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There was little doubt that the spiky red-haired male wouldn't have woken at all if the furious ramming on the door hadn't disturbed him. In fact, he could barely be bothered to move after such a long day consisting of nothing but work and constant hassle from the other members. Groaning, he stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before propping himself up on his elbows. He'd fallen asleep in a barely buttoned up red shirt and jeans, his uniform coat slung lazily on a chair on the other side of the room. He'd have to remember to sort that out, or Xemnas would kill him…literally.

"What is it!? This had better be important!"

His emerald eyes narrowed as he listened for a reply, and he remained like this for a good few seconds.

For God's sake…

He let out an exasperated sigh before pushing himself off the bed, storming across the room and yanking the door open with such force that the hinges almost snapped off completely.

"Look! I'm not in the-"

His sentence trailed off, whipped away from him by the wind and the rain that battered the streets, and by the sight of the small blonde-haired boy in front of him.


The blonde almost had to crane his neck to look up at the older male, shielding himself against the rain, although clearly without point as his clothes were already soaked and clinging to his skin, leaving him pale and shivering. The redhead frowned, removing his hand from the door handle. He could see his reflection in the blonde's blue eyes, eyes that reminded him of the ocean, eyes that he had lost himself in so often, yet now showed a strange pain he hadn't seen before.

"Rox…have you been crying?"

He watched his reflection ripple as new tears welled up in the blonde's eyes, the green meeting the blue in a silent stare.

"I…I'm sorry to wake you, Axel, I just didn't know who else to go to…"

Roxas' attempt to keep his voice steady failed miserably, and it cracked several times in the space of that single sentence, shortly followed up by a small sigh and another apology.

"Don't be stupid, get in here."

The blonde's eyes widened in surprise, and he froze on the spot, staring at the elder of the two.

"…Well, what are you waiting for? You'll catch your death out there!"

He felt his hand being grasped firmly but gently by the readhead, before he was quickly pulled inside and the door pushed shut behind them.

To say he felt awkward would be an understatement. His hair was plastered across his face, clothes dripping water onto the wood-panelled floor, and he was standing in front of the immaculate-as-always flame-haired-wonder (a name that Demyx had come out with after one too many, much to the worry and slight amusement of some other members). He usually felt so at ease with Axel, him being one of the only members who was actually nice to him, but then again, Axel had never seen him in this state before.

"How long have you been out there? You're soaked!"

The blonde directed his gaze to the corner as the redhead knelt in front of him.

"Here, I'll give you some of my clothes."

The blonde couldn't keep the surprise from his face as the redhead reached out, taking hold of the zipper on his coat with pale, slender fingers and slowly undoing it.


There was a pause as the green eyes met his again.

"What…don't expect me to leave them on do you?"

Another silence before he continued, causing a red streak to form across Roxas' face, contrasting with his pale skin.

He'd never realised how warm Axel was, how he could feel the heat radiating from him, even when they weren't touching. He couldn't help but think that this would make Axel extremely bad at making snowmen, and that one thought allowed a small smile to form on his face, even if he was cold and barely clothed any more.

"Here," the sharp voice broke his train of thought ", they might be a little too big, but hey, better than nothin' right?"

"Yeah, I guess, thanks."

The blonde smiled, gladly accepting the warm, dry clothes offered to him and quickly pulling them on. Axel was right, they were miles too big, but comfy nonetheless.

"So…you want to tell me what's wrong…?"

Axel had sat on the bed again, the sheets still left messy from his previous 'nap' (which usually involved sleeping most of the day, then getting up and going out drinking, although he was mostly careful not to get too drunk for fear of saying or doing something he may regret).

"Well…it's kinda stupid now I think about it…"

"Well, what was it?"


The redhead frowned again.

"Rox, if it was nothing, you wouldn't have turned up crying at my door halfway throught the night."

There was a pause as Axel held Roxas' gaze, waiting for his reply with a mild look of concern playing around his usually smirking, somewhat sarcastic expression.

"I guess…it was just…" He paused to think. "…Just the way that everyone seems to be getting mad with us lately."

"You mean Xemnas?"

Roxas nodded, Axel smiled.

"Don't let a guy like him get to you, he doesn't even know what fun is."

He had to smile at that. It was true. In all the time he'd known the organization, he could honestly say that Xemnas' face appeared to be frozen in a permanent scowl.

"Well, now you're here, and you're wearing my clothes, you may as well stay for tonight."

"Won't the others notice?"

The redhead rolled his eyes, leaning back on his elbows again.

"Since when has that stopped us?"

He had a point. The blonde made his way to the bed, being careful not to trip over the slightly too long legs of his pants, and climbed in next to Axel, who promptly pulled the covers over them.

"Aren't you getting changed?"

Roxas observed the red shirt, which now had only two buttons fastened.

"Nah, I was asleep before you got here…"

There was yet another brief silence. Roxas wondered whether the heat from Axel's body was due to a) the fact that he himself had been standing in the freezing rain not so long ago, or b) his ability to manipulate fire. He was still mulling over this thought when he felt Axel's arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer until their faces were mere centimetres apart. They stared at each other, Axel's calm, strong gaze battling with Roxas' wide-eyed surprise.

"Goodnight Roxas."

"…Goodnight, Axel."


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