Secrets and Lies

Summary: Bella and Jasper are best friends , but when he ends up in bed with her .What will happen .Will he fall in love with her or will it be a One Night Stand

Caution: mature readers only

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight … I know its Sad.


Bella point of view

I woke up with the biggest headache and fuck was I

sore. I opened my eyes and was really confused I had

no idea where I was . I looked down and I was in bed

in naked with some guy. I looked over to see Jasper

my best friend who I have secretly been in love with

for the last 10 yrs.

Flashback :to night before

Text From Jasper:

Bells , cant pick you up for the party. I will see you later

Sorry ,


"uh why is he always fucking canceling"

So I just hopped in the car and kept driving till I saw

a bar. Some guy bought me a few shots I think his

name is Mike. I was ordering another drink when

some guy grabbed my ass.

"hey Beautiful you want to go upstairs" he slurred in

a southern accent while I could feel him rubbing his

erection on my back. I moaned and turned around to

see him. When I did he kissed me it was like our

Tongues were at war. He started kneading my breast I moaned into his mouth and my back arched . He

reached under my skirt and yanked my under wear

off and started pumping me. I gasped and came when

he pinched my clit. We went upstairs and I literally

tore his pants off and took him fully in my mouth I

suctioned and he came and I swallowed. And that's

were it gets blurry.

End of Flashback

"oh my God" I whimpered

What do I do. What am I supposed to fucking do.

After a while I decided to wake him up so I grabbed

my phone blocked my number and called him .

Before it started ringing I laid down and covered my

face with my hair so he wouldn't recognize me.

Jasper point of view

"Wake up and your 25 and your high school becomes your wife don't blink." my phone rang

So I jumped out of bed and hit the end button.

I looked over to see the girl that I had the

most amazing sex with. I didn't even know who she

was so I leaned over to move the hair from my angels


"Bella" I gasped


BELLA" I mind screamed.

She opened her eyes and gasped

"Jasper" she whispered

And I looked down .

She was staring at my Hard throbbing cock.

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