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Freddie's POV

"Well, your mom's a drunk!" I scream at Sam. We're in an argument in Carly's living room…again. I can't even remember how it started, all I know is it heated up fast.

"Well, YOUR mom's a psycho!"

"Guys, stop!" Carly yells, trying to intervene. She's actually been trying for about five minutes, but Sam and I are too deep in our fight to listen to her.

"You come from a broken home and it shows!"

"You come from a mental institution and believe me, it shows!"


"You don't even know who your dad is!" I yell, hoping to get some ground.

"Your dad hated you so much he left!" That hurt. I hate when anyone talks about my dad, especially Sam Puckett. And I know he didn't leave because he hates me; he told me so.

"Sam!" Carly yells. Even she knows what a touchy subject my dad is to me.

"Well he did! And I don't blame him!" Alright, that tears it. Now I'm mad. I start to see red as my breathing becomes shallow and hard.

"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS, SAM?! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU TO DESERVE YOUR CONSTANT ABUSE! I…I…I WISH YOU WERE DEAD! MY LIFE WOULD BE SOO MUCH EASIER!" I see something flash in her eyes and I know I can win with this (plus my brain is still overflowing with rage and adrenaline, so I can't think clearly). "Yea, that's right Puckett, I wish you were dead! You abuse me verbally and physically, you give me many emotional scars, you barge into my house and take all my food, and my life would be a hella lot easier if you weren't in it!" I expect her to lunge at me, fuming. I expect to end up in the hospital with stitches in my head and a few broken ribs. What I don't expect was what she does. Sam takes a step back, stumbling, a look of pure shock, and maybe fear, on her face. Suddenly her eyes overflow with…tears?

"You…you wish…dead?..I was…dead?" She stammers, a few tears leaking from her eyes, before she runs out of the room and into Carly's bathroom. I just stand there, dumbfounded. Was Sam just crying?! But Sam Puckett never cries! Even in the fifth grade, when she broke her arm, she didn't shed a tear over the pain. And now she's in Carly's bathroom bawling over something I said? I glance over at Carly, who's also wearing a look of shock.

"Freddie…you just said you wished Sam was dead…you made her cry…Sam never cries, but you made her…" Her shock quickly turns to anger. "SHE LIKES YOU AND YOU JUST SAID YOU WISHED SHE WAS DEAD, FREDDIE!" Huh?!?!

"Sam...Sam's likes me…no she doesn't she hates me!"

"No Freddie, she doesn't! She's just mean to you because she's afraid ('Sam Puckett, afraid?' I think) that you won't feel the same way, and she's been turned down from guys too many times to go through the same pain!" Sam Puckett likes me? As in 'likes me' likes me? As I try to let that sink in I turn back to Carly.

"Carly, I'm sorry, I didn't know." She just looks at me. Man, I've never seen Carly so mad before.

"Why are you saying sorry to me? Sam's in there crying her eyes out, and you're saying sorry to me?!" Oh. When she puts it that way, it just sounds stupid. And I know what I have to do. I sigh and make my way to the bathroom, guilt hanging around me like mist.

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