AUTHOR'S NOTE: The usual - I don't own them, although I wish I did. OK... This is a poem I wrote
a while ago and never really meant to show it to anyone 'cause it's really very personal, but-
what the heck! I've always been an antiquity maniac, but after watching Gladiator I have become
a true Rome-freaky-wacko. And this summer I was lucky enough to actually spend two weeks in Italy
- it was a dream come true for me, I'll NEVER forget it. We made a trip to Rome (YAY!!!!)and when
I stood over the ruins of Forum Romanum, watching the Colisseum from afar, I thought about my
prince of darkness and the emotion hit me like a thunder, it was really an amazing feeling,
I am unable to describe it...And then I wrote this *poem* or rather a vision in my diary...
It's a kind of reflexion upon the fall of Rome, which, many historians say, begun under the rule
of Commodus (yeah, they actually blame him!!!).
Remember that this is written under a lot of emotion so it may not have much poetical value, but…
just let the feeling carry you away and...check it out:) Please, write what u think about this,
it means everything to me!!!
I highly recommend that u listen to the song "Earth" from Gladiator's first soundtrack while
reading this, it creates a perfect atmosphere...
This story is dedicated to Commodus Aurelius.

Above Time And Space

I see the ruins of a Dream,
Laying at my feet
I step down the stairs and walk amongst the rubble
Drifting above Time and Space
I lose myself in the past

I have come here to find something
I have come here to find someone

The setting sun
Softly caresses the shattered marble
Yellow sand slips through my fingers
Wind blows softly and whispers:
Go further
And hear
Go further
And see
Go further
And touch
Go further
And feel...

So I walk, and plunge myself deeper and deeper into the shadows
I call and cry out until-
The Past
And Me
Is one

I hear His voice
I hear His steps
Echoing in the chambers of fear

I hear His whisper
I hear His cry
Cutting the silence of night's darkness

I see the golden knife
Buried in the dust
And rose petals start falling on my face

I see Him walking lonely through the empty corridors
I see Him kneel and pray for absolution

I see Him laying on the sand
Among red scattered roses

I touch His still warm body
Blood is smeared all over my hands

I feel His pain
I feel His guilt
I feel...His torment

We stay like that, forever drifting above Time and Space

Me and... the Murderer of a Dream.