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Chapter 1 – Announcements

'Gene, are you sure about this?' Alex asked in a hushed whisper as they walked through the corridors towards CID.

'Yes Bolly, you'll be showing in about a month or two, I want everyone to know it's mine. I love you.'

Alex smiled. 'Softie.'

'Shut up Bolls, won't do for anyone ter hear that.'

'No Gene, you're just about to announce to the whole of CID that I'm pregnant with your child.' She teased, nudging his arm.

He stopped and turned to face her. 'Yes I am, Bolly.' He said, raising a hand to cup her chin, kissing her firmly on the lips. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck, stepping even closer to him, but he pulled back quickly.

'Oi, enough of that Bolly. I need to be able to concentrate, yer know.'

Alex smiled. 'D'you think Molly's alright?' She asked, thinking of how she'd dropped her daughter off at school that morning.

'She'll be fine Bolly, she's a bright kid.'

'Thanks.' But Alex stopped as they reached the doors to CID and they paused. 'Are you really going to do this?'

Gene pouted and nodded once. 'Yup.'

With that he strode in, looking over his kingdom.

'Right boys, and lady.' He started, causing everyone to stare up at their two senior officers. 'In case some of you haven't already guessed, me and Bolly here have been seeing each other for a bit, and we've just got back off holiday together.' He paused to gauge their reactions, Alex bit back a laugh at Chris's shocked expression, and then Shaz's knowing smile.

'So, I'd like to announce that Bolls is pregnant, and yes, the child is mine.' He took Alex's hand for support at that moment before continuing. 'And we're getting married. Now, get back to whatever you were doing before. Mush!' He finished, going to his office and shutting the door.

Alex's mouth fell open, which is what Chris had only just managed to stop himself from doing.


Closing her mouth quickly again she followed Gene to his office rather than going to her own desk, she shut the door behind her.

'What? Miss me already, Bolls?' Gene quipped, getting up from his desk and walking around to stand in front of her.

Alex looked at him seriously. 'Married? You...you meant that?'

Gene frowned at her. 'What do you mean, Bolly? I asked you in Norfolk, when you told me about little Hunt in there.' He said, gesturing to her stomach.

Alex's eyes widened. 'I didn't think...but I said you didn't have to do that, Gene.'

Gene's face fell. 'You don't want to marry me?'

'No, of course I do! I just wasn't aware that you thought we were getting married.' Alex said, realising how stupid she sounded and let out a small laugh. 'God, we're hopeless.'

'Just a bit. Right, well since I didn't make it clear the first time. I better do this properly.' As he spoke he pulled out a ring from his pocket, holding out between his thumb and forefinger and looking her in the eye.

'Marry me, Bolly-Knickers.'

Alex smiled. 'Definitely.' She said as he slipped the ring onto her finger before she'd even replied. She held her hand up and examined it. It was beautifully simple; just a thin silver band with a diamond on top. She loved it.

'It's gorgeous Gene, is this what you went to buy when you said you were, 'nipping out' yesterday?'

Gene looked a little sheepish. 'Well, actually, I didn't buy it new, Bolls. I went to get it from the bank. You see...it's my mother's ring, it's been handed down through her family, till it got to a man.'

'Really? Is...is she dead?' Alex asked, marvelling at the ring.

'No, actually, she still lives up in Manchester; I thought maybe you and Molls Bolls would like to meet her, someday...'

'Someday, Gene! As soon as possible! I wasn't aware you had any living family!'

'Oh yeah...sorry. But, it's just my Mam, really.'

Alex smiled. 'I'd love to meet her; can we go at the weekend?'

'Um...Ok, then. Oh and Bolls...'


'I think you should go now, they might start to talk.'

Alex glanced at the closed blinds and then back at Gene suggestively. She took a step towards him until she was stood centimetres away; she leant forward and whispered in his ear. 'Oh yes, and what do you suppose they'll think we're doing...?'

Gene swallowed and cleared his throat nervously, but raised his hands to push her back. 'You'll be the death of me woman, now get out there, go!'

Alex gave him a last smile, then slipped past him, out of the door, making her way to her desk. Only Shaz being observant enough to notice the glimmer on her left hand that hadn't been there before.

'Hi Ma'am, congratulations about you and the Guv. You both deserve it.'

Alex looked up to see Shaz stood in front of her desk, smiling.

She beamed back. 'Thanks, Shaz. How are you and Chris doing? Have you been for your first scan, yet?'

Shaz nodded and perched on the edge of the desk, rummaging in her handbag and finally handing over a picture.

Alex looked at it, taking a minute to find the baby amongst the many lines, but she'd got quite good at it while she was pregnant with Molly.

'Aw, what names have you been thinking of?'

Shaz bit her lip. 'Well...both me and Chris want to call it Ray, if it's a boy, of course...'

Alex smiled. 'Shaz, that's a lovely idea, I'm sure he'd be proud to have Ray's name.' She assured her, handing the ultrasound photo back.

Shaz nodded. 'Yeah...what about you, Ma'am?'

'Me?! God, I haven't even thought about it Shaz, I haven't know for long at all!'

Shaz laughed. 'Ah well, you'll think of something. Anyway, I better get back to work.'

Alex nodded. 'Ok, see you later.'

At that moment Gene emerged from his office, holding a sheet of paper. 'Right everyone, boys and girls. Gary Linton has decided to show his face again, someone saw him robbing a video store down on Grange Road, me and Bolly are going to go and nick him. Chris, can you talk to Mrs Robinson, she's down in reception. She's the witness, just get a statement from her, will you?'

Chris nodded and got up, stubbing his cigarette out. 'No problem, Guv.' He said, making his way out.

Alex frowned. 'Isn't this plod work Gene? Simple statement and arrest?'

Gene nodded. 'Well there's not much to do now scum like Layton are off the streets for good.'

'Thanks to you.' She replied, grabbing her jacket. 'Right, let's go get some more small time scum, shall we?'

Making their way out of the station they got into the Quattro, Gene pulling it away at top speed. 'I swear this one's faster, Bolls.' He commented as they raced down the wet roads.

Alex didn't turn her head and kept her concentration on clinging to the edges of her seat. 'So do I...'

Gene turned and saw her expression, he laughed. 'Bloody hell Bolly, calm down. Yer not going to die.'

Alex pouted. 'Ok, but when I'm showing, you will drive slower, it could harm the baby.'

Gene nodded. 'Yes, yes, I know. That's why I'm giving up smoking.'

Alex momentarily forgot to cling onto her seat and instead took up gawping at Gene. 'I wondered why you hadn't had a cigarette; you don't have to do that Gene.'

He frowned. 'I thought it could still be got from what is it...passer smoking.'

'Passive smoking, and yes it can but...are you sure?'

'Positive. That baby Hunt is going to be healthy as a horse, Bolly.' Gene told her, pulling up outside a dingy workshop.

'Right, let's get him.'

Alex smiled and followed his lead, getting out of the car. 'Yep. Time to bust some small time filth.'

'That's the spirit Bolly; good to see those hormones haven't kicked in yet.' Gene replied, setting off for the weak looking door. It was just begging to be kicked in.

'Men...' Alex muttered, following him.

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