Instead the ritual must have back lashed since you already taken a vessel. It was never considered that you would have taken anyone else as your vessel."

Michael is starting to get the picture of went wrong. Somehow the ritual was able to connect even though it shouldn't have seeing how he has his own human body. There lay the problem, the ritual tried to pull him out of a body he had been born in to. Who knows what affect the botch ritual could have had but with how delicate the human body is it is no surprise that the memories that he had developed while human could have been lost. Especially when considering who performed the ritual: Raphael an Arch and Zachariah one of the angels of memory, along with whomever else was involved.

Looking at Lucifer disdainfully Raphael voices a question that he was been trying to figure out since arriving here. "Michael what are you doing with Lucifer?"

"He is my brother and I wish to get reacquainted with him. It has been a long time since we both been on Earth together." Michael answers honestly.

"Why would you waste your time doing that when you are going to kill him?" Raphael fears are growing because nothing is going the way it's supposed to.

"I have no intention of killing Lucifer, I never did. If I had wanted him dead I would have killed him long ago instead of going through the trouble of sealing him. Really, why would I wait on killing him until he escaped?" Michael can't help but be amused by the reaction to his answer. At the uncertainty they are projecting on what he may do next. They should have remembered what an uncontrollable and unpredictable force he is.

"But you need to destroy him in order for paradise to come and then we will no longer need to bother with this world anymore." Zachariah blurts out

"You shouldn't have said that." Lucifer says shaking his head.

Michael's eyes darken. Flames appear licking at his figures and from there they spread and dance over his body. All but Lucifer is gazing at Michael fearfully. "You what, push for the end so you no longer have to be bothered with doing your job?"

Zachariah gulps guiltily and steps back in fear. Not believing Zachariah is deserving of any warning Michael lunges forward. His wings burst forth from his back and he flies at Zachariah like a fireball. Once Michael is in striking distance his sword appears in his hand. Made of light and fire it leaves a trail of fire as it comes swinging down upon Zachariah. Not a warrior at heart Zachariah flees. Disappearing right before Michael's sword can strike him.

Scoping his surroundings Michael sees that only Raphael remains and is currently engage in battle with Lucifer. The battle between the two is fierce. They match each other blow for blow. A deadly dance but one Lucifer seems to be taking the lead of. Wanting some answers Michael appears between the two pulling them apart.

"ENOUGH!" Michael voice booms and the humans from the diner who had been watching the proceedings wince. "Now Raphael I want to know why you are a part of this. I am doubtful your reasons are the same as Zachariah so enlighten me. Tell me why you would be a part of bringing the end of humanity?"

Looking much like an insolent child Raphael explains. "God had disappeared and it was as if he no longer existed. No trace or sign of him anywhere. It came as a shock as one moment God's presence is there and the next it isn't. No explanation, no reason of why he would be gone and no orders given. You were gone as well and the host was leaderless and without guidance. So I did what I thought would get God to come back if he even still cared or was even around anymore. At the very least you would return if the apocalypse was started."

"And here I thought I was supposed to be the rebellious one." Lucifer says which earns him a look from Michael that says be quiet.

Feeling more sorry then angry at Raphael, Michael reaches out to him. "I can't begin to understand what you went through, the only Arch left in heaven, but causing humanity's destruction will not give you what you want. I can't say where God is but know that our father is still around. A part of him goes in to everything he makes. If you close your eyes and focus you can feel him all around. It may not compare to basking in his presence but that is all the proof you need to know that he is still here, even if it is less obvious. Instead of thinking of what can bring father back, think of what he would want you to do and act like with him gone. Father going away is not a punishment but an opportunity and maybe a bit of a test. How do you want him to look upon your actions while he was away: with pride or sadness?"

Raphael has a thoughtful look on his face before disappearing to some place where he can mull over Michael's words some more in private.

"Will you be returning to heaven?" Lucifer asks nervously.

"No, I don't think that would be a good idea at the moment. I'm afraid of what my reaction would be. Besides I need to keep an eye on you." Lucifer smiles at Michael's answer but Michael is less sure of what he will do with Lucifer. Michael fears what he may do with the turbulent emotions that he is feeling.

"What happen after that?" Dean asks he needs to know why Lucifer would want Sam's memories back.

"After I undid the damage that I had caused to the diner we left so I could talk to Lucifer privately. Once we were hidden well enough that no other angels could find us I had Lucifer explain everything. From there I made the decision to continue as we were doing before I lost my memory. I thought my memory would eventually return on its own but it has not so far and I no longer feel like waiting till it does."

"I second that because us going back to doing what we had done before the memory loss wasn't working. So I figure the best way for him to get his memories back was to use the same medium that had a part in them being lost in the first place."

"Me." Dean says succinctly.

"Correct you were used in the ritual that made me lose my memories. With the connection that you and I share. I may be able to regain my memories of being Sam." Michael explains.

"But what happen that would want you to have Sam get his memories back." Lucifer doesn't want to give Dean an answer but he knows that Dean will be like a dog with a bone until he learns what he wants to know.

"Like I said Sam could better sympathize with me and that made us working together after my release from hell easier. Michael I know cares for me but things were just tense between us. Let's just say that there were also certain incidents and problems caused by his turbulent emotions."

"Alright so what do we do to get Sam his memory back?" Bobby asks when neither Lucifer nor Michael elaborates any further.

"I'm not sure." Says Michael

"But what about what you said about the connection we share." Dean asks confused.

"The thing is neither one of us knows how to use the connection to restore his memories but it is the best starting point." Lucifer tells them.

Dean has a frustrated look on his face but he is determined to get his brother back. Even if it means going through every book or contact they had. He looks at Sam and vows to himself that he will not fail his brother.

A/N: I am stuck on how Sam is going to get his memories back. I have it partially figured out but the rest not so much.

One thing I don't know if I should be sad or happy to know is that making the Trickster into the angel Gabriel had not been the intention when they first introduced the character but something that had been decided upon to do this season. I'm still unsure if I will use him just because I think he would be going in the opposite direction and keep as low a profile as possible.