Title: Not Another High School Drama

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

Pairings: DexteraxSinistra, A-ouxUn-ou, ArmblastxMercredi, EclairxLumiere, CesarioxViola, Twins.

Summary: What if the GOTT never exsisted? The ES members are just normal everyday students trying to get through their senior year of High School, and dealing with all the normal things any teenagers would.

A/N: Ok so first off, this is not the first KG fic I've written. Its just the first thats being posted on . I guess I've never posted them because the fandom wasn't that large or something like that. Comments are much appreciated.

Extra Notes: In this fic I made Un-ou a girl because honestly I think it would be quite fun for him to be one xD. That and he's girly enough anyway lol. Also each chapter focuses on one specific couple even though there might be hints of other couples also in the chapter. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I don't have spellchecker which kind of sucks, let me know if there are any.

"Can you believe it? Starting today we're officially Seniors." Sinistra said turning to look down at his best friend.

Lumiere looked up at him, "I know, its kind of sad to think about. So, what do you plan on doing after this year?" She waited for his answer but it never came. The young girl turned around to find her friend stopped in the middle of the sidewalk staring at someone. Lumiere followed his gaze and instantly frowned, "Sinistra, really? Dextera is not elegant at all. You both might be gay but he's not good enough for you." She replied walking over to him and giving him a light shove to knock him out of his thoughts.

"You don't know that. He could be the perfect match. Besides, what about Ecliar? She's definatly not the definition of elegant either." He said smirking.

Lumiere's face flushed a bright red, "I don't like her, were just mere aquaintences."

"Whatever, c'mon we're gonna be late for class."

Armblast smirked as he watched Sinistra and Lumiere walk away from a distance, "Looks like you have an admirer, Dextera."

"I know, don't worry I've had my eye on him too." The red head replied.

"Hm, seems like his friend doesn't like you."

Dextera grinned, "I'll break her in, I can pretty much charm anyone."

"Maybe thats why she doesn't like you, your ego just radiates off of you." His friend said with a laugh. As they walked to first period Armblast started laughing again, "If your lucky enough maybe you'll have first hour together." His comment was recieved with a punch to the shoulder.

During their first period Eclair noticed a note thrown on her desk, she carefully opened it and read, "Hey, so since this is our Senior year, your gonna ask out Lumiere right? Or have you already?" Eclair blushed and angrily scribbled back, "Oh yeah? Well have you had sex yet with your beastly, almighty quarterback boyfriend?" The brunette lightly tossed the note back to her friend.

Un-ou's mouth popped open as she read, but before writing back she crumpled up another piece of paper and threw it at Eclair's head. She then proceeded to take the note and rip it in half, but the teacher had walked by taking it away.

"Now class lets see what these two have to say."

"No don't-!" Eclair and Un-ou both shouted.

The teacher looked up from the note to stare at the girls, "Is there something wrong?" Both girls silently shook their heads, "Good, then there shouldn't be a problem with me reading it. Alright lets see, it looks like Un-ou wrote, so since this is our Senior year your gonna ask out Lumiere right? Or have you already?" He looked at Eclair with a raised brow.

Lumiere blushed madly ducking down in her seat and covering her face with a book as everyone stared at her, while Eclair lowered her head to stare at the desk.

The teacher just shook his head and continued reading, "It looks like Eclair responded with, oh yeah well have you had sex yet with your beastly, almighty quarterback boyfriend?" A series or ooo's went throughout the room, giggling could also be heard. "Well care to explain yourself Un-ou? We don't exactly need more teen pregnancies. I'm sure all the girls on the cheerleading squad would follow your example seeing as your the captain right?"

Most of the girls in the room looked at him with shock and disgust, they couldn't believe a teacher would say something like that. Un-ou looked down at her clenched hands before she finally spoke, "I-I have to go to the bathroom!" She shouted running out of the room with her long green hair following behind her.

"Man she can't even take responsibility for her actions." That did it, Eclair was up out of her seat and walking up to him with her hand raised ready to strike, but someone got there first.

A punch by a certain tall guy sent the other man flying across the floor, "Mind your own business, asshole." A-ou muttered quietly before walking out of the room. Everyone stared at the empty space where he once stood, never had they seen A-ou snap once, it just wasn't him. Not that the teacher didn't deserve it of course.

"Nice." Dextera said from his seat. He looked around as everyone stared at him, "What? I give him props for it." Sinistra, who had sighed dreamily from the moment he spoke recieved a slap from Lumiere.

Sinistra frowned, "What?"

"Its comments like that, that makes me not like him." She muttered gathering her stuff up to leave just as the bell rang.

"Whatever, I'll meet you outside the bathroom." He said with a little roll to his eyes. About five minutes later he was drying his hands and walking out the door. A few paces later he had bumped into someone, causing him to fall on his butt and spread his papers everywhere, "I'm sorry, I was daydreaming and not paying attention."

"Don't worry about it." The unknown voice said.

Sinistra saw out of the corner of his eye the unknown person helping him pick up his stuff. He reached out to grab the papers and ended up touching his hand, he blushed and looked up to see Dextera smiling at him.

Dextera reached out a hand to help the blue haired male up, "Sorry about that. Hey, do you possibly want to go bowling with us tomorrow? Your friend glaring at me from around the corner can come too. As long as she has a date."

Sinistra turned his head a little to glare at Lumiere, "Yes, I'd love to."

"Alright, I'll pick you up at seven tomorrow, catch you later." He said with a smile.


Lumiere walked up behind him and smacked the back of his head, "What the hell was that?! Did you hear the way he treated me?!"

Sinistra ignored her complaints, "Can you believe it? Its like he asked me out on a date."

"Stupid, he did ask you out on a date."

"Now you can ask Eclair to come!"

Lumiere walked ahead of him and rolled her eyes, "Whatever, when he turns out to be a jerk don't say I didn't tell you so."

Sinistra ran to catch up to her, "Aw c'mon Lumiere don't be like that. Just ask Eclair I promise you won't regret it! Please?"

She couldn't take it anymore, he was giving her the puppy eyes, "Fine, I'll go but just this once!"

"Thanks your the best!" He shouted giving her a hug.

"I still don't like him."

Sinistra looked up when he heard voices down the hall, he peaked around the corner to see Eclair walking with the girl and guy who punched the teacher from first hour.

"I hope the next teacher isn't a complete jackass." Un-ou mumbled.

"Should A-ou punch him too?" Eclair asked with a laugh.

The blue haired man grinned, "Go on Lumiere nows your chance!" He pushed her out from around the corner and right into Eclair.

"I'm sorry, I lost my balance." Lumiere said making sure to send a piercing glare Sinistra's way.

"Its fine, did you need something?" The brunette asked.

"Did you want to go bowling tomorrow night?"

Eclair blinked, "Sure, ok, is there a certain time I should meet you?"

"Seven's fine, sorry but I have to get to class now." The younger girl said walking back around the corner.

Un-ou waited until Lumiere was out of earshot before opening her mouth, "See! I told you she liked you!"

"I'm surprised she didn't runaway after hearing what you wrote."

The golden eyed girl stuck out her tongue in a playful manner, "Shutup! I got it worse than you!"

"True, but macho here," Eclair said pointing to A-ou, "Took care of everything, so its all good."

"I know and I missed it!" Un-ou reached up to place a small peck on his cheek, "Thanks by the way."

"No problem." He mumbled.

"You know, it wouldn't hurt to talk more."

Eclair laughed, "Well before you guys have a lovers quarrel, I'm going to class."

-That Friday-

"Lumiere, does this look ok?" Sinistra asked running down the stairs to meet his friend.

Lumiere turned around to give her opinion and her mouth dropped, "Your wearing tight bondage pants?! Sinistra!"

"What?! It shows off my figure!"

His best friend just rolled her eyes and grabbed his hand, "He's here lets just get going." As they walked out of the house they noticed a red Ferrari convertable parked against the curve.

"No way, ok he's clearly rich." Sinistra said completely amazed by the shiny car.

"Another reason why I don't like him, rich kids are all snobs."

"Your rich too, remember?" He said before practically dragging her to the car, "Just try to enjoy yourself." He threw her in the backseat while he rode shotgun.

Dextera looked at her through his rearview mirror, "So, wheres your date?"

"She's meeting us there." Lumiere answered while constantly glaring at the back of his head.

"Some of my friends are meeting us there too, they're excited to meet you." The red head smiled in Sinistra's direction. Once they reached the bowling alley they parked in the front and got out to meet everyone else, "Guess I'll go down the line then." Dextera started, "Over there are the twins, Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Although they act like more than twins if you ask me." He whispered, "The quiet one is Cesario and the girl next to him is Viola. You already know Armblast, and thats his girlfriend Mercredi."

"I know." Sinistra said smiling.

"You know her?"

"Were lab partners." Mercredi replied.

"Hey!" Shouted an unknown voice.

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice to see a girl in a short dress with long brown hair running towards them, "Is that your date?" Dextera asked.

Lumiere nodded, "Yes."

Dextera grabbed Sinistra's arm and started leading him towards the entrance, "Hm, never knew you swung that way."

The younger girls face flushed a bright red, "Yeah, well, you clearly swing that way...douchebag." She muttered to herself.

"Sorry I'm late, Un-ou decided to take three fuckin pregnancy tests just to make sure she wasn't." Eclair said annoyed.


The brunette sweat dropped, "They were all negative."

"Oh, thats good. So are you ready for bowling?"

"I guess." Eclair shrugged, "I've never bowled before."

"Really? I figured you would have, I mean being friends with a cheerleading captain and all."

Inside the bowling alley they paid for three games and shoes, plus asked for two lanes seeing as they had ten people. Lumiere and Eclair were put on the opposite lane away from Dextera, just to make sure she wouldn't kill him or anything. After the sixth frame it looked like Tweedledum was beating everyone, on his lane and the other.

Eclair whistled, "Wow he's really good, has he bowled before?"

Dextera laughed, "He's just naturally good at sports, but he does play in a league so that also might have something to do with it."

"Eclair? What are you doing here?!" A very surprised voice asked.

Eclair turned around to see her best friend standing there, "Un-ou? This is your so called date? Going bowling?"

"I'm actually quite good at bowling, and its better than watching a boring movie."

"Fast and the Furious is a good movie." A-ou mumbled from beside her.

"Not its not, all its about is sex, drugs, women, and racing!"

Armblast snorted, "Last I checked there was no such thing as drugs in that movie. You sure your not confused with Grand Theft Auto?"

Un-ou rolled her eyes, "Thats a game stupid."

Viola giggled and walked up to her friend placing her hand on her stomach, "So...whens it due?"

Un-ou blushed furiously and hit the little girl on her head, "I'm not pregnant you idiot!"

"Trust me." Eclair muttered, "She took three preg-" She was interuppted by Un-ou's hand over her mouth.

"You can just shutup. Anyways..hows it going?" Her voice became a whisper so only Eclair could hear.

"Fine, she's actually been asking me a lot of questions."

"I told ya so." Un-ou said grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Lumiere walked over to join their conversation, "So, what are you guys talking about?"

"She's just telling me how the dates going, she's really into you y'know."


The green haired girl shrugged before heading back over to her lane, "Hey you spilled about the tests so I have a right."

Eclair glared at her friends retreating back, "Whatever. What do you think of Dextera now?" She asked turning to Lumiere.

Lumiere looked over at her best friend and his date talking and laughing over something, "Well, he genuinely seems interested in Sinistra...but I still don't like him." Eclair just shrugged and picking up her hot pink ball went to take her turn.

Later that night after bowling Eclair decided to walk home with Lumiere which left Sinistra to ride alone with Dextera. In the next few minutes they had reached his house, Dextera pulled up to the curb to let him out, "This is your stop."

"Yep, thanks. I had a really good time tonight." Sinistra mumbled blushing. The next thing he knew he was being pulled into the red heads lap and locking lips with him.


On Monday Sinistra walked in to see Lumiere, Eclair, Un-ou, and A-ou standing by the lockers talking. He hand't heard from Dextera after the incident Friday night, and he had to admit he was quite nervous.

Lumiere took one look at Sinistra's face and was instantly worried, "Sinistra...whats wrong?"

"I-I have to talk to you, alone." He stuttered out. He grabbed her arm and dragged her to a corner, "Your going to be so mad...."

"Well, what is it?!"

"Um...on Friday night, I-I had sex with him." Lumiere's mouth popped open, "...In his car."

"You what?!" She practically screamed.

"Shhh!" He reprimanded her after noticing the other three look at them with questioning looks.

Lumiere shook his hand away, "Sinistra! What the hell were you thinking?!"

"I know! I'm sorry! Its just that...I really, really like him." He muttered hanging his head shame.

"Hey, whats going on here?: Eclair asked finally walking up behind Lumiere with the other two following.

Sinistra shook his head and plastered a fake smile on his face, "Nothing....I'll talk to you later Lumi." He said walking off, but he was soon stopped by Eclair's voice.

"Sinistra are you ok? You seem to be limping!"

The blue eyed man blushed, "Oh, yes I'm fine!" He shouted back before practically running around the corner.

Un-ou just sighed, "He had sex with him didn't he?"

Lumiere's eyes bulged, "How did you know?!"

"I just do, and your face is really easy to read."


Around the next hall Dextera was fumbling around in his locker for his books, he grabbed the right ones and closed the little door locking it. He nearly jumped when he saw Armblast and Mercredi standing right there. "Holy shit you guys! Could you at least warn me when your standing there like that?!"

Armblast's face suddenly turned serious, "Dextera, you know your going to have to confront him about it."

Dextera sighed, "Yeah, I know."

"And this isn't one of your normal one night flings either." Mercredi put in, "You care a lot about him right?"

"Yes, but how am I suppossed to face him?"

"I don't know, but you might want to hurry up, he's coming this way now."

Dextera looked around frantically, looking for a place to hide, "Shit! Guys help me!"

Armblast shook his head before wrapping his arm around his girlfriends waist, "Sorry dude, you got yourself into this. Catch you in third hour."

"Dextera?" Sinistra quietly asked.

The red head could've sworn he jumped ten feet in the air after hearing his voice, "Sinistra! Oh, hi...um, I wanted to talk to you."Sinistra felt his stomach drop. He was going to tell him that Friday night meant nothing right? Or at least thats what he thought. He was shocked when Dextera reached over and grabbed his pale hand with his tanned one. "Look, about last Friday...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done what I did. Its just that normally I always get into these one night flings, but yours wasn't one of those exactly. Friday night happened because for awhile now I've had my eye on you, I've just been to scared to confont you about it. I'm sorry, you must feel really awkward right now." Dextera said laughing nervously.

Sinistra smiled, "I don't feel awkward at all, in fact its quite the opposite."

"W-What do you mean?"

"Silly, I mean I feel the same way you do."

Dextera looked completely dumfounded, "Really?" He grinned stupidly as Sinistra nodded. He brought the younger male closer and hugged him to his chest, "Thank god!" I thought you were going to completely blow me off, because of how I act."

Sinistra nuzzled his face deeper into Dextera's arms, "Stupid, why would I? I love you."

Eclair, Un-ou, and A-ou looked at Lumiere who was tightly holding onto her books, making her knuckles turn white. "Well looks like your going to have to deal with him from now on Lumiere." Eclair said.

"I'm fine with it as long as he doesn't do something stupid." She mumbled irritably.

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