Boy, 16 should know better when Girl, 16 kisses him with her soft sweet lips and Boy, 16 shouldn't ask the question that Friend, 16 should be asking her instead. Boy, 16 knows that it's wrong to feel anything for Girl, 16 who needs somebody everybody anybody to pull her back from the brink. Boy, 16 knows he should keep his heart in his pants and his brain in his head but Girl, 16 is enough to screw up anyone's anatomy and make them crazy foreverforeverforever so what the hell should he do?

Girl, 17 knows she knows better than to fake what she lost for Friend, 16 who for some reason still cares. Boy, 16 exists in her mind as Friend, 16 goes downdowndown on her and she gasps because in her head it's Boy, 16 making her feel like she's on fire. But when Friend, 16 makes the mistake of saying her name then it all disappears like smoke because you can't confuse two voices that are as different as fire and ice. Girl, 17 wonders what the hell she's still fighting for.

Boy, 17 is waitingwaitingwaiting to pay for his ills and for abandoning Girl, 17 whom he knows he should've waited for/should've gone to/should've kissed from the top of her head to the tips of her manicured toes, now and forever. Boy, 17 is sick to his stomach and surrounds himself with depravity, waiting in the scorching sun on a golden sanded beach for Girl, 17 to appear and make his life even vaguely worth living again. Boy, 17 is by this point willing to buy Tuscany if it will help her to forgive him.

Girl, 17 is feeling rage and pain the likes of which she has never felt before and she hateshateshates Boy, 17 for his inability to be true to himself but she doesn't want Friend/Ex, 17 and she doesn't need Best Friend, 17 to cosset her and try to make her stop seeing the haze of red before her eyes. Girl, 17 is mad enough to spit and Girl, 17 is sad enough to cry and Girl, 17 will run herself ragged out for his blood love blood love blood love or kill herself trying rather than ever be labelled a quitter.

And Boy, 17 will try to take her in the dark but Girl, 17 will always let him in that easy and Boy, 17 will walk the wild edge late at night but Girl, 18 will always bring him back down to her and Boy, 18 will make her feel like what she is (queen princess goddess-of-all) but Girl, 18 will push him back with three more words and Boy, 18 will feel her lips/hips beneath his fingers and pull away but Girl, 18 will always wait that one more second to hear him say IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou.