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****** Prologue: Promises are full of bullshit! ******

It had all come down to this … the exact moment that I stopped believing in such things as love, trust, companionship, loyalty, pretty much everything that consisted on having to depend on anyone.

Apparently I wasn't special enough; fate didn't seem to find me worthy enough of an imprint.

When I was younger my dad used to tuck me into bed and retell me the legends of our tribe. I remember being fascinated by the wolves and wishing that one day I could be like Aunt Leah or Anna, I wanted to be a protector.

I was strong; I was never one to take crap from anyone. I was loyal to my family, willing to fight anyone or anything that would threaten to harm them.

But I was young and naïve then. I believed in people, I believed that when someone made you a promise that they would be sure to keep it. I was innocent; I hadn't been exposed to the cruelty of broken promises … until now.

Never in my life had I wanted to be an imprint more than now. If I was his imprint, his soul-mate then he wouldn't have ever left me; he wouldn't have broken his promise to me.

He would still be here by my side, holding my hand shielding me from the cruelty in the world.

But I wasn't his imprint, he didn't have an obligation to me, his words were full of empty promises that I had once been too stupid to believe, but not anymore, I was done.

I had been let down once, by someone who I considered my hero.

And even then, he had found a way to not let me give up on people; he had helped me, held me while I cried, all while I fell even more in love with him.

But now my heart was shattered and unlike last time, there was no one to pick up the pieces.

I didn't have a Brady like my little sister Annabelle. There wasn't a shining light for me like my brothers Taylor and Ethan had found in Melody and Elena.

There was no one who was devoted to me, no one who would look at me like I was the single most beautiful person in the world.

I had grown up around imprinting, seen the beauty and the not so beautiful sides to the pull that had united so many people that I loved.

He had watched it as well; he sat back and saw how the lives of his brother's fell into place while his continued to move in slow motion.

I foolishly thought that I had helped him, he'd told me that he would wait for me, that I was his princess, he would even treat me like I was his imprint.

And for a while, I believed that I was enough. I wouldn't abandon him or disappoint him; I loved him more than any of the women he had ever been with.

Apparently, I was wrong; my love wasn't enough for him.

The day he left was the day that I realized that I had been lied to and disappointed too many times before; and never again would I be fooled.

I was done trusting werewolves.

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