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Chapter 17 – Epilogue: A Family Affair

Dear Evan,

I know it will come as a shock for you to receive this, but it's me, Alex. As you know, me and Molly ended up in 1982 together and although there were a few bumps along the way, we're all safe and happy. For you, it will only have been a few days since Gary Linton stopped putting the creepers on you – because he was found dead in his cell, he'd hung himself. But as for us, it's been years. I'm so sorry it was impossible to get in touch sooner and I really am sorry for all the pain this whole thing must have caused you. I do hope you can forgive me.

I was wondering if you'd like to come for dinner this Saturday and we can talk properly, me and Molly have really missed you and I hope that after all this, you're still our loving Godfather, the one we remember and miss. My address is on the back and I really hope you can come.

All my love,

Alex. XXX

Evan read the letter for the hundredth time, yet still it wouldn't sink in. They were alive, Alex and Molly were fine. They had survived Operation Rose and whatever that creep Linton had talked about. He knew he should be happy, delighted even; but it was just so unreal. But still, maybe once he'd seen Alex and Molly with his own eyes, it might then become believable. Alex would be...sixty-one now. Sixty-one. It was another thing that washed over his head; the idea of a sixty-one year old Alex in 2008 was incomprehensible. Evan just couldn't get his head around it.

He put the letter on the empty passenger seat beside him and started the car, slowly making his way to the address Alex had given him – The SatNav giving out instructions while the car trundled through the congested streets of modern day London.

'Not bad, Alex.' Evan said to himself as he drove up the short but curved gravel driveway, parking next to a brand new, red Audi A5. The house had to be at least four bedrooms, with large Georgian style windows and a heavy looking wooden door.

He rapped smartly on the door, feeling like a nervous schoolboy who'd been sent to the Headmaster's office. After just a few seconds the door was opened to reveal....Alex. She'd aged well. Very well. Her hair was still the same chestnut brown, and though it was obvious she used die to cover the grey, he could tell there wouldn't be a lot of grey even without the dye. Her skin was weathered with more lines around the eyes and mouth, but her eyes were still the same determined, fiery caramel colour he remembered. She looked – good.

Her bare lips spread into a wide smile and the lines around her eyes deepened a little. 'Evan!' Without hesitating she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. 'I'm really glad you came.'

'Hi, Alex. You...haven't changed a bit.' Evan replied, still staring at her face. Just weeks ago he'd watched a thirty-five year old Alex die in hospital and here she was in front of him – sixty-one years old. He needed to sit down.

Alex shut the front door and beckoned for him to come through to what seemed to be the lounge...where an all too familiar man was stood.

His face had aged, with more lines around his mouth, eyes and jaw, yet his eyes – they seemed different. They looked brighter, healthier even in his mid to late sixties...they looked happier. His hair was thinner, greying around the edges, but still, Evan knew exactly who he was.

'I believe we've met.' Gene said with what looked like a slight smile of reconciliation as he extended his hand.

Evan shook it and then, something clicked. The big house, the red Audi outside...and now he saw the two delicate rings on Alex's left hand...the slightly thicker one on Gene's. In spite of himself, Evan let out a small groan.

'You're Alex Hunt now, aren't you?' He asked, looking at Alex.

She bit her lip and nodded, smiling slightly as Gene took her hand, squeezing it a little. 'Yeah...and I know it's a lot to take in but we just fell in love and...Are you alright? Evan?' She took a concerned step towards him.

Evan swallowed and let out a long breath. 'Sorry...a lot to think about. I'm fine, really.'

Alex nodded and gestured to the sofa. 'Why don't you sit down? Me and Gene'll just go get some drinks.'

Evan sat down silently as Alex and Gene went through the kitchen.

'Do yer think he's alright, Bolly?' Gene asked in a whisper, getting a bottle of wine out.

Alex smiled. 'He'll be Ok, it's just a shock. It'll be better once we get talking.' She said, handing him the corkscrew.

Gene looked at her. 'I love yer, Bolls.'

'Why thank you, Mr Hunt.' Alex replied, kissing him quickly.

'Oi, I'm not done yet, Mrs Hunt.' Gene growled, kissing her again with a little more force. Alex pulled back and smiled. Even after all these years, he still couldn't keep his hands off her...not that she was much better.

'Come on, not now. Let's just get through this.'

Gene nodded and poured three glasses of wine, handing one to Alex and carrying the other two through. 'Here yer are, Evan.' He said, handing one glass to Evan before sitting down on an armchair while Alex sat on the sofa near Evan.

'So...when did this happen?'Evan asked almost nervously, gesturing to Alex's wedding and engagement ring.

Alex glanced at Gene before turning back to him. 'Well, we got married in June, 1983, we've just celebrated our twenty fifth wedding anniversary.' She told him almost proudly, getting up and taking a picture from the windowsill and handing it to Evan. 'That's our wedding day.'

Evan looked down at the picture in his hand, feeling as if he was staring at some fairytale wedding. Alex was wearing a beautifully ornate flowing ivory dress and a wide, shining smile. She was leant back against Gene, looking remarkably handsome in a dark grey suit, a cream coloured rose in his buttonhole. His long arms were wrapped around her waist and you could see his rare smile over her shoulder. It was a natural pose, rather than a standard wedding photo and though it pained him to admit...the photo exuded happiness.

He nodded and handed the photo back. 'You both look really happy.' He commented, almost cringing at the awkward note to his tone.

'We still are.' Alex replied, smiling at Gene. Glancing out the window, she saw a woman coming up the drive. 'Ooh, that'll be Molls; I'll go open the door.'

As soon as Alex had left the room, Evan leant forward in his seat to look at Gene. 'Listen, Gene...' He took a deep breath, thinking of how best to put his words. 'I got your wrong back in 81, and I apologise for my behaviour. I know now you've really made Alex happy and kept her safe, I can see how much you love her. So I thank you for that.'

Gene stared at Evan for a second before smiling – a thing that had come more naturally to him after marrying Alex.

'Thanks, Evan.' He answered. 'And don't worry about it; I could be a right bastard at times.'

Evan smiled back, feeling as if he were treading water now, rather than sinking; it was no longer quite as awkward as before. 'Yeah, and I got be a snotty lawyer.'

Gene laughed. 'Yeah, yer have ter admit that.' He then looked up and his smile grew wider. 'Ah, Molls Bolls, there yer are.'

Molly smiled and looked at Evan. 'Hi, Evan.' She said, a small note of nervousness in her own voice as she wondered how her Godfather would react.

Evan turned around in his seat to look up at Molly. And gasped.

Her medium brown hair was cut in a stylish bob to her chin and she was dressed simply in jeans with a t-shirt and cardigan. Her brown eyes were wide and framed by thick lashes, with tiny lines showing at the corners of the eyes and mouth. The only thing to tell him this was Molly, was the birthmark still visible on her cheek. He knew Molly would be about thirty-eight now, but still...he hadn't been able to envision her at all.


Molly smiled. 'Yeah...well, I know I'm a bit older, and different, and...yeah.' She told him awkwardly, noticing his shocked expression.

Evan nodded and stood up, hugging her quickly before holding her at arm's length. 'Well, I can hardly call you Scrap anymore.'

Molly and Alex laughed. 'No.' Molly admitted. 'But there's someone you can.' At that she turned around and beckoned to someone Evan couldn't see by the door.

'Come on, Lucie, it's alright. Come meet Evan.'

Evan watched as a young girl walked in timidly, brown curly hair falling past her shoulders. She couldn't have been more than eight years old.

'Hi, Evan.' The girl – Lucie said shyly with a little wave, stepping towards him. Mummy had told her about Evan, and how nice he was. He looked nice. And he was smiling at her, and Mummy was nodding as she went towards him.

Evan smiled as Lucie wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him quickly. 'Mummy says you used to call her Scrap.'

Evan looked at Molly, then back to Lucie again. 'Your daughter?'

Molly nodded. 'Yeah, she was eight years old in May. James – my husband told me to say hi, he couldn't make it.'

Evan nodded and sighed. 'God, I've missed so much.'

Alex smiled sadly at him. 'I know, I'm really sorry. But we couldn't have contacted you earlier, or everything would have been messed up. But we're glad you're here now.' She told him, hugging him again as she looked around. There were only two people missing. And at that moment, the doorbell rang.

'Who's that?' Evan asked, looking at Gene.

'Trouble and trouble.'

Evan frowned in response, eyes flickering to Molly.

'It's Caroline and Sam.' She explained, still smiling as she held her little daughter's hand.

'Evan, meet Carrie and Sam, my little twins.' Alex said, referring back to the little term she had used when they were toddlers. 'My little twins.'

'Hey.' Sam said with a half-wave, shaking Evan's hand. 'So you're Mum's Godfather.'

Evan nodded. 'Yep, and I had no idea...'

Alex smiled. 'I know, again – a lot to take in.'

'Is there anyone else?' Evan asked, not being able to help the smile on his lips. When Alex died, he'd been convinced he was alone for the rest of his life, just a lonely old man. But now, he'd found Alex again and was surrounded by a massive family he hadn't known existed.

'No, just this lot.' Alex said with a laugh, handing some juice to her granddaughter.

'So, you prefer Carrie to Caroline?' Evan asked Carrie, hugging her back when she wrapped her arms around him.

Carrie nodded. 'Yeah, they only call me Caroline to annoy me really.' She replied, smiling warmly at him.

Evan's eyes flickered to her left hand. 'You married too?'

Carrie nodded. 'Yep...do you remember Chris Skelton and Shaz Granger? They worked in CID with Mum and Dad.'

Evan frowned, faintly remembering the cautious DC with brown hair and the wide mouthed Essex girl who was some sort of elevated typist. 'Vaguely, yes. Why?' He asked, finding conversation strangely easy with Carrie.

Carrie smiled. 'Well their son, Ray, was born a few weeks before me and we kind of grew up together and now...we're married as of six months ago.' She told him happily.

Evan smiled too, looking around at the now packed living room. 'Well congratulations.' He replied, meaning every word of it as he looked at his new family.

'Well, I think today went well.' Alex murmured, tracing patterns over her husband's bare chest while they lay in bed after everyone had left around eleven o'clock, Evan promising to come back the next day.

Gene nodded, rolling over to face her. 'Yep. One thing though.' He said, putting his hand on her waist.

'What?' Alex asked breathlessly, amazed that he still made her feel like this after all this time.

Gene smiled and captured her lips with his, their mouth moving in sync just as they always had – made for each other. So perfect for each other, that the lines of time themselves had blurred just for them to be together. And now, their everlasting timelines had been set, they'd lived them, breathed them. Watched their children grow up and get married.

Alex smiled against Gene's lips.

'I love you.' She whispered when he finally pulled back.

'I love yer too, fer a daft cow.'

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