A/N: Well just to let you know this is my first time attempting a crossover, as well as anything within the Riddick universe. Just to stipulate I do tend to gear my fictions towards Slash though that is no guarantee at this point. What I am attempting to portray in this fiction will hopefully be a concentration on religion and spirituality from the view of a devout follower. a priest no less. keep in mind I am writing this for my own enjoyment but I do appreciate any and all opinions on my work.

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So...He was the new Lord Marshal of the Necromongers. The thought made the young priest almost snort with laughter. Things were definitely going to change. This man, this Furyan, was not a nice man, or a good man, but somehow, Riddick would change everything. He could feel it.

The young priest was kneeling in the shadows, far away from the more dominating soldiers, staring at his new leader. There was something that was puling at his senses. Directing all thought to that man. The priest felt his blood race through his veins and his breath catch. Visions of some unknown past or future flooding his mind as quicksilver eyes locked with his own emerald green.

Harry Potter stood on the battlefield, scores of dead bodies lay about his feet. Blood dripping from his fingers and wand onto the muddy ground. Voldemort, his Deatheaters, The Order, and any that had thought to protect The-Boy-Who-Lived had been caught in the shockwave that had resulted from Harry and Voldemort's last altercation. All of them were dead. Harry was the only one left standing. He had no one left to protect now. No one left to care for or about.

Harry stood there for hours, before his legs gave out on him and he collapsed to his knees. There was a sunrise; a sunset. Then the very ground shook and the sky lit with a strange light before a small dark object set itself down just on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. One lone figure exited the strange thing and walked toward Harry. The figure was tall and thin and wore odd clothing, almost like wizard robes but adorned with small metal plates and braces. Harry looked up at the man, his eyes filled with pain, as the man spoke.

"Such pain in one so very young. Yet your eyes speak of experience beyond your years," There was truth in his words and Harry felt too old and too young at the same time. Only 16 years old and already everyone he loved was dead and he had committed murdered more than once in the name a peace that only came when everything was gone. "Would you like your pain lessened, young one? You would be a valuable addition to our ranks if you joined us."

Harry stared and let himself close his eyes before he said "Yes."

It had been 5 years since that day. Since Harry Potter had started his conversion. The young priest thought he had suppressed it. Made it, along with all his other emotions, go away into the darkest recesses of his mind. Harry had been wrong. It had only taken one look from the new Lord Marshal, that look of such deep pain brought it all back. Harry couldn't take it. Didn't want to feel such pains again, so he looked away and slowly stood, none noticing his quiet steps as he left the throne room to the relative privacy of the Purifiers quarters. Since the man was now dead, there would be another to take his place soon, but for now it lay empty save for the few material possessions that his mentor had kept. With a heavy heart and emotions he hadn't felt in over a decade Harry let himself curl up on the black satin sheets, still fully clothed. He imagined he could still smell the man's scent on the sheets. Still feel his presence beside him. Harry fell asleep clutching at the pillows; his face holding an expression of deep pain.

"You keep what you kill," The words whispered out of his lips as Richard B. Riddick looked out over the kneeling Necormongers. The implications were too much for him to think on. His mind was too full of Kyra. Of the pain that was coursing through his chest at the thought of never seeing her beautiful eyes again, never hearing her voice. Riddick looked out at the hundreds of soldiers, the few elegantly clad females, the lightly robed priests. They all looked on with either disgust or respect. Save one. Whoever it was was looking at him with pure curiosity. Not approving or otherwise, totally without judgment. Then Riddick's silver eyes locked with the emeralds that were staring at him, and the expression changed to pain, not unlike what he was feeling now. The moment was fleeting and soon the tiny male priest averted his gaze and slowly left.

Riddick thought on the young man for only a moment before he decided that he had to start things moving somehow so he turned his gaze to Vaako. The Necormonger who had helped in the death of the previous Lord Marshal. Riddick's next move would certainly cement the First among commanders position in the ranks if not raise him up a bit more, that could lead to a whole host of different problems but it had to be done and he needed an advisor whom he could...respect.

"Vaako," Riddick said slowly caressing the name in a slow drawl. Lifting his head from his hand.

"Yes, Lord Marshal," There was clear and respectful. It was obvious that he knew the implications of himself being called out first.

"I need to know who just left this room," Riddick said glancing over at Vaako for a moment before staring at the open double doors again.

"Lord Marshal no one has..." Vaako had looked up immediately but before he could continue Riddick interrupted him.

"I just saw him leave Vaako. He was a priest, dressed like The Purifier. Dark hair, almond shaped eyes, small," Riddick described standing from the throne like chair, trying to ignore the body that now lay on the floor. It wasn't her anymore anyway. She was gone now.

Vaako seemed to be wracking his brain for an answer. "I believe, My Lord Marshal, you are speaking of the Purifiers apprentice. I do not remember his name. Do you wish for me to bring him to you for punishment?"

Riddick looked down upon the still kneeling masses and shook his head "No, I want eyes on him."

"It shall be done my Lord Marshal," Vaako said rising from his kneeling position to direct one of the nearby soldiers to do Riddick's bidding.

Once Vaako was finished speaking to his subordinate Riddick spoke again. "What are your customs for an honorable burial, Vaako?"

Vaako glanced at the body on the dais and bowed his head respectfully before speaking "Mistress Kyra, being one of our own, and dieing in such a way as she did, will be sent into a sun, in honor of her sacrifice for the Faith."

Riddick hummed and said "She would've liked that," before he looked on the body of the previous Lord Marshal. "And him?"

It had been 3 months since the new Lord Marshal had taken over, yet there still wasn't an appointed Chief Purifier. At first Harry felt obligated to take over, to honor his fallen mentor. Telling himself he was just waiting for a replacement. None came, so Harry felt stuck being the acting Purifier as well as being The Apprentice which came with it's own set of duties. Harry's workload ended up doing twice the work with half the respect. Harry had gotten over his momentary grief the night the new reign began. His excuse for that night was taking too long between purifications. Now however, he found he was long overdue for another but with his full schedule and the lack of a fully ordained Purifier on board the lead ship Harry hadn't found time to indulge in what he was starting to think of as a luxury.

That is how he found himself, with heavily hooded eyes and aching body, in The War Room with Lord Marshal Riddick, First Commander Vaako, and various other advisors all clad in full battle regalia, normally an apprentice wouldn't be allowed but being the acting Purifier changed that. Naturally he was the last to arrive, having had to rearrange three different purifications in order to attend at the Lord Marshal's order. The others were already standing around the liquid map and with an inward sigh Harry mustered up his remaining mental power to look less exhausted and stepped forward.

"My Lords," Harry said, perfectly polite, bowing slightly to the assembled men. The others turned to gaze in his direction, only Lord Vaako gave him a proper respectful bow. Harry liked the First Commander. He was a very devout man, Purifying himself multiple times in the week as opposed to the one time standard among the other Commanders. In fact Harry got to know him quite well. Being a Purifier meant you got to hear and see things the Necromonger's would never show anyone but their Priest. Underneath the Purification Lord Vaako was a kind, considerate man with a loyalty streak to rival Helga Hufflepuff herself. Harry felt a twinge of loss at the thought of his old life, but pushed it back so he could concentrate on the war proceedings.

"Now that we're all here, The Lord Marshal has found of a new planet in which to get new followers," Lord Vaako said as he brought up the image of a planet with only two satellites and started describing their plan. "In seven days we will..." Harry stopped listening. A raid? in a week! That was insane. The soldiers would all need full purification and cleansing so that they wouldn't feel pain on the battle field. That amounted to nearly an extra hour per soldier, sure many of the lesser priests could monitor the simple purification rituals but that still meant an extra thirty minutes of cleansing for the commanders, which was the Purifiers job, and forty-five minutes for the foot soldiers, which was the responsibility of the Apprentice. Harry being acting Purifier and High Apprentice meant he would be Purifying twice as much for the very few days leading to up the mission. Which probably meant Harry would have to cut back on his sleep from a scant three hours to less than one a night.

No one noticed Harry's eyes widen or his hands start to tremble. Though somehow Riddick seemed to sense some rising storm because he glanced in Harry's direction. Then Harry heard the actual number of soldiers they would need for this operation and his control snapped.

"Absolutely NOT!" Harry said slamming his hands down on the liquid map causing the image to ripple.

Scales turned and glared at him. "Are you questioning Your Lord Marshal's orders?" Scales had never liked him. Or rather he like him too much. It was only The Chief Purifiers influence that kept Scales and his forceful advances at bay most of the time.

"Damn right I'm questioning his orders. Do any of you realize how much work that is going to be?" Harry gestured wildly with his arms the rubies in the various clasps and pins he wore jingled in their fastenings, the liquid map rippling unnaturally.

"What? Is the little apprentice afraid of a little hard work? Too delicate for conquest?" This was said by Toal an overly arrogant man who thought all priests weak, helpless things.

"Delicate and weak are not words that can describe someone who from age of eleven was consistently defeating Milins(Dark Wizards) on his home planet Toal!" Harry spat out angrily the force of his anger causing the liquid map to malfunction so badly it shut down."Can any of you tell me who you all last had a purification with?"

The six commanders glanced at each other over the table and at nearly the same time said "You, High Apprentice," This time with the proper reverence for his title.

"Exactly!" Lights flicker above them without Harry's notice. "Not only that but I have also been doing my duties as High Apprentice these last three months. There is no way I will be able to cope with the workload of a raid as well as my other duties. Not without totally losing my mind!" Harry was breathing hard and his eyes were stinging with angry tears. He hadn't had this much emotion or magic coarse through him since the final battle. When he had seen the bodies of all his friends. Remus, Hermione, Luna, Nevile, the entire Weasley family. All of them gone, and it was his fault. His anger quickly fled him but only to be replaced with crippling grief. The lights still flickering as Harry's magic manifested around him in swirls of emerald light.

Everyone in the room was staring at him, seeming for once to fully understand the power that was within the High Apprentice. There had been a reason why Harry had been the only one taken from that barbaric little planet. Why no other ships had gone down to the surface.

Then someone asked the all important question. "High Apprentice Potter, when was the last time you were properly purified?" Lord Vaako was the one who asked and Harry's focus snapped to the man he seemed to rely on every 3rd day for an hour respite from his duties. His voice worked the same way it had every time he heard it. The magic swirling around him dissipated, though only so much to stop the lights from flickering. The jewels in his clasps were still jiggling violently in their free dangling niches.

Harry had to think about the question for a moment before answering. He had purified himself in any spare moment he got, but those small rituals only went so far. Thinking back Harry said "Just before Lord Marshal Riddick ascended," Harry said meekly looking down at the now quiescent liquid map watching the ripples that were running out from himself along the table. It was then that Harry realized just how out of control he had become. Harry was about to excuse himself, trying valiantly to stay upright on legs that no longer wanted to hold him, when Riddick spoke for the first time.

"Take the day off, thats an order," Harry's gaze flicked to the dark goggles covering Riddicks eyes. They stared at each other for a moment before Riddick broke eye contact and addressed Vaako. "You make sure he rests, something tells me this guy wouldn't take a day off even if ordered to."

"Yes Lord Marshal, I will also be able to perform the purifying ritual for him if he wishes. I was trained quite extensively by our previous Purifier," Harry was stunned, and a little miffed at being talked over, but all in all these two men seemed to genuinely want to...help him. The only one who had ever tried to do that in this world was his mentor. Harry felt a familiar warm glow beginning in his chest. He hadn't felt such 'affection' for anyone in a very long time. Tears started welling up in his eyes and he felt his legs beginning to give out. Expecting a painful crash onto the metal floor he was surprised when a warm arm wrapped around his waist to hold him up straight. Vaako apparently took his duty to make Harry rest seriously because he said no more to the group as he helped Harry out of the war room and down the hall to the Purification rooms.