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Warnings: Twincest, but you should've seen this one coming XD.

Sinistra blinked as he watched the twins eating alone together. He always wondered why they had friends but never hung out with them, they were always attached at the hip and they hardly talked to anyone around them. Sometimes he wanted to go over there and start a conversation, just to let them know that he could be a friend to them too. His eyes suddenly snapped to his boyfriends face when he felt a slight nudge from him. Sinistra blinked, "What?"

"Something wrong babe?" Dextera asked.

"You said the twins were your friend's right? Then how come they hardly talk to anyone and do everything by themselves?"

Dextera sighed, "There were a lot of family problems when the twins were younger, now their all each other has, the twins also have a hard time trusting people because of it. Not that I blame them."

Sinistra frowned, "I just wish they would come over and talk with us, maybe it would get them to trust us more."

"I wouldn't worry about them, they'll come around. Come on if we hurry up maybe we can make it to the car." The red head said nuzzling his boyfriend's cheek.

Sinistra elbowed him, "You're such a perv!" he laughed making sure to take out any sting that was in his words.

Tweedledum looked up from eating to watch his sister silently pick at her food. She had been acting really weird lately, but he always decided against asking her what was wrong she would normally just get upset and say everything was fine. This time was different though, she had been acting this way for days and he was determined to find out why, "What's wrong? You're not eating like you normally do."

Tweedledee just shook her head, "No, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired."

The boy opened his mouth to say something in response but a softer voice interrupted him, "Tweedledum, I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with my friends and I after school." The young girl standing before them clearly had a crush on him.

Tweedledee sent a glare in her direction, for the past couple of days she noticed this girl talking to her brother at different times during the day. Sometimes in the hallway, in the classroom, and now lunch, she was getting really irritated by this. The second she saw her brother laugh she grabbed her purse and stormed out of the lunchroom.

Tweedledum frowned at his sister sudden violent reaction, he grabbed his tray and stood up giving the girl a worried look, "I'm sorry, it seems my sister is sick and I'll have to take care of her, maybe some other time." He gave her a small smile of reassurance.

"O-OK I'll talk to you later then." She said trying hard to not let the butterflies in her stomach get the best of her.

The red eyed boy walked out of the lunchroom and down the hallway in search of his twin. He found her at the top of the stairwell talking to some guy who he recognized as Nate from the basketball team. He and Nate frequently played one on one for extra practice. A pang of jealousy ran through him as he saw her laugh at one of his famous jokes. He didn't know why he was jealous. Brothers shouldn't feel this way towards their sister right? Tweedledum signed inwardly, there was no use in worrying about it, he just turned around and walked in the other direction to his next class. When he looked back she was still talking to him, suddenly the jealousy he felt earlier seemed to burn.

Tweedledee waved her goodbye to the young man she had been talking to before walking to class. On the way there she kept thinking about what happened at lunch. She never understood why she always got jealous whenever that girl talked to him, but it bugged her because she knew the girl liked him. Maybe that's why she talked to her brother's teammate, because she figured Tweedledum would get jealous.

After school Tweedledee walked out to her brother's car to go home but stopped when she noticed the girl from earlier talking to him. She turned the other way and started walking down the street. Her brother must have noticed her quick departure because he was instantly at her side.

"Hey! Where are you going?" He grabbed her hand and turned her around to face him.

"It seems like you're too busy with her to take me home so I'll just walk!" She snapped back.

"She was just talking to me! Look, she's gone now OK?! So let's just go home!"

Tweedledee wrenched her hand free, "No thanks." She said before turning on her heel and walking down the street.

Tweedledum glared at his sister's retreating back, "Fine."

As she walked home Tweedledee passed the street for Mercredi's house. She decided she would pay her friend a visit and see if she could help her out. Out of all her friends besides Tweedledum, Mercredi was the one she talked to most. She walked up the steps of the big green house and knocked.

Mercredi answered the door with a shocked face, "Tweedledee?"

"Sorry to come over on such short notice, but, Tweedledum and I got into a fight."

The blue haired woman gave her a look like she was crazy and belonged in a mental hospital, "Really?"

"Yes, can I come in?" She walked into the living room while Mer shut the door and sat on the couch sighing heavily.

Mercredi went over to the chair and sat ready to listen, "So what happened?"

Tweedledee just stared at the floor, but she soon glared at it like the whole thing had become the face of that girl from before, "He's been talking to some girl that I don't know at school and it's been bothering me lately."

"Sounds to me like someone's jealous." Mercredi said with a smile.


"Did I know? Simple, you and Tweedledum spend every waking minute together; you two are attached at the hip, it's also written all over your face."

The older twin got up to pace around the room in a thoughtful manner, "Then I try to make him jealous and it doesn't seem to work, he doesn't show any signs of it at all! I'm just so frustrated with this whole thing I could punch him in the face!"

Mercredi opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Tweedledee's cell phone going off. "Hello?" Mer watched with interest as the expressions on the other girl's face changed dramatically from calm, to worry, then pure horror. "Tweedledee what's wrong?" She asked as she watched her place the phone down with shaking hands.

Tweedledee suddenly bolted up, she stuffed her phone in her purse, and shoved her feet in her shoes, "Tweedledum was in a bad car accident and is in the hospital! I have to go!"

"I'll drive you!" Mer grabbed the car keys off the end table and swung the front door open down to the car.

At the hospital Tweedledee ran as fast as she could to her brother's room. She didn't even stop for a breather the only thing on her mind was making sure her brother was alright. When she entered his room Tweedledum looked up and gave her a small smile, the instant she saw him she ran and threw her arms around him crying uncontrollably, "I'm so sorry! It's all my fault, if I hadn't of gotten mad at you this probably never would've happened!"

"Stop crying your going to flood the room. Why were you mad in the first place?"

"I always get jealous when you talk to that girl because I like you more than just a brother, and I know its wrong, but I can't help it." She let go of him but continued to cry.

"What if I told you that I also got jealous when I saw you talking to Nate earlier, I honestly didn't think it would bug me so much. I figured if I could talk to other girls it would take my mind off of it, but my thoughts would always come back to you and it drove me nuts. So I gave up trying to get away from it. So who cares if it's wrong? You understand me and I understand you better than anyone else. All we need is each other right?"

Tweedledee brushed away her tears and smiled, "You're such a knuckle head. Do you really mean it?" Her smile grew bigger as her brother carefully nodded his head. The older twin grabbed the stool next to the bed to sit on and laid her head down next to her brother's on the pillow. She gently took his hand and held it carefully. Tweedledum leaned down and placed a light kiss to her forehead. A small gasp was heard from the doorway, both turned to see the same girl from before standing there holding a bouquet of flowers.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll just come back later." She stuttered out before leaving. Both twins stared at the empty space dumbfounded, come tomorrow at school, they're lives were going to change dramatically.

After the next day Tweedledum was released from the hospital, the twins had no idea that they had been the talk of the school since they had been gone. Both instantly noticed something different when they walked through the front doors. Every time they walked down the hall people would stop, stare, and whisper to their neighbor, it was the same way in the classroom.

On the way to the lunchroom Dextera and Sinistra noticed the twins being bothered by some of the football players. Violet eyes narrowed, "I can see it's gotten out." The red head only wished A-ou was around, being captain of the football team he would've taken care of them.

Sinistra's eyes moved to watch Dextera walk briskly over to them. He ran after him when he didn't exactly understand what his boyfriend meant, "What? What do you mean?!"

Dextera walked up to the leader of the group, grabbed his collar, and slammed him against the locker, "How about you leave them alone before you piss me off."

"Dextera stop it! Don't get mixed up in this!" Sinistra grabbed his arm and tried pulling him back.

The red head sighed and let him go, "Fine, you're not worth my time anyway."

Aaron smirked, "Oh I get it, your walking away because your sissy fag girlfriend said so."

Tweedledum flinched that was not a good idea on Aaron's part. The twin wasn't surprised to see Dextera's fist connect with his face.

"Dude, what the hell man?! Back off!"

Dextera grabbed the mans collar again and got right in his face, "You can call me a sissy or a fag but I will not tolerate people making those kinds of remarks to my boyfriend. Say it again and no one will recognize you because I don't think even doctors could fix what I would do to you." He shoved Aaron back against the locker and took Sinistra's hand in his, he made a quick glance over at the twins, "Don't worry about what people say, you guys are fine."

Tweedledum watched the other two go before looking down at his sister with a smile, "Do you want to head to lunch? I don't think too many people will bother us now after seeing Dextera's little display." He added with a laugh. Tweedledee smiled back and nodded. On their way to the lunchroom they saw the girl from the day before, "Hey Rachel! Wait!" Tweedledum ran after her and finally caught up he turned her around to face him, "Did you tell everyone what you saw at the hospital the other day?! Why?"

Rachel glared at him, "Because it's wrong! It's wrong for you to be in love with your sister and it's wrong for her to be in love with you! Both of you should just-just burn in hell!" She screamed, she broke free of his grasp and ran off in the other direction.

"What happened?" Tweedledee asked as she walked up behind him.

"Rachel was the one who told, that's why people have been acting and looking at us weird all day."

Tweedledee rolled her eyes, "I knew I didn't like her."

Tweedledum laughed at her reaction and took her hand in his surprising her, "Don't worry, we'll take on anything that comes our way and show people it's not wrong." His sister squeezed his hand in reassurance as they walked down to the lunchroom.

A/N: There is officially a funny story about this chapter. I always thought that Tweedledee would have a reaction like this if he brother was seriously injured. But NOPE! Kiddy Girl-And proved me wrong xD. This is the story, WARNING: spoilers if you haven't seen KG-A or through episode ten.

-Little story-

Me: -watching ep 10 of KG-A after the whole huge battle thing-

Tweedledee: Stupid brother…

Me: What?! What?! Your brother might die and all you can say is stupid brother?! What the hell?

A-ou: You should be supportive of your brother.

Me: That's right! You tell her A-ou!

Tweedledee: How can you say such things?!

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So yes that was the story behind that….I was honestly expecting a more depressing reaction from her but oh well. Tweedledee is somewhat stubborn. Anyways not that all the crazy has died down the next chapter should be up sooner! Enjoy!