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Bella P.O.V.:

1 Month Later!

Waking up with my loves arms wrapped around me is the best thing in the world!.

Jasper and I were really blessed , our twins slept most of the night.

We couldnt be more thankfull. The twins are now 6weeks old and adorable ever.

Alec is our little trouble maker already. He just seems to want what he wants and if he dosent he will let you know .

Charlie is my little angel, you can tell already shes gonna be like me. She relaxs as soon as i put on Debusy!

I can't believe all of this time has passed. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be engaged to the love of my life and have not just one , but two beautiful children. I would have laughed in your face.

I never really wanted to be a mother after the way I pracically had to raise myself.

The moment I saw them in the ultrasound i knew I would do anything for them. I would kill for them or I would die trying to protect them.

Thinking about everything made me smile. Seeing that it was only 6am I closed my eyes and drifted back for a few hours rest.

... xXx...

Edwards P.O.V.: ( hehehehe)

I recieved a letter holding the picture of my son. I gasped looking at him. He was absolutly gorgous.

In the last few months I have been going to therapy for what I was now diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am on the needed medication and doing very well.

I yearned to see my son ,and Alice. The one thing that I promised my self was that when I get out of here I am to go and apolgize to Bella, but if i am not wanted by neither my Bella nor my son. I shall leave.

Today Alice is bringing my son kyle to meet me today.

Walking to the visting room I saw Alice as beautiful as ever holding what looked to be a lump wrapped in blue.

"Alice!" she looked up a small smile upon her lips.

" Hey Edward, theres someone who wants to meet you."

Walking up to her I leaned down kissing her temple. She took the blankie off my son and handed him to me. He was absolutly perfect.

I gasped when he opened his eyes seeing them as my own emerald green I gazed as his beauty.

He truly was perfect.

" Hi, I am your daddy. I am so sorry I couldn't be there when you arrived , but I promise I will be now, I love you soo much." I kissed his little nose.

After and hour or so of me staring into my sons eyes it was time for them to leave.

Handing him back to Alice was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

" Alice, I am so sorry for everything. I know you don't want me anymore , but please let me be in his life I didn't have my biological father and it hurts knowing that he died before we could bond. I promise I will be the best Father posible"

She smiled as a tear fell from her eye " I know you will Edward"

I sat there as my child walked out the door. My prison time is up in 3 weeks.

Walking back to my cell i decided to write Bella a letter.

Dearest Bella,

I am happy to hear you had your babies.I pray they are healthy and well?

I am t to be out soon and i hoped we could meet. I want to aplogize and i fully understand if you never want to see me again. I do not have not have nuch time to write this , but I send my love. P.S. ,

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me..

Love always ,



Jasper P.O.V.:

We recieved a letter today from Edward. Alice had forgiven him even though he put her through so much.

Bella has agreed to meet with him saying it was the least she could do and that she felt he truly was sorry.

He will never have my forgivness , but I will stand by to protect my family.

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