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Ally rocked backwards and forwards on the muggle swing set, staring hypnotically at the ground. The rain was making her hair stick to her face; and that combined with the tears making her eyeliner run down her cheeks, didn't make Ally feel very attractive.

But she didn't care.

Saying Ally was depressed was an understatement. Over the last year and a half, she had become a mere shadow of her former self. She barely spoke to anyone, choosing to keep herself to herself. She hadn't taken up drinking, which had surprised everyone. That had only made it worse though. She had nothing to take her mind off the one her heart craved for.

For without Draco Malfoy; Ally was nothing.

Ally sniffed and looked around her. The gloomy sky suited her mood just fine. Everyone had rushed back into their homes as the rain had started to fall, the thought of thunderstorms too scary for the muggles to comprehend. Ally didn't even flinch as a large flash of lightning cut across the sky. She wasn't afraid of the deep rumble of thunder. It suited her just fine.

The second wizarding world war had ended over a year ago; but Ally felt like she had nothing to celebrate. Her heart ached for Draco. He hadn't even attented Dumblerdore's funeral, causing even more tears on Ally's behalf. She had not returned back to school, instead aiding Harry with his mission of the horcruxes. Her being there had proved useful in some occasions, yet sometimes she felt like a spare wheel. She had seen Draco a couple of times that year, even spending some time in his home; however being a prisoner wasn't exactly what she had had in mind. Draco hadn't even been able to look her in the eyes.

She only caught his eye a few times at the actual battle of Hogwarts; only getting small smiles in return. It tore her apart inside; not being able to even touch the one she loved, but she got on with it; one thought alone kept her going.

"We'll be together once it's over."

Draco disappeared not long after the war.

She hated Draco. She hated him for what he had done to her, for making her love him this much. She wished more than anything she could just let him go.

Ally scrunched up her fists angrily; closing her eyes and letting out a frustrated scream. The echo of her fragile voice rang throughout the park, unheard by everyone. Ally had never felt more alone.

"I HATE YOU!" She screamed to no one in particular, the tears streaming down her face. "I HATE YOU SO MUCH. I WISH YOU'D NEVER HAVE FUCKING COME INTO MY CARRIAGE THAT DAY. I WISH YOU'D HAVE NEVER KISSED ME. I WISH WE'D HAVE NEVER MET." She broke down, sobbing into her hands.


Ally sunk into a seat in the corner of the bar, clutching her glass of red wine carefully. No, she wasn't an alcoholic, but she did like a drink every now and again. She was alone, as per usual; yet she didn't mind.

She knew how depressing she was. She realised she was slowly losing all her friends, but it didn't seem that important anymore.

She watched as people walked up to the bar; muggles unknowing that they were being served by a wizard who had just cleaned their mugs with magic.

Ally watched as girls were chatted up by boys; as wives nagged husbands about how much they were drinking. It lifted her heart slightly to know there was still some love in the world; as for Ally, it was as if love had disappeared altogether.

"I'll have a Gin and Tonic thanks." A weary voice said at the counter. Ally nearly choked on her drink in surprise. Her heart began beating wildly at the sight that stood before her; desperately trying to break free from her chest.

After all, Gin and Tonic always was Draco Malfoy's favourite drink.

"Draco." Her mouth moved but no sound came out. She tried again. "Draco." Her voice was but a whisper, yet the man in front of her turned his head sharply at the sound.

Eyes locked with each other; eyes that had not seen each other in years. Eyes that thought they would never see the sight again.

"Ally." The word was a hush. People around them had quietened down; surveying the scene unfolding before them.

He advanced towards her, not daring to believe. Ally stood up and took a shaky step towards him.

"Draco?" She whispered. Draco nodded. He looked the same, yet totally different. His once kept hair, was long, unruly, over his eyes. He had a slight beard; which in Ally's eyes, made him look all the more sexy. He had lost a load of weight; making his face look even more pointed. Dark circles dominated the spaces under his bloodshot eyes, and his clothes looked unwashed. In the nicest way possible; he looked a wreck.

Ally didn't mind. She knew she looked no better. Her once short hair was now long, unstyled and a general mess. Her skin was pale; just about covering her jutting out bones; a reminder she never ate these days. Her eyes were just as bloodshot as his, and she carried the same dark circles he did; the difference being she had tried her hardest at covering hers with foundation.

Draco took a step closer, hope in his eyes.

Ally punched him. He took it better than she expected.

"I deserve that." He said, his voice hoarse. Ally nodded.

"I know." She whispered, the tears beginning to run down her face. Draco took her in his arms, overjoyed he was actually touching her again.

Ally wrapped her arms around him, enjoying the touch. They stood there for what felt like years, afraid to let each other go incase they lost each other again.

Ally pulled away first, looking at him intently, in case he wasn't real. She sat back down, pulling him into the seat next to her.

"You left me." She whispered, fresh tears running down her nose. Draco looked at the floor ashamed.

"I didn't think you'd want me anymore." He whispered after a while. Ally shook her head.

"I saw you at the battle of Hogwarts. I saw you. Harry, Hermione and Ron RESCUED you from that burning room. You didn't even say thanks apparently. After everything Harry had done for you. You blanked me. You acted as if you didn't know me. That's what hurt the most, Draco." Ally whispered, hurt. Draco blinked once, the tears falling down his face.

"I know you probably won't believe me, but it was for your own good. You-Know-Who, he found out I fell in love. He vowed to kill whoever it was. I obviously didn't tell him it was you. He was willing to kill me, but I was important. I'm so sorry Ally. Every day since, I've been trying to find you. Every day without fail. I got tipped off that you'd run away; I've been all over the country. Searching for you." Ally's mouth was dry with shock.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered. "I believe you." Their lips met in the middle for the kiss they had both been waiting years for.

Draco pulled away and stood up. He dropped down to one knee before Ally. Ally's breath caught in her throat. Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out a little deep red box. The same little red box he had kept with him for six years.

"Ally Evans. I've always loved you. Probably ever since first year. There was always something about you. I love you ever more now, every day my love for you grows. I never want to be apart from you again. Please. Do me the honour of becoming my stunning wife?" Worry and hope swirled around Draco's eyes, as Ally took a deep breath.

"Yes. Yes! YES!" Ally's last word was a scream, as she jumped up from her seat and wrapped her arms around Draco's neck. She let go and Draco smiled up at her. His first smile in a long time. He opened the box, showing off the most gorgeously subtle diamond ring Ally had ever seen. She outstretched her hand, allowing Draco to slip the ring onto her finger. Ally wiggled her fingers, getting used to the new feel of metal against her warm skin. Draco stood up and kissed her passionately; both of them unaware of the clapping and whistling going on around them.

"I don't deserve you." Draco whispered against her lips. Ally smiled at him.

"Darling; everyone deserves love."


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