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I Need You

Arietta the Wild - one of the six God-Generals. She never really knew why she was with them. She wasn't strong like them. Her only power was the ability to control monsters, such as her friends and family the Ligers.

She believed in their goal though – ultimately destroying the score. The score took her Fon Master Ion away from her, and killed her real family as well as her Liger mommy. She had been left as a small infant, alone with no where to go when the Ligers took her in. She was raised with the Ligers until Commander Van Grants found her and introduced her to Ion, telling her she was to be his Guardian.

She had loved Ion. He had taught her English, and she had protected him. And then they took her away from him and replaced her with that foolish, stupid Anise. Arietta was so much better than that pig-tail haired little girl!

"Little girrrrrrl…" A voice drifted tauntingly through her closed door. Sighing, Arietta buried her face in her Liger friend's fur, attempting to ignore the annoying voice of Dist the Reaper… Rose… whatever he called himself.

"Arietta… you insolent little girl! Why are you not answering the great Dist?"

Honestly, who did he think he was? The Commandant? Dist was nothing. He could not control her. She huffed and heard him approach her door. He opened it, without even knocking.

She lifted her head and glared at the doorway. "Go away!" She shrieked angrily, throwing her doll at him and hitting him in the face. He immediately reddened.

"How dare you? I was just coming to tell you that dinner was ready!" Dist said haughtily, sniffling. Arietta continued to glare at him for a moment.

"I'm not hungry," She muttered, turning back to her Liger's fur.

"Largo said to come and get you and come and get you I shall! Come on now. He's sick and tired of you skipping meals because you're all gloomy. No wonder that other little girl calls you Gloomietta," Dist taunted.

Arietta leapt off the bed. "Do not call me that!" She screamed. "I do not want dinner! I'm not hungry and you cannot make me eat!"

Her Liger friend was at her side as soon as he heard her tone of voice. His low growl was deadly enough to make Dist pale slightly.

"Do not scream at me! You should respect your elders and –" Dist snapped but Arietta interrupted him.

"Who do you think you are?" She shouted. "I am not a child! You cannot tell me what to do!"

The Liger moved forward slightly, getting ready to attack but Arietta took a deep breath and dug her hand into his fur to calm him.

"Just leave her be, you fool. Clearly she is too busy grieving over that idiotic Fon Master to eat. Let her starve herself," a mocking voice said as the other youngest God-General appeared in the doorway beside Dist.

"Sync!" Dist shrieked, jumping away from the boy. "Must you always lurk around, listening in on conversations that do not concern you?!"

Arietta climbed back onto her gigantic bed, the Liger immediately leaping up beside her. She curled against the beast, turning her back to the other Generals and listened for them to leave.

Sync didn't reply, and Arietta imagined he was merely smirking at Dist. The man finally huffed, irritated at being ignored. "Fine, but she'll have to deal with Largo herself," Dist said, sniffing haughtily again. Arietta squeezed her eyes shut. Oh how she hated that foul, awful man…

She heard his footsteps leave, but she didn't hear Sync leave. Shakily, she rolled over to face the door again. He was still standing there, gazing down at her. She couldn't see his face beneath his strange bird-like mask and not for the first time found herself wondering what he was thinking.

His mouth curved into a taunting smirk. "What's the matter? You're looking rather down. Still thinking about Ion, are you?"

"Shut up," she muttered, wishing she could hide her face in her doll that she had carelessly thrown at Dist. "Will you please leave?" She didn't talk to Sync the Tempest very much, for he was always so bitter, and she felt she should probably be polite at the very least.

He chuckled. "Please, huh? Well that makes a difference. I'll leave right away now," he said sarcastically.

"Why are you being so mean? Just leave me be," Arietta cried as she crept from the bed and walked towards him. He stepped back and she had the feeling she had confused him with her actions. Stopping in front of him, she bent and picked up her precious doll.

Without saying a word, she turned away and headed back to her bed. Feeling slightly woozy and more than a little tired, she just wanted to go to sleep. Long fingers closed on her wrist before she could make it though.

"You can barely walk at all. Why won't you just eat?" Sync snapped.

She frowned. It had been awhile since she last ate. But… "I'm not hungry," she murmured in reply.

"We'll be going to battle soon with the group you hate so much. You'll need your strength," Sync said coolly. "You should forget that pathetic Ion you mope over and eat."

"Don't talk about Ion like that!" Arietta cried, feeling her temper flare. "Release me,"

"Come eat, Arietta," Sync said commandingly and then he let go of her wrist and spun out of the room. She frowned after him. I think that's the first time he's ever said my name

"Well, maybe he's right. After all, I will need my strength to fight Anise," Arietta whispered to her Liger. She held back a shiver at the thought of seeing Fon Master Ion again so soon.

The group looked up as the large doors opened. The petite God-General walked through, clutching her doll tightly.

Dist the Reaper glared at her and stuck his nose up in the air.

Largo the Black Lion gave her a small smile.

Major Legretta the Quick inclined her head at their fellow General.

Sync smirked. So she had listened to him? After all of the others had tried to get her to come eat, it had been his words she had listened to. That made him feel quite triumphant and he sent a smug look at Dist.

"Where is Asch?" Arietta asked as she sat down between Legretta and Largo, across from Sync and Dist.

"Who knows? He's always away on one of his own missions," Legretta said coolly.

Sync had to agree with her coolness towards Asch the Bloody. They never knew what side he was truly on – theirs or the reject's. He was always helping his replica out and never seemed to be around when the Generals' needed him. When he was around them, he was quiet and never gave any input whatsoever.

"Arietta, eat," Largo suddenly snapped, breaking the silence that had fallen over the group.

"I am," the young girl murmured. Sync rolled his eyes. Stupid girl; she was only picking at her food.

"We are to try to stop Luke and the others tomorrow," Legretta said in her commanding tone. "Van gave me the orders earlier. You must come, Arietta, and that means you must face Anise and Ion."

Sync watched as the beast controller swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes Legretta," the girl said in a voice barely audible.

"Good. Eat up then," Legretta ordered. Arietta heaved a sigh but continued to pick at her food.

"Are we all going?" Sync asked curiously. Legretta shook her head.

"Largo, you, Arietta, and I are going. Dist is staying," she replied.

"But why?!" Dist wailed. "Why must I stay behind?"

"It is Commander Van's orders!" Legretta snapped impatiently. Sync smirked. He highly doubted Van cared who went. Legretta just didn't want Dist along. Sync didn't blame her.

Dist pouted, stabbing angrily at his food. Sync scoffed. The moron was worse than a child!

"Don't worry Dist, you can cry over Jade some other time," Sync sneered earning a glare from the man.

"Shut up! Ooh I hate kids!" Dist cried, slightly hysterically.

"We're not kids!" Arietta and Sync said together, and then looked at each other. Arietta smiled slightly. Sync smirked.

"Are too," Dist argued.

"If anyone is a child around here, it is you Dist," Arietta snapped.

"Why you –"

"That's enough Dist. Leave Sync and Arietta alone," Legretta ordered, causing Dist to wince.

"Sync started it," he whined. Sync rolled his eyes even though no one could see it because of his mask.

"Van wants that foolish replica, Luke, dead," Largo said gruffly. "The boy is weak. He should be easy enough to kill,"

"Do not underestimate him, Largo. That is what always brings our downfall," Legretta said wisely. "The boy is stronger than we think. I will take care of Tear,"

"Leave Anise to Arietta," added Largo. "And Natalia to me,"

"I can take care of that Guy fellow," Sync said grinning. "He is tough. It is always worth it to fight him."

"That leaves Luke and Jade the Necromancer," Legretta said sneeringly.

Sync snorted. "They'll both be fighting. We should worry about Jade. He is good with fonic artes. He even broke through Largo's fon slot seal."

"Yes, I shall take on Jade as well. I have a personal dislike towards him," Largo said darkly. The others nodded.

"If you would just let me come, I could take care of Jade," Dist complained, glaring at them all.

"Please try not to hurt Fon Master Ion," Arietta whispered. Neither Legretta nor Largo heard her, but Sync snorted again.

"He is apart of the enemy. He must be harmed. Get over it already," he said harshly, grabbing Legretta and Largo's attention. Dist huffed loudly at being ignored as usual.

"Sync is right, Arietta. I know you care deeply for Ion, but he is of no importance to us. If he gets harmed, you should not care. He is your enemy," Legretta said commandingly.

Arietta nodded her pink eyes moist. "I know Major Legretta. But…"

"But you love him," Largo said quietly. "As Sync said, you need to move on from Ion, girl. It is foolish of you to be moping around after the Fon Master when he no longer needs you."

The young girl cringed, and let out a small gasp. She pushed her plate away and stood up. "If you'll excuse me, I wish to retire to my bedroom," she didn't wait for a reply but turned swiftly and almost ran from the room.

"Arietta," Legretta murmured sadly. "I feel for her, I do. But this is not a time for her softness. She must grow strong and face Ion. If only we could tell her the truth –"

"No." Largo interrupted firmly. "You know what she would do if she knew the truth. Arietta is soft hearted and cares for Ion too much. If she knew the original Ion was already dead… She wouldn't fight with us. She may even take her own life. She depends on that Fon Master too much,"

Sync looked at his plate, thinking of his original. The original Fon Master Ion. The weakling was the reason Sync was created – and then rejected! He was the reason Sync had no place in the world, no reason to live, no usefulness at all. If it weren't for Van, Sync would have been destroyed.

"… listened to you, didn't she Sync?" Legretta's voice snapped Sync from his thoughts as he brought his face up to look at the blonde.

"What?" He asked intelligently, shaking his head slightly.

Legretta sighed. "I wish you would pay attention. I said, Arietta listened to you didn't she? That was why she came to dinner tonight,"

"Oh, uh yeah, guess so," Sync muttered, wondering where this was going.

"What did you say to her?"

"I just ordered her to come. Told her we'd be battling soon and that she'd need her strength," he replied shrugging.

"Hmm… we've been telling her that all week. Why did she listen to you?" Largo said frowning.

"I don't know! Jeez," Sync said in irritation.

"Will you check in on her before you go to sleep tonight, Sync?" Legretta asked quietly. "I think she's taken a liking to you. Maybe she subconsciously knows that you resemble Ion and for that reason she respects you."

Sync snorted rudely. "I think it's more that she fears me,"

"No matter. Just do it, will you?" Legretta said, raising her eyebrows inquiringly. Sync shrugged again.

"Guess so," he said, resisting a sigh. What did he look like? A babysitter? He didn't care about the girl at all so why should he have to check to make sure she was all right? She was just a crybaby. He'd probably find her bawling her eyes out to her Liger over that pathetic Ion. If only she knew…

"And don't do anything stupid, boy," Largo snapped, as if reading Sync's mind. Sync huffed indignantly but didn't reply.

He finished his dinner and left the room without saying a word. Tomorrow they would fight. Maybe if Sync got lucky, he could kill the Fon Master. He didn't care if they needed the weak fool still or not. He hated the boy who looked identical to him and would do everything in his power to kill him. Maybe then Arietta would snap out of it…

Heaving a loud sigh, Sync finished his duel with one of the Oracle Knights and headed back inside. It was getting late, and he had promised to check on Arietta. So, stifling a yawn with his hand he walked down the long hallway of rooms until he found himself in front of the one he knew as hers.

Lifting his hand to knock, he paused. Why bother knocking? That seemed too polite, and Sync the Tempest was anything but polite. So instead he grabbed the doorknob firmly, twisted and pushed the door open.

Arietta was lying on her stomach on her huge bed, one hand petting the Liger lying beside her and the other buried under her pillow. Her feet were in the air, swinging slightly. She hadn't heard him come in. He stepped further into the room and softly closed the door.

"…should I do?" She was saying to her Liger and Sync stepped closer to the bed to hear her. "Even though the Commandant promised not to kill Master Ion, that won't stop the others from attacking Ion. And if Ion is attacked… I can not just stand there. It wouldn't be right. But, the other Generals would be very upset with me if I stopped them from hurting Ion. But they don't understand! It was my duty to protect the Fon Master! Even if I have been reassigned, hurting him or allowing him to be hurt would still go against everything I know!"

"Arietta," Sync interrupted finally, smirking at her reaction.

The young God-General jumped, clearly startled, and leapt off of her bed. "W-what are you doing in here?" She gasped out, holding her doll in front of her like a shield.

Sync continued to smirk. "Legretta wanted me to check on you. She says you like me," he taunted, unable to resist.

Arietta's cheeks reddened immediately. "I don't like you! Why would she think that?"

He chuckled. "Because out of everyone who tried to get you to come and eat, you listened to me."

"That's because…" She trailed off, frowning. "Because you made the most sense! If we're to be battling tomorrow then I certainly need my strength!"

"The others told you that too," Sync said nonchalantly.

She raised her doll further, to cover her pink cheeks. "Well… you were different."

"How so?" Sync pressed, lifting an eyebrow, despite the fact that she couldn't see it.

"You… you said my name," she whispered, making Sync strain to hear her.

His eyes widened. He said her name? Why would that make her eat? "What does that have to do with anything?"

Her small shoulders lifted in a shrug. "It just… I don't know, okay?"

"Hmm…" Sync said thoughtfully, studying the pink haired girl. Arietta sat back down on her bed and buried a hand in her Liger's fur. Sync came closer to the bed, so that he was standing in front of her. "Do you ever wonder what's beneath this mask, Arietta?"

"W-what?" She asked, frowning. "Well… sometimes, yes,"

"Would you like to know?" Sync insisted, smirking. "Really, really want to know?"

She moved away from him a bit, frightfully. "What are you going to do?" She asked eyes wide.

"I'm going to show you," he said, and she gasped. As his hands lifted to remove his mask, he added, "I only wear it because of you, you know,"

She frowned but didn't say anything.

He paused with his hands on his mask.

If she knew the original Ion was already dead… She wouldn't fight with us. She may even take her own life. She depends on that Fon Master too much.

What if she really did kill herself? It would be Sync's fault, and he didn't think Van would like that too much. But didn't she deserve to know the truth? He shook his head.

She had to be strong. She had to learn to live without Ion, and without Ion's memory haunting her. But was it his right to show her himself? To tell her the truth? Did he honestly care?

"Never mind, perhaps another time," he muttered, fighting to keep his smirk, as he dropped his hands. Normally, he wasn't one to follow orders. He hated being told what to do. But… they needed as many fighters as they could get for the ongoing battle, didn't they? So they would need Arietta. And if she killed herself…

Arietta continued to frown, clearly confused. "O-okay then," she stuttered.

"Your precious Fon Master will be fine," Sync said quietly, not knowing why he was bothering. It wasn't like he cared. Stupid girl.

She swallowed hard and finally looked away from him, staring at her doll. "Why do you dislike him so much?"

Sync blinked. He hadn't expected her to ask him that. "I dislike everyone," Sync said, dodging the question.

"Everyone?" She whispered with another frown. "Why?"

"None of your business," he snapped, tiring of her questions.

She shrugged. "I was just wondering,"

He stared at her and then sat beside her, ignoring the Liger's warning growl. "Why do you love him so much?" He asked, finding himself curious.

Arietta's small mouth lifted slightly. "He taught me everything – the human languages, the world, and love." She laughed quietly. "If you had of seen me before… when the Commandant found me… I was uncontrollable. But Ion… he helped me."

"But, he thought of you as only a pet," Sync said hesitantly, not wanting her to break into tears. She smiled again.

"I know," she murmured. "But it didn't matter, as long as I was near him,"

"You're weird," Sync said quietly. "I wouldn't be able to love someone who thought so little of me,"

She shrugged. "Love is weird. You never know where you'll find it," she smiled at him and he felt a strange tug in his chest.

"I'll never find 'love'," Sync said, spitting the word out.

She tilted her head curiously. "Why do you say that?"

"C'mon, Arietta, who would love me?" Sync muttered, looking at his hands on his knees. "I'm Sync the Tempest… a worthless reject who hates the world."

"Sync…" Arietta whispered sadly. "That's not true. You're not worthless. We need you,"

She had no idea how much those last three words meant to him - which is exactly why they didn't affect him. She was just trying to make him feel better. "Yeah, okay," he said, trying to change the subject. "Ah, I should go," he muttered, jumping to his feet.

"Wait," Arietta called as he reached the door. He turned to face her. "I… ah, thank you, Sync."

"What for?" He asked in confusion.

"For listening," she said quietly, her cheeks pink.

He gave a rare smile. "Yeah well, don't get used to it," he said and opened the door, closing it gently behind him. He realized he was still smiling as he walked to his room and quickly replaced it with a smirk. He didn't want people to talk, after all.

"Hmm…" Largo pondered, having caught the tiny smile on the green haired teen's face as Sync exited Arietta's room. "Time to find Legretta…"

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