I've been wanting to write a Team 8 fic for a very long time. Basically this fic will be three chapters long, channeling each individual's feelings.

...Three because I do believe I'd have... difficulties doing Akamaru's feelings, and Kurenai's feelings aren't the focus here. It's each of the three and how they overcome their own weaknesses and personalities.

Well, I consider this a nice distraction from my other, say, three, KakaHina fics, hehe :)

Do enjoy.

Oh, and I own nothing.


When Shino first heard that he was being placed on a three-man team, he naturally assumed that it would benefit his own colony, learning teamwork and the like. After all, the essentials of his hive was learning how to fully utilize their abilities and keep them alive as long as possible.

Shino also naturally assumed that, as teammates, his team would get along fine. They were all natural allies, after all. In a hive, one learned to get along, if somewhat grudgingly, with their allies. To fight amongst one selves was absolutely absurd. It could compromise their abilities and their potential would never be fully utilized.

Why then, he questioned himself, did he feel the most strangest urge to decapitate his loud-mouthed, boastful teammate?

"Ugh, Shino! That bug totally just crawled out of you. Sick, man, totally sick!"

He clenched his fists inside his pockets, but outwardly, he did not make any facial expression.

"This bug is one of my allies. We work together to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle, helping one another and using each oth-"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just don't do that in front of me when I'm eating. Makes me sick, ugh." A tanned hand waved airily.

His teammate was severely testing his patience.

When the metal spoon in his hand broke in two, Shino decided that dining out to celebrate their new team formation had been a mistake. With that decision came a swift, and almost carried out, idea of tearing off the boy's head with a careful strike of a kunai.

This very tempting idea was never carried out, due to his other teammate's well-placed interruption.

"A-ano, Kiba-kun… Sh-Shino-kun's kikai are his important friends… To insult them… is l-like him insulting A-Akamaru…"

There was a muffled cough as Kiba choked on his barbeque. Shino, too, had to raise an eyebrow.

Those were the quiet girl's first words since introducing herself. Shino had to give her points. They were good words, indeed.

The Hyuuga girl blushed before looking away, most likely berating herself for having said anything in the first place. This conclusion heightened when a long silence was drawn out between the trio plus canine minus sensei.

A gruff cough was heard from dog-breath's, ahem, Kiba's direction. "Sorry, Shino."

It was barely a mutter, barely above a whisper, but Shino heard it all the same. Hinata also heard it, judging from the way her head snapped up and her mouth opened slightly in shock.

Kiba, who was currently frowning furiously at the napkin dispenser, opened his mouth again. "Shouldn't have said stuff like that. Would've hated it if someone said that 'bout Akamaru." He focused his sharp eyes on Shino, allowing him to see the lightest hint of red on the darkly-tanned boy's face, slightly obscured by his red tattoo marks. "So… sorry," he finished gruffly.

Shino, momentarily at a loss for words, nodded, glad for the fact that his dark sunglasses blocked the shocked look in his eyes.

The meal finished silently, a dark red burning Kiba's ears and a soft smile gracing Hinata's face.

Shino finished the rest of his plate with a thoughtful air about him.

Getting into arguments… was most unlike him.

Feeling this warm… hopeful feeling enveloping his chest was also most unlike him.

Maybe Father would know what this was?

When Shino asked, all he got was a low chuckle from his usually stoic father. Shino immediately turned on his feet, mortified, and more-than-slightly peeved at his father's reaction.

His father's amused chuckles died down immediately and a hand instantly grabbed his shoulder, clamping down almost uncomfortably.

"I laugh because you are young, Shino," said Father from behind him. "I feel mirth because, no matter how brilliant your mind is, you are still naïve in the workings of this world."

His father let go of his shoulder and walked ahead of him.

"I am proud of you because you have finally felt the warmth of a bond between allies, no, teammates, that are not cold-blooded."

Shino stared at his father's back, his mind processing his father's strange behavior, slightly, if not completely, confused by it.

"An insect has no feelings, only thoughts of how to better benefit its hive. In this, they make the perfect weapons. Humans, however, are weak in that area. Emotions control their actions; foolish decisions are made because of it." His father stopped walking and turned to him, his hands in his pockets and the smallest hint of a smile on his face. "Become strong, my son, utilizing these weak emotions, because in the end, it is these weak emotions that propel your feet forward in a life-or-death battle."

Shino stood there, his body shaking from the intensity of his father's words, not really comprehending them.

How can these "weak" emotions help me? Are they not called "weak" for a reason?

Four months later, on their first C-ranked mission, Shino finally realizes how strong these "weak" emotions really are.

I am so foolish, he thinks to himself as he lies on the ground in a broken heap, knowing for sure that he's got second degree burns, low chakra stores, half his colony destroyed, at the very least, and he's moments away from unconsciousness. But… His unshaded eyes rove down the path his two—no, three, he reminds himself—teammates have taken, direct orders from him, team captain.

At least… I managed to buy them some time.

Shino drifts into unconsciousness, only one thought on his mind.

What kind of "weak" emotions would have given him strength, in those final moments, to take the enemy's attack, giving his three other teammates precious time to escape?

I understand now, Father.