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Premise: The Third would never have allowed ROOT to take Naruto. But, he must have acknowledged that he had the potential to be the most powerful ninja in all of Konoha. With a little persuasion, he could certainly be persuaded to take special measures.

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Sequoia Wolves

Chapter One: Formation

"Hokage-sama." came a hard voice.
The Sandaime, Sarutobi Hiruzen, groaned to himself.

It was Danzou.

"Surely you cannot believe that the Kyuubi-brat should be allowed to become a ninja." he began.
"I surely can." replied the kage coolly.
"Without supervision, he could become a danger to the entire village."
"…maybe so." said Sarutobi suddenly.

Danzou's eye widened.
Finally, the old fool sees sense.
"I believe that he would serve best within my organisation, Root.."
"And I think that there should be a special unit formed just to keep him well motivated, well trained, and utterly loyal." replied Hiruzen, smiling to himself. "Thank you so much for your suggestion."

Danzou gaped.
He had most certainly been one-upped.
He left.

"Michimi!" called Sarutobi to his secretary. "Call together the clan heads for me."
Danzou may have, unwittingly, of course, had an amazing idea.

* * *

"I expect you're all wondering why I called you here tonight." began Sarutobi.
"Yes." said Shibi with a single nod.
"But cut it with the clichés." said Tsume.
"And it's midday." pointed out Shikaku.
"Nonetheless. We are here about Uzumaki Naruto." continued the Hokage.
There was a sudden change in the atmosphere. Seconds earlier, the clan leaders had been slightly bored, irritated even, believing they had better things to do.
Now their full attention was being given to the Hokage.

"It has been brought to my attention that Naruto could become the villages greatest ninja. Or, it's worst enemy." said Sarutobi grimly.

You could hear the wind blowing outside in the gap between sentences.

"I've decided that he shall not be entered into the academy. Instead, I intend to form a special unit to work with him. This shall be composed of one member each of seven different clans. Five of them are represented here. Also, they shall be taught by a member from each of the clans, as well as any others supplementary. They'll need a normal teacher…"
"Iruka." said Shikaku. "He seems to be the boy's only friend."
"Makes sense." said Sarutobi. "I'll arrange it."
"Hn. I don't like it." said Uchiha Fugaku. "How can we trust him?"
"That's what the team is for." said Sarutobi confidently. "I believe the team would be best composed of Nara, for intelligence, Uchiha, for strength, Hyuuga, for sight, Inuzuka, for loyalty, Seiha, for basic skill, Fudan, for optimisim, and Yamanaka, for charisma."

Fugaku scowled. Shikaku, Hiashi, Tsume and Inoichi looked honoured.
"I do not wish to send a single member of my clan." said Hiashi. "I believe it would be best if I sent one from each house."
"If you wish." said Sarutobi dismissively.
"All in favour of the formation of the team, the Sequoia Wolves?" said Sarutobi with a slight smile.
"Sequoia wolves?" queried Tsume.
"Wolves are social creatures. Loyal to a fault, and deadly. And what better than such a mighty tree to symbolise the Leaf village?" said Sarutobi. "All in favour?"

Of all the clan heads present, only one voted no.
Uchiha Fugaku.

* * *

"Shikamaru, Sasuke, Hinata, Neji, Kiba, Tenten, Lee, Ino." said Sarutobi, throwing his arms wide. "Welcome. I would like you to meet Naruto."

The eight five and six year olds exchanged looks of surprise. So adult liked that boy.
"Naruto is the son of the Yondaime Hokage." he said gravely.

Everyone stared, shocked, at Naruto, except the boy himself who stared at Sarutobi.

"It is also his doing that the city was saved from the Kyuubi. He is its jailor. It is bound within him where it serves him, and through him Konoha." he continued. "We all owe him a great debt, and if the village would only realise that…"

He sighed.
"You're here because a special unit has been formed. You nine are going to be studying-a lot. By the time you'd normally be out of the academy, you're going to be at least chunin level. We want you to support each other, become a second family. Share your technique, your dreams, everything." he said. "WE're going to get the best teachers from all of your clans, and beyond. Can you do this?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama!" chorused nine voices.

* * *

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